Look Ma! It’s a ?
Friday 12 March 2010, 12:46 am
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Remember this? Abyzz by Desmond Yang transformational top/pants worn to the Uniqlo store preview at Tampines1, as blogged about here?

As much as I love them, it was such a struggle to move around in them today for several reasons.

1. The buttons that cascade diagonally down one side (front and back) kept coming undone just because I’m moving. Don’t want no Superbowl moment yo!

2. Sitting on hard surfaces (i.e. Bus stops, Mrt seats, School discussion rooms, Library, Canteen, Foodcourt etc) was like sitting on 5 or 6 foot reflexology pebbles only on my right butt check. P.A.I.N.F.U.L.L.! Subconsciously or otherwise, I am certain I still feel the knobbly pressure from the buttons.

3. The uber long sleeves aka pant legs kept dragging on the floor because I paired them with flats today. And despite multiple attempts and variations to hike them up, they would not stay and after walking another 4 steps would hit the floor faster than lead. ):

I was left with this awkward position of pant legs that were too long and restricted my movement for fear of exposing my underwear to the world.

If you’ve already asked two dozen times Why? I’d wear something that such a hassle.


I’m vain.

Deal with it.



That being said. I also have my limits.

Finally went to the washroom, whipped out a wand, and voila!

I made me a skirt yo! 😀

Pulled the sleeve through and tucked them into the elastic hem. Turned the skirt so that the buttons would form a ‘V’ pattern down the front (no more button pressure points!) and unbuttoned the ‘neckline’ so that my feet had space.

Edited look. More comfortable look! ❤

Strangest thing? No one realized the change.


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