Shunji Matsuo 2010 (Part I)
Friday 27 November 2009, 11:19 pm
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Warning: Photo-heavy post.

(And by the way, I am in dire need of a new camera. 3.2megapixels and a battery that doesn’t even hold up for an afternoon event after charging it fully the night before is getting very annoying)

Anyway, the Shunji Matsuo unveiled his 2010 Collection at an intimate show for no more than 25 guests at Goodwood Park Hotel’s Presidential Marie Suite.

The suite setting added a lot of grandeur to the affair, with corinthian pillars, high-ceiling arches and large crystal chandeliers. In addition, the Shunji Matsuo team got two very talented young pianists to provide show music.

Models showed off his latest creations from Casual, to Colourful to Avant Garde Series.

It was a day before my International Economics paper, but I have no regrets attending (: I felt geeky though, cos I brought my Economics mindmaps to read while waiting for the event to start… Plus I did have some time to kill because I was slightly early for the event.

But smart me, arrives early and chooses the only seat that was blocked by the photographer. But I still managed to get some nice photos so I wasn’t too bothered by him. If you see his sleeve/arm blocking part of the photo.. oops! hahas. (:

Models were all wearing G2000 to complement the hairstyles.

And it wasn’t like the usual hair show (or at least my impression of one, since this is the first I’ve attended) whereby there are live demonstrations after demonstrations of model’s hair being cut in outlandish/this-will-be-the-look-that-everyone-will-supposedly-have-next-year styles.

Mr. Shunji Matsuo did do two short demonstrations to show how the hairstyles could be re-styled to create different looks.

Later on, I got a chance to meet his assistant, Comb. (I kid you not, he introduced himself as Comb) Who very proudly claimed credit for his DIY feathered headpiece to sit atop his fedora.

Check out more photos from the event!

And if you notice that some of the models look strangely familiar but are sporting completely different hair, that’s because they are!

It was only as the show started that we were all told that this Shunji Matsuo collection would feature Wigs (!), a new addition to the range of services already available by the Shunjo Matsuo team.

Prices of the wigs range from $500 to $1,500 depending on the length. I got to try one of them (I’ll post about that later!) And although my initial reaction is that its not very practical and applicable to us, Singaporeans (we always seem to have a ‘practical’ excuse to not be adventurous eh?!), the wig didn’t feel weird or eery to the touch (since it is made of natural hair) and when wearing it, felt very secure, tight even. And could possibly be fun for cool parties or nights out with friends when you want something a bit different or when you are having bad hair days! hahas.

The stylists were also giving advice and answering our questions about maintenance and all. According to them, wigs are very easy to wash and maintain. And are very light and travel-friendly. Furthermore, you can always bring your wig back to restyle if you get sick of the look, granted longer styles would have more options than shorter do.

As part of the gift pack, I’ve a got two-week free ‘trial’. I’m still contemplating if I should use it during the holidays. Hahas. Any suggestions on what look I should/could sport?!

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i liked the clothes. is the model wearing a wig in pic22? you could try something dramatic!

Comment by Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

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