Fashion Asia – Featuring Nomi Ansari
Monday 3 May 2010, 2:25 pm
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The lovely people at MasterCard invited us to cover the Audi Fashion Festival – Fashion Asia show at the Tent@Orchard. (They had invited us for a few more shows but because of our busy schedules aka HK and work, Jo and I were only able to cover a sliver of events)

The waiting area of the tent had an Audi R8 on display which figures since they have naming rights to the event. There were also display spaces for Samsung, Coke Light and Vodka, all of whom I am assuming paid top dollar to sponsor the event.

Anyway, the Fashion Asia show was a showcase of four Pakistani designers, Nomi Ansari, Maheen, Shamaeel and Deepak Perwani.

To ease my uploading pressures, I’ve broken it up into four separate posts, one for each designer.

First up, Nomi Ansari.

Showcasing a ‘Circus-inspired’ collection; bold colour, texture, pattern and print were a major component of this collection.

I imagine the Nomi Ansari customer to be very confident and have a bold personality.

I don’t think I could pull off a pompom dress. Could you?

Nomi Ansari graduated from the Pakistan School of Fashion Design and has three lines under his belt, namely – DNA, Couture and Bridal.

According to the Designer profile, he is known for his bespoke clothing. And it shows in this series of panelled pieces that were sent down the runway.

The colour palette may not have been prime choice for the average shopper, but it was very impressive to not see any puckering or out-of-place gathers on the dresses.

It is also nice to see that he has a humourous side, adding quirky elements here and there just to change things up a little. Notice the dangling dice, ‘2010’ and animal “ears”? (:

With a design philosophy of ‘accepting and understanding the fact that there can be no uniform, standard design philosophy. I just have to ensure that my client looks beautiful and super-glam at the end of the day, come what may and defying all odds.

Comes as no surprise that his dream is to work with John Galliano. I can see some similarities…

Animal prints. (Loved this dress by the way :D)

The mix of colours in unorthodox yet refreshing ways.

And dresses that really challenge your perceptions to rethink the conventions of wearable art.

To see more of Nomi Ansari’s work, click here.


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Thanks for sharing . looking forward to read more about the other 3 designers from Pakistan. How were they received in Singapore? were they a hit ?

Comment by Umair

I love Nomi Ansari’s line! Very colorful and beautiful. ;]

Comment by Trina

I really like it when you represent diverse people on your blog.

I’m always so afraid you’ll just showcase the fashionistas and forget about the true gems.

This shot is very inspiring! Thank you

Comment by y3y3n.s

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