[Spotlight] Sartorially-challenged II
Friday 9 April 2010, 12:08 am
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Sheer thin-striped long sleeved t-shirt with sleeve embellishments, $49.90, from Promod.
Jersey wide-striped maxi skirt, $69, from Topshop.
Chevron-print sheer crinkle scarf, blogger’s own.
Fringed crinkle scarf, $16.90, from Gilvan Accessories.
Marbled ceramic bead stretch bracelet, $10.90 each, from Gilvan Accessories.
Foil and acrylic coin ring, $3.90, from Chameleon.
Leather wrap bracelet with magnetic closure, $3.90, from Chameleon.

For what I lack in an awesome background, mind-blasting (watch Russell Peters) photography and photoshop skillzz, edgy face, flat stomach, long limbs, good hair (I swear to you, my fringe doesn’t always cover my left eye with a gaping hole in the middle) and a ferocious pose (I only do awkward – that’s the new cool), (Is this sentence so long you need to read from the top again?) I make it up in stripes.

Seriously, lots of stripes. You can say that I get cray-cray and tend to overcompensate. And with inappropriate stuff to boot!

Soooo we had to style around these stripey, cagey J West heels, and then I just decided to go with stripes. All. The. Way.

I actually put a lot of thought into the 140-character blurb that’s supposed to accompany our outfit, and account for 15% of our score. But alas, the organizers decided to leave it out altogether. I thought I could score at least in this category. But all my hopes are dashed ): Here’s what I wrote:

Two awesome outcomes of overdosing on stripes: Looking like your childhood hero, Hamburglar and creating a confusing Moiré effect to elongate and add subtle curves.

On hindsight, it sounds like I’m not making any point or saying anything at all. But I spent soo much time on it. I think it sounds nicer than what it actually means (if anything at all), hahahahha.

Btw, I know that everyone can see my bra and that I sorta have a glowing bust. BUT! my scarves match my bra, BRAHAHA!! I likkid.

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You look so sweet. I wouldn’t have noticed the glowing bust if you didn’t mention. but your bra is not that noticeable haha

Comment by Grace

hahah thanks grace! please vote for me too! (:

Comment by wottoncool

your efforts must’ve paid off cos i’m such a fan. well done – on every count, from shoes to glowing bust to hair.

Comment by Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

thanks tom!! you always have kind things to say (:

Comment by wottoncool

Yay, this gave me the boldness to face the stripe craze. I have been seriously hesitating whether I was up for this trend. Fierce and lovely!

Comment by Susu Paris Chic

love love love the stripes! 🙂

Comment by amanda

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