Over the moon at noon
Thursday 10 December 2009, 1:24 pm
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If you’re a broke shopaholic, you’d know that 12pm is the most important time of the day, on important days.

If you friends are shopaholics too, you’d know that at (or slightly before) 12pm, they are readying in front of their computers, on the internet, to log onto the most popular website in Singapore at noon time on special days: WWW.REEBONZ.COM

For the uninitiated, 12pm is the time when sale events of up to 70-80% on labels such as Prada, Miu Miu, Kate Spade opens, and everyone swarms in to nab the best. If you need an invite, email us.

You’re guilty, I know. I look as stupid as you do clicking refresh x583618 right before 12 noon just to see the events page with the goodies.. But lately, at least I have the luxury of doing so in the comfort of my own bed, not in the corner of the school library or in the office with many back-up tabs to quickly switch over to, haha.

Anyway, you can now get a dose of Reebonz credits along with some sweet pills for popping. Cheekily called the Fashion Overdose, it’s great for your friends this Christmas, or for yourself so that you don’t OD on the shopping, and credit card. It comes in denominations of 50, 100 and 150, so together with the already awesome discounts, you will be a happy puppy.

The good people at Reebonz sent us a bottle and all I can say is, NOM NOM! 😀 Am looking out for the Dior, Fendi, Burberry and Prada events coming up in the next few days!

Soooo… even though it’s not noon now, you still should go over to Reebonz to get this bottle o’ pills and credits.

Tried and test. Hardly any side effects. Happiness guaranteed 😀


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would like an invite pls! thanks for sharing this with us!

Comment by vanessa chin

please email us!

Comment by wottoncool

hi, i’d like the invite. what’s ur email? :))

Comment by ying

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