Criss Cross Crowdz
Monday 12 July 2010, 2:08 pm
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Along with a whole buncha bargain hunters, yesterday my sister and I descended upon the Zouk Flea to check out the stalls.

When we arrived at about 3.30pm, the place was packed with people and we had to squeeze through crazymadd crowdz to get anywhere.

But that being said, yesterday’s Zouk Flea was a lot better than expected. (:

No more excessive and over-priced resale-from-Korea blogshops trying to bleed my wallet dry. The lighting was brighter than I remember it being on previous Zouk Fleas.


boys, rejoice.

Because there were a lot more options for men at the flea.

Ok. So you missed your chance this time around. But next time, I recommend that you check it out. Every other stall or so had guys stuff. I was quite impressed, although I didn’t really scour through the boy’s loot in detail.

I was a bit preoccupied :D!

In a separate post, I’ll show you the loot my sister and I scored for a grand total $39.  (: Happy!

For now, here are some of the interesting finds that we didn’t take home…

Camel trenchcoat from the now-defunct Mian.

I know the designer of Mian, and was really surprised to find this piece. It was like unearthing treasure… a part of Singapore’s fashion history. And for $15! Steal ttm! Unfortunately, it’s not really my style. Therefore, it didn’t come home with me.

And a lambskim crop jacket with perforated silk lining.

The lighting isn’t very strong but this jacket was so beautiful. But pricey, at $55.  The leather was soft and patterned. The patchwork stitching created more texture and visual stimulus. The lining was the most amazing accent to the treated leather. It looked so Sea of Shoes-esque. Could totally picture Jane Aldridge rocking this jacket with any dozen of sky-highs from her shoe wall.

That being said… $55 was a bit much.

Another find that I was rather tempted to get was this tan canvas ‘SIA Group’ sling bag with couple front pockets. It looked so cool and vintage with edge. It had a lot of telltale signs of its preloved status. Worn stitching, stressed strap and scuff marks all over, nothing that didn’t add more lovable charater… except it was kinda moldy on the back. And yet, it was going for $15. Eeps! Thanks, but no thanks.

And I know this is a long shot but:

If you have a similar, better condition bag like this ‘SIA Group’ one… or something that looks like it. Please send me a photo and name your price (within reason hor). I’d really like to be a happy owner of this bag. I’ll give it a good home. I promise! 😀


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