I’m not dead
Sunday 24 January 2010, 1:29 am
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As if the obvious is not sufficiently clear: the blog has been kinda VERY dead this past month.


You know how it is… projects, deadlines, exhaustion, lack of willpower to actively source for juicy morsels of content to digest and give our wottoncool spin on for your reading and viewing pleasure.

There are (many) days when as much as I am so guilt-ridden to post an update, even a short one, just to let you know that I’m alive. But I stop myself cos its not fair to cough out a half-baked post for the sake of updating.

So a very sincere sorry for this dry spell.

(and with the current workloads we have – Jo is finishing her last term in school and I currently hold a prominent position in the students’ association – may I forewarn you that this update drought may be reflective of our post frequency for the year ahead. And I promise to not let this happen!!!)

Because of the busy schedule, overarching wardrobe themes have been skewed towards the casual side of things…

Forever21 ballet flats, drop-crotch cotton pants from Cambodia and run-of-the-mill shirt&skirt combos and worse still, the fits-any-dresscode-from-beggar casual-to-smart casual-to-semiformal denim! have been my drug of choice during this extremely exasperating, tiring, long and overloaded month.

But as I accustom myself to the workload AND as it tapers off to a more manageable load, yesterday presented an opportunity to layer-up.

What was this opportunity you ask?


It rained.


Yes. Any excuse to dress up is a valid one. At least, it should be.

Yesterday, I was required to meet some bigwigs and conduct a presentation, thus the more formal getup. And just as I was about to leave the house, the sky turned a menacing grey and you could sense rain.

Not wanting my crisp white shirt to turn sheer, the trench was summoned.

White Shirt with front pleat from Jill Sander for Uniqlo (+J), High Waist Belt with ribbon detailing from Alaia, Multi-pleat skinny pant from Abyzz by Desmond Yang, Trenchcoat from G2000, Chain necklace worn as bracelet from Forever New in Perth, Owl Ring from Forever21 (gift from friend), Gemstone Ring from tourist shop in Jordan.

Thats all for now, hang tight.

There is more to come.

and Thank you for sticking with us through our blogging drought! ❤


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