[Spotlight] Sarah Swee – Singapore’s Next Fashion Superblogger – Challenge 3
Friday 16 April 2010, 12:01 am
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Inspired by Susie Bubble and Sass&Bide SS2010’s tribal & embellished influences, played up cardi’s angular knit with braided belt neckpiece.


Black Dress – $49.50, Puma (U.P. $99.00)
Cream Knit Cardigan – $59.00, BossiniStyle
Thin Leather Cuff worn as neckpiece – $19.90, Man Master
Braided Belt worn as neckpiece – $22.00, Bus Stop
Brown Cutout Ankle Booties – $23.90, Milan Collection
Safety Pins worn as shoe embellishments – $4.30, Chamelon
Silver Textured Cuff – $12.00, Perfect Jewelry
Metallic Clutch – Blogger’s own


Before talking about my inspiration for this look, I thought I’d show you some close-ups.

The thin leather cuff is looped around my neck twice and weaved between the braids of the belt. The belt then loops round my body and is folded back into the braids.

Back view. Its really the angled pattern of the knit that inspired this look. I wanted to play up the harder aspect of this piece rather than go all granny with this cardigan.

And my shoes. The safety pins are grouped into bunches of about three and alternated, front to back, back to front with a pin going through the lot vertically, acting as both a hinge and lock to prevent them from shifting out of shape.

The idea came from this look from Sass and Bide SS2010, that I had blogged about earlier.

Check out the shoes. ❤

Furthermore, the idea for the belt came after reading this post by Susie Bubble.


But on retrospect, it mirrors this more.

These were some of the other combinations that I tried out. There were more, trust me. But I did not document all of them. Sorry.

There is a very interesting story with regards to how this look came together.

Firstly, it was quite rushed because the deadline was just after a string of assignments and presentations were due in school. So this look came together 2 days before submission and 1 day before I had arranged to shoot with Steph, to whom I still owe my life.

That Saturday morning, I woke up late for class (oops!) and rushed out of the house in a flurry. My bag was small. I had a lot of things to carry. The cardigan, did not make the cut in my split-second decision-making in the moments before I zoomed out of the front door.

So after class had ended. I made my way to Tampines 1 (again). Without the challenge item.

Brilliant eh?

(We contemplated sending this photo, above, for submission to the organizers. hahas. Would have been funny. Not flattering, but funny :D)

So first thing on my agenda was to try on a cardi at the store and imprint it into my memory so that I could commence my styling with an impression of how the cardi would mix with the items I pick out.

Armed with a rough idea of the cardigan, I shopped around. And usually I buy a item that is integral to the look. In the first challenge, the jacket. And in the second, the skirt.

In a sense, I stayed true to this fundamental guideline. However, at that point in time, with little sleep and my brain out of whack, the first thing I bought was…

The belt!

Yup. The belt.

The braids and buckle really caught my eye. And if you are wondering (and even if you aren’t), in the shop, in front of the staff attending to me, instead of putting the belt around my waist as any sane person would do, I looked it around my neck.

It felt awkward. And I did hesitate. But after going back-and-forth about it in my head, I left reason to one side and tried out my idea.

By itself, it couldn’t reach around my body as much as I would have liked.

Just thought I”d figure something out later.

Next item to catch my attention was the leather cuff. I was considering a men’s shirt initially but I think subliminally, the need for another belt-like something to go with the belt I had purchased minutes before was more pressing.

AND I didn’t try putting them together before making payment.

I’m mad, aren’t I?

So part of the look was settled. It was only then, that I decided, ‘I need a black dress’.

And having worked with and attended Puma events in the past, I thought I’d give the shop a go. And as luck would have it, they did have a black dress in my size at half price! 😀

Now, my memory fails me. I can’t quite recall the order now. Was the the shoes or dress than came first?

Well, doesn’t matter much I suppose.

The shoes were slightly tight, but suited the overall look I was going for. And the staff there were really friendly. (: They would have been yummier if they were platforms but I didn’t have high hopes of finding a more suited pair, so these were staying.

So the look was more or less complete. I went back to BossiniStyle to regroup and test out my look.

It was fair.

But seemed to be lacking something.

After crunching in the numbers, I still had about $41 to spend. So with that money, I bought an embellished top and the safety pins and was a total of $0.05 under the $500.00 allowance given.


But when it came to the shooting, it didn’t work as well. So I lost the embellished top and stuck with this simplified look.

So there it is.

The judges comments can be found here and vote here (:

Thank you!


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interesting to read your chronicles behind the outfit. this idea is swell. i do think wearing the belt over the cardi works. i’d personally probably craft out a different silhouette for the bottom half of my body. maybe a long a-line skirt. and the judges might say i’ve de-focused from the challenge. well, if they asked ME, i’d tell them it’s all about balance 😛

all the best to you and Jo!

Comment by Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

hahas. thanks!

and i agree. I went back and forth about about the length of the dress. with these judges though, you never really know. they weren’t sending the most love the past 2 weeks to both Jo and I.
Its always a gamble.

Comment by wottoncool

I like how easy she made this shoot appear. She’s having way too much fun, it seems. Makes me want to use her for my flickr stuff (I’m I May Be Seymour Glass on Twitter.)

Comment by Vancouver flowers

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