Convertible Restraint
Tuesday 15 June 2010, 3:12 pm
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I first came across Nuboaix’s work at AFF’s Blueprint 2010 and was very taken by this very distinct quality of restraint and, for lack of a better word, stiffness.

This ‘stiffness‘ induced apprehension yet simultaneously possessed an enigmatically disarming charm.

Although the collection is rather small, a lot of thought has gone into these pieces.

There was a lot of unconventional stitching, impeccable structure and high quality fabrics used.

The result demonstrates an stunning amount of creativity which is cleverly and deceptively masked by the remarkable restraint of each piece.

Can you imagine how many hours went into deciding how each stitch, dart, fold, zip, crease, hem and lining would be? Not that other brands don’t put the same amount of thought into their collections too. Just something about Nuboaix that really gets my head spinning about the whole thought process behind each clothing article.

That being said,

What takes the cake, though, are their transformational pieces.

In this Fall 2010 collection entitled ‘macht’, four dual-function  pieces take centre stage.

In addition to a dress that unzips & re-zips into a pair of jeans, another dress that morphs into a cape, they have a dress with the guise of a skirt (above)

and one that makes a mean hoodie.

I couldn’t remotely make something like that, even if I tried. Therefore, *kowtows…

I didn’t get a price list but I hope their separates are (much) more affordable then the transformational stunners. Because, honeybee, one of ’em dresses will set you back. Think four-digits kinda set.you.back. eeps!

Anyway, for now… oogling is still free. (:


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Wow this is ah-mazing!! I’m loving their convertible pieces.

❤ Kelly


Comment by Kelly

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