F.A.C.T. – Fashion and Arts against Child Trafficking
Saturday 12 June 2010, 10:14 pm
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On 3 June, I was invited to the National Museum for a charity auction dinner, titled ‘F.A.C.T.’.

F.A.C.T. stands for Fashion and Arts against Child Trafficking. And the beneficiary, Riverkids, is the organization I volunteered with in Cambodia in December 2009.

Set against the backdrop of Novus Restaurant (which has a rating of ‘$$$$$’, $126 – $136 per pax on HungryGoWhere!), the 30 guests we treated to a mouth-watering 3-course meal as the mini fashion show, silent auction and bidding occurred.

The first course, Short Seared Yellowfin Tuna with Tomato Marmalade Pistachios, Black Sea Salt (did you know there was such a thing?!) and Ginger Foam (yes, foam!) was IMPECCABLE!

Even though there were only three small pieces of tuna on the big plate, it was WORTH.EVERY.MORSEL.

Anyway, on to the clothes…

After serving the first course, the show commenced.

Look #1 – Mae Pang’s Mini Racer Back Dress paired with L’ile aux Ashby’s Sequined Necklace opened. (Sorry some pics are blurr :D)

Look #2 – Bedlamite’s Long Sleeve Shirt and Pants.

Look #3 – Chalk’s Bow Dress and Blue Jacket. Love the polka dot lining on the jacket

Look #4: Chalk’s Dotti Dress (can be worn three ways)

Look #5 – Coupe-cousu’s Three-tone Long Sleeve Shirt and Two-tone pants.

Look 6: Max Tan’s Poet Shirt and Tucked Shorts with L’ile aux Ashby”s Sequined Necklace

I tried to take videos, but that didn’t work out too well. And after the starter, I left my table to speak to some of the designers, therefore the lapse of pictures. hehs 😀

That being said, I took the important things!

Like the art work that was also up for auction.

Although it was 4 out of a series of 8, each piece went home with a different owner at about $250 a piece.

Then there were also these very chirpy line drawings. (:

All in all, the event was very well put together. I know it may be a strange comment to have, but while chatting with the designers and event coordinators, I found out that F.A.C.T. was put together in 3 days!

So job well done to EVERYONE who made it happen!

*clap clap! (:

The night raised approximately $6,000, of which 50% (i think) goes to Riverkids. [the rest covers the cost of the event]


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I enjoy reading your post and the photos are great. Thanks for sharing and we’d like to tweet it.

Comment by Elaine

Hi Elaine, by all means go ahead. (: I also have some photos of the kids I’d like to send back. What’s the best way to do so?

Comment by wottoncool

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