Seductive Shiny Squirrel
Thursday 8 April 2010, 10:56 pm
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My friend introduced me to Shiny Squirrel (while we ought to have been studying or paying attention or doing something other than blog surfing).

And if you ever need eye-candy to scroll through, VISIT.THIS.PLACE.

And alluring as the pictures are, when I visit the site that is not the thing that really gets me hooked.

Instead, its the ever-so-succinct and minimalist one-liners that say it all…

These leggings.

Marc Monzo.

Love this look.

Ann & Tura Kenny.

Love this look.

Absolutely everything about this photo.

Intentional or otherwise,

The minimalist feel coupled with the links galore and simplistic tags and categories…

Evoke a feeling that I could spend my whole life or a lazy afternoon, sipping tea and immersing myself in this Shiny Squirrel web of links and beautiful images.

Without saying very much, you get a sense of Shiny Squirrel’s style, muses, inspirations and loves.

I’ve found myself another blog to follow (:


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oh, that double denim guy! his style is so cool.
good luck on the contest 🙂

Comment by styleanywhere

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