Cotton Wool Kids
Sunday 29 November 2009, 11:09 pm
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This is a completely random and non-fashion-related post, but I really want to share it with you all.

About two weeks back, okto had a show about Cotton Wool kids.

It caught my attention simply cos you don’t see the words ‘Cotton Wool’ all too often in the newspaper and by chance, I managed to catch about half of it that evening.

Cotton Wool kids are, simply put, very very protected kids living in (what I assume is) the UK.

I think their parents’ concern for the safety and protection of their children is very genuine and sincere, to an extent perhaps even applaudable that they go to such lengths to want to protect their children.

But when I watched the program, I felt a bit sad for these children. Especially from the crew asked them what they defined ‘freedom’ to be.

In the video, the ‘Madeleine’ the little girl refer to is probably Madeleine McCann who disappeared in 2007. (You can read more about her case here)

Granted, any child abductions cases are cases too many.

And most of the families featured were driven by this fear of their children being abducted, abused or bullied. They even teach their kids to be weary of strangers (as they should), but in my opinion, really take it to the extreme…

When the daughters start pointing out people on the street as ‘possible abductors’ I get a bit frightened. I worry that she’ll never be able to talk to new people because of this fear that has been ingrained in her from young :/

And when the sisters play with dolls and ‘relationship’ is of abductor and abductee. Gosh. :/ I can’t help but wonder: Is that the only ‘relationship’ she’ll ever know? Thank goodness she has a sibling to talk to though. There were some kids in the program who didn’t appear to have any play mate within the family to accompany them. And some of the older kids did communicate their sadness at not being allowed to play with other kids. (like the little girl in the first video, cooped up in the backyard, de-leafing the entire fence as she talks to the camera crew)

Its not shown in either clip, but there was also a short segment whereby one of the mothers brought her children to see a doctor for a consultation. This consultation was regarding getting GPS chips implanted into the children so she’d always know their whereabouts through an computer online satellite tracking system. o.O!

I can’t help but think: this cannot be healthy, growing up. :/


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