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Tuesday 8 December 2009, 10:40 am
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A few weeks ago, we attended Parco’s next-NEXT Designer of the Year 2009 fashion show, where fresh fashion faces to Singapore and their pieces were unveiled. (Notice we didn’t say graduates – because some of them are stilllll studying, and some are kinda um, old..)

Right after the show, we saw Desmond, the brain behind Abyzz by Desmond Yang. I guess he’s one of the more matured designers that people have already taken notice of, with coverage in magazines and tv, along with brands like Nicholas and Hansel, Baylene (before it decided to forsake us for tumbling tots (!!!!!!!!!)) and yada yada, the like…

Are fresh fashion graduates are getting a lot more support, what with Parco’s Fashion Incubator initiative and small groups like The Fashion Fraternity creating events to give these budding designers more exposure? Luckie duckies!

Anyway, here is da man. Super friendly and super cool!

On Jo: Liberty-print multi-wear dress worn as sleeveless top, from Abyzz by Desmond Yang. Lace-trim ribbed tank, from Uniqlo. Scarf worn as knotted necklace, from Topshop. Pannelled jersey skinny pants, from H&M. Lace-up heels, from Alaia.

On Sarah: Mandarin-collared blouse with pleat, from Abyzz by Desmond Yang. Pants from Hansel. Strappy heels and oversized bag, from Charles & Keith.

Turns out we wear Abyzz very often when we go for our events. I dunno why. Maybe cos I feel like I need to look cool hahahahha. We wore it to our The Straits Times Urban photoshoot too! Superficial ftw!

Pardon our oily faces.. Do you love my Alaia heels? They are so uncomfortable tho.


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From the picture, I thought Jo wasn’t wearing any shoes! ahha bad eyesight 🙂

Comment by jane

hahaha okay maybe i’ll include a close up!

Comment by wottoncool

i thought you were wearing transparent shoes! i think they’d be perfect with minis!

Comment by Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

i think they’d be cute w minis too! i will do just that when i become size -1

Comment by wottoncool

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