Excuse me, Miss? You have no head

Please excuse the headlessness of this recent spate of photos.

I’ve decided that my hair needs re-cutting. My hair lost its shape almost immediately after leaving the salon. And after pouring over old photos, thanks to Facebook (!), I am set on getting a cleaner, sharper bob versus my current limbo length, it-should-never-have-a-name-to-describe-it do.

However, despite the desperate need to schedule a revisit, there hasn’t yet been an opportunity to pencil in a convenient slot to get this To-Do out of the way.


the headlessness.

However, the blogging must continue!

On what ought-to-have-been a lazy Sunday, I had a 2 meetings in school, the latter of which lasted 6hours!

That day, I wore a black sleeveless blouse with panels, sample piece by Nicholas, suede waist belt with ribbon details by Alaia, blue cotton drop crotch pants from Cambodia (wish I bought a pair in every colour!), sequinned flats from Forever21, bracelets from Cambodia and Perth.

From my initial outwardly declaration of severe distaste towards drop-crotch pants (here), to festered interest, to some experimentation and now this.

And I’m making a very deliberate attempt to wear makeup more frequently – more specifically, eyeliner. I hope to slowly graduate to take on mascara as well. But first, baby steps. Now, if only I could stop it from smudging so much!! ):


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