Wottoncool @ Nike – Fabric of Football

I was fortunate to receive an invitation to the land of the US$35 swoosh (aka Nike) on Tuesday morning for a media preview of their Fabric of Football collection.

Teigan Nash was the host and Daniel Boey was there to share his comments about the influence of sportswear and how it has integrated itself into mainstream ready-to-wear collections.

His bow-tie is so cute.

Then we were introduced to 4 very beautiful people (Pamelyn Chee, Hariss Harun, Naila Nadwana and Bobby Tonelli) and a styling challenge to showcase the versatility of the Fabric of Football collection.

Four students (Anchal Seth, Sarah Chen, Xara Lee and Melanie Aw) from Raffles Design Institute (a school I contemplated attending 3 years ago) were tasked with dressing a celeb, chosen at random, in a pre-assigned theme – Metro Sexy Male, Football Obsessed Teen, Harajuku Street and Rock Chic. And all this within 15 mintues!

Here are the results:

The Rock Chic look was, in my opinion, best styled (we got to vote for our fav) Loved the accessories and the green jacket.

Harajuka Street, I felt, was quite straightforward to style. Although I did like the look as well.

Football Crazed Teen looked very literal. Although I honestly don’t know what I would have done to make the look fiercer.

And Metro Sexy Male. (Jo, are you salivating yet? hahas)

People, NEVER do this to a Nike jacket. Please.

Points to the student (who, coincidentally is also named Sarah) for being innovative with the way of wearing it. But I don’t think it reflects the Nike image very well.

Asymmetrical rolled-up shorts + upside-down jacket ≠ Nike.


But anyway, guess who won?

Runners up walked away with $300 Nike vouchers, which would buy you a Jacket, a pair of shoes and socks (or something). While the winner waltz away with $1000 Nike vouchers (yowzah!)

So that wrapped up the event. My sister, Valencia and I explored the rest of the store, since it was my first time there. I’m sucha noob aren’t I?

Love this Product (Red) photo.

And checked out the prices at the NikeiD Customize station. (Which was surprisingly affordable and transparent in pricing. E.g. Numbers cost more than letters cos its larger and requires more ink.)

Jo wasn’t able to attend, but I brought my sister, Trina, to the event.


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OMG HE’S SO HAWTTT. just the kind i would like to take pictures of and with hehes. i think the rock star looked more like rnb tho. but then again now you can never tell.

Comment by wottoncool

the rock chic won?

Comment by Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

Harajuku Street won.

Comment by wottoncool

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