Fashion Asia – Featuring Maheen
Tuesday 4 May 2010, 10:11 pm
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Second in the Fashion Asia Paskistani designer showcase was Maheen.

Coined Pakistan’s “Grand Dame of Fashion”, her philosophy of ‘real clothes for the real woman’ really showed in stark contrast to the designer before.

For the life of me, I can’t recall what the inspiration behind this collection is. And I didn’t fall head over Gucci heels for this collection.

It is apparent that she caters to an older clientele, and that doesn’t bug me the least bit.

Especially when you think that she is responsible for creating Bhutto’s signature look of a draped white scarf (dupatta) and had a part to play in the costume design and making for productions such as Sweeny Todd and Elizabeth the Golden Age.

Apologies that I keep capturing the models in between poses. My camera shutter speed ain’t quick enough.

Particularly more sadness that I was not able to capture this look proper with comfy-looking bloaty alibaba pants. )):

All in all, this collection made me fidget in my seat, eagerly anticipating the next collection.

Not that I do not appreciate the subtle infusion of classic with contemporary.

But not really my cup of Pakistani tea.

What say you?


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I really like it when you represent diverse people on your blog.

I’m always so afraid you’ll just showcase the fashionistas and forget about the true gems.

This shot is very inspiring! Thank you!

Comment by y3y3n.s

hey y3y3n.s, thank you for the comment. (: We’ll do our best to share whatever gems we come across.
And if you ever have any, please share them with us too. (; We’d love to hear from our readers more.

Comment by wottoncool

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