Shunji Matsuo Part II
Tuesday 1 December 2009, 1:00 am
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As promised, said there would be a part two.

So at Shunji Matsuo’s showcase last week, after the ‘fashion show’ segment, we adjourned to lunch and a hands-on (or should I say hair-on) experience.

In a separate room, nicely displayed were the wigs featured in the fashion show. All guests, girls and guys alike, we invited/prodded/nudged/encouraged/persuaded to give a wig a go.

There was some apprehension and hesitation at first. Most people walked around the room, trying to discern which style to try and molesting the hair, assessing how real and soft it was to touch.

Shunji’s team and himself were on hand to advise and answer any questions.

And then slowly, people started trying on wigs. After a bit of encouragement, I decided to try one on too! (And for your benefit and my unglam-ness, here are the photos)

Here I am getting a hairnet put in place. I am quite certain my head is shaped weirdly, cos the hairnet required a bit of coaxing in order for it to stay in place and not slip off.

After two failed attempts, we found one that looked quite decent. (: Sort of reminds me a bit of my previous (shorter) hair style.

And the colour and non-blackness was strange and something I was rather unaccustomed to  (I’ve never coloured my hair)

In yet another room, there was even a ‘photobooth’ station to have a glamour shot taken in the new do. Elaborate eh?

To top it all off, there was also a makeup artist on standby to glam everyone up a bit for the shot.

All in all, it was a very fun event. Got to meet several new people. (Hello! :D)

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me thinks your hair is COOL. 😀

Comment by nessaaa*

thanks nessa (:

Comment by wottoncool

I have been dying to ask this question…is there anything in the world like a fringe wig? Some fringe hairpiece that you can attach to your forehead for “momentary” bangs? It would save us the hassle of growing it out thereafter!

Comment by Joy

i think so, I’ve seen it on project runway (i can’t remember which season) the drag queen challenge. I’ll try find out for you! hahas.

Comment by wottoncool

I love the hairstyle on you. Suits you so well! Would love to see the glamarous pictures taken. (:

Comment by sue

i do too sue! hahas. I’m expecting them later this week! (:

Comment by wottoncool

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