Hansel Retro Spec

Singapore label, Hansel, is holding a retrospective party

Friday, 19 March 2010
(which is like today!)

And the five fastest-fingers-first(!) fabulous Wottoncool readers get invites for 2 (each) to the party :D!

Change your plans. Be there!

All ya gotta do to be on the guestlist is:

Email your full name, contact and email address to wottoncool@gmail.com with the title ‘Wottoncool – Hansel Retrospec Party Invites Please!!!’.

When you’ve gotten your confirmation email reply.

Help yourself to free beer as you oogle at Hansel’s past collections, chronologically showcased on the shop wall.

And mentally kick yourself that you never knew about her past collections and don’t own any pieces and can only oogle and take photographs as keepsake. hahas.

Look out for:

My favourite collection postcard of all time: “Criss-Cross Boy Loves Plain Jane.”

This postcard really makes me smile everytime. (: The taglines and accompanying image fit so well dontcha think?

He liked her simplicity.
She fell for his lines.

Get it?! (: hahas.

Ok. Annoying Orange moment.

Be sure to befriend the giant robot in the shop.


(Check out the discount rack! 😀 )

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