[Spotlight] Sarah Swee – Singapore’s Next Fashion Superblogger – Challenge 2

Wanted to feature the skirt & bag while the blouse was an unexpected find, the belt is a fun twist and accessories added much-needed bling.


Peach Printed Blouse with Bow Detail worn back to front – Click!, $55.00
Olive Green Draped Skirt – BYSI, $28.80 (U.P.: $36.00)
Pastel Yellow Faux Ostrich Leather Bag Strap worn as belt – St. Louis (sold together with bag)
Nude Leggings – Vogue, $10.00
Open-Toe Reptile-Print Gladiator Zip-Up Heels – J West, $149.90
Silver Hammered Ring – Blogger’s own
Studded Clear Brown Watch Bracelet – Charmes, $9.90
Silver Textured Cuff – Perfect Jewelry, $12.00
Embossed Bronze Bangle – Vogue, $5.00
Pastel Yellow Faux Ostrich Leather Tote – St. Louis, $39.90
Navy and Cream Polka Dot Scarf – Gilvan, $22.90


Although I am a big fan of Sea of Shoes, I hardly ever build a look around a pair of shoes. So this was quite a challenge for me.

So after a typical Friday schedule freed up in the late afternoon, while trawling through the mall (bYSI was about to hold a 3-hour sale), I found an olive green bYSI skirt with beautiful drapery.

and it reminded me a lot of the Burberry SS2010 RTW collection.

So I thought I’d try to work something around this type of look. Belted waist. Crystal cuff. Perhaps a bag?

Would have tried to rock the shoes + socks combo, but since Lenne had already done that, didn’t want to copy.


After chatting with the staff and contemplating for awhile, purchased the skirt and the search began.

While looking for a Burberry-esque jacket to go with the skirt, I picked out this blouse to wear to see how it would look with the jacket (which I never bought. Why? Too expensive)

Anyway, when I put it in the fitting room, front-side down and saw the bow on the back, thought it looked so much nicer. So the back became the front (for this look).

In some of the other photos, the tag stuck out of the hole. FAIL. hahas.

Third item bought was the faux ostrich leather bag which was a steal at $39.90! And after playing around with the bag, using the strap as a belt was an Ah Hah! moment.

Yay! Money saved from buying a belt. At that point I was considering between a $9.90 or $45.00 belt. That still left quite a bit from my budget. (:

More about my awesome budgeting powers laterr…

At the end of my first day of putting together the second look, with the exception of the trench, this was roughly the look. However, it felt very incomplete.

I didn’t have accessories and my legs looked very bare.

So it was back to the mall. Again.

Got a watch bracelet and cuff from two pushcarts at the Basement, as well as a bracelet from Vogue. And to finish it off, got a pair of beige leggings to finish.

The scarf was recycled from last week’s look.

So there you have it. Challenge 2.

Check out judge’s comments and cast your (free) vote.


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i really adore your outfit here, the soft colour palette looks lovely! and this entry’s pretty nice. i like how you broke it down and made it a step-by-step process. it’s cool that attaining a high-fashion look is not that hard and esp if you have $$ to spend. well even though this is for a contest, i would love it if you continued to make entries like these 🙂

Comment by patty

hey patty, that’s a good suggestion. Will think about how to incorporate such outfit entries together. (after my exams)

And actually, the look (with the exception of the top and shoes) I would say is relatively affordable. In total, my three looks are under $500 by $41.70.

In a coming entry I’ll break it down more clearly. stay tuned for that ok?

And thanks for the suggestion! (please vote!) (:

Comment by wottoncool


Comment by ruyu

hey sarah, may i ask where did u get that white backdrop and is it exp?

looking forward to hear from you!


Comment by gracie

Hey Gracie, the backdrop belongs to my friend, Steph Goh. She studied photography and all that jazz. I think this roll (4 feet) cost less than $150. But then again, I can’t really remember the price. I know that the cost exponentially increases with the length of the roll.

Comment by wottoncool

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