Spectrum: Front Row x Dr Martens

With my younger sister as my ‘plus one’ for the event,

whom I swear was the youngest person attending. Think, not-yet-legally-eligible-to-drink-type of young.

We had a date last weekend at Clarke Quay where fashion rocked Read Bridge with  Front Row’s inaugural fashion project ‘WE LOVE…

Previewing A/W 10-11 collections from labels such as Antebellum, Demisemiquaver, Fake, Pettettifogr, W/A by Woods & Woods

And styled together with Dr Martens,

The stage was set for an incredulous 15-minute show that left me oogling and wanting more. (:

First things first, though..

What is ‘WE LOVE…‘?

WE LOVE… is a quarterly fashion project initiated by Front Row, and seeks out new collaborations with different creative hosts. A fashion playgorund for experimentation, its first collection is a bundle of characteristics evoking happiness: happy prints in happy colours for happy people. Rainbow stripes, pastel candy wrapper colours and nostalgic child-like pyajama prints in fuss-free silhouettes on pretty dresses, blouses and skirts.

On a side note: I’ve been reading ‘The Happiness Project’ by Gretchen Rubin. I highly recommend it! (((:

Kudos to Front Row for embarking on initiatives such as WE LOVE… we need more of these juxtaposed explosi0ns of creative energy in this little sunny, but seemingly flooding sinking island.

By the way, is it me, or is this model’s furrowed brow and pout look somewhat out of place?

I dunno.

When I saw him, I was so distracted by his expression the clothes came secondary.

If his facial expression were an emoticon, I’d imagine it’d look something like this  >}:- [|]

lol 😀

Honestly speaking, there were so many items that really caught my eye.

I’ve developed a soft spot for dresses, especially those with low backs. *slurps (:

And whoever this girl is, let me officially DECLARE that she is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is just something very enigmatic and alluring about her look.

And the DEATH STARE she gives at the end of her walk, just before she leaves the stage…

Even though she is like 100metres away from where my sister and I sat, we both agreed that her eyes could still pierce your heart (in a good way).


Now, if only I knew who she is…

And don’t worry… I took many many photos of her.. (((:

My sister pointed out that the accent stitching on this series of Dr Martens were very cool. And had she not pointed it out, I might have missed this subtle yet makes-all-the-difference details. (:

Thank you mei mei! <3!

Thought the ‘growing’ buttons were cute. I’d wear that vest.

And by the way, if you haven’t already figured… This is a massive photo-heavy post. (:

Loved this dress. Even though it kinda looks like scrubs.

Girl crush!

Heart skips a beat.


Low-back buttondown dress! POINTS!!!

And look! It’s Mr >}:- [|] again!

For awhile now, I’ve been wanting to incorporate more yellow into my wardrobe. The colour currently does not exist. ):

The only yellow dress I had, I sold at a flea market last year…

These looks give me some inspiration for how I can begin the process of injecting more yellow into my closet.

Isn’t yellow such a happy colour? (:

Although I think Van Gogh might beg to differ on that point. hahas.

Girl crush! <3!

This mutli-toned mens shirt, i thought, was really beautifully done.

And I love the safari-feel to these looks too (:

I’d like these shorts too please.

Hahas. If only I was getting more pay…

Anyway, I’ll be uploading more photos from this show on Facebook soon.

Stay tuned for that.

And if you liked anything you saw, it should be available at Front Row’s Pop-up store at TANGS Orchard Level 2. Hurry though! It’s only there till 14 July 2010!!



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