Rain brings the Rainbows
Sunday 4 July 2010, 12:19 pm
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As a result of Friday’s torrential lunchtime downpour, I had to swim through Maxwell Road to get back to my office.

Water levels were up to my lower shin and my skirt got wet from the frantic (and somewhat amusing) sploshing around. May I ask, do you also suffer from the very tragic “let’s share an umbrella so we’ll both be dry, but in the end both umbrella-sharers are wet still” syndrome? Because that was what happened. And it was rather icky to be damp and attempting to get work done.

Needless to say, my shoes were completely soaked through. Which was really gross since I was out till 10pm that day.

We even sat on newspapers to dry off and prevent the seats from getting excessively wet.

Anyway, its a fun memory. And I’m dry now so, yay!

On to other things…

I found this scarf in my closet. (It’s a magic closet, I swear!)

I suspect that it’s my mom’s, and I quite like the colours.

Feel that it brings out the colour of my new hair!

😀 You like?

Never thought I’d dye my hair, and kinda did so on a whim.

Here’s how the conversation went:

Me (to hair stylist) – I’m thinking of dyeing my hair…

Hair stylist – I got a colour for you. (She then proceeds to whip out a book with a flurry of looped locks in an array of colours, points to one in the top left corner of the elaborate chart. Then asks…) How about this?

Me – Ok! (:

and because she had just come back from training in Japan, she when all the way with the colouring. My baby hairs, side burns, back tails and eyebrows are all dyed! And I quite like it!

Makes me feel more Japanese which equates with getting away with anything…

Like this!


Anyway, for those who’ve never coloured their hair and never considered it previously. I think it’s worth trying at least once. Although, be prepared for it to cost you a bit. Inclusive of treatment, cutting and coluring, the bill totalled about $180-ish?

The experience is like someone put a whole lot of paste in your hair and leaves it there for an hour. At some points, there is a feeling like you’ve got an itch on your head you aren’t allowed to scratch. But completely tolerable, honestly.

And as long as I couldn’t smell the ammonia, which wasn’t often, I was good to go. (:

I don’t look forward to the grown-out dye job state. But I’ll hyperventilate about that at a later date.


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I love your hair!!! and that outfit. and your crazy pics. will be back in two weeks gasp!

Comment by jo

Thanks Jo! (: enjoy the last two weeks of this holiday! (: continue to be safe ❤ meet up when you get back please 😀

Comment by wottoncool

the scraf is from a beach town Vietnam or was it Thailand.. it looks so fun on you 🙂

Comment by zhi

Oh cool! Thanks jie (:

Comment by wottoncool

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