-CLOSED- Marc Jacob’s Printed Matter: $100 Shopbop Giveaway!
Monday 2 August 2010, 12:00 pm
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This has got to be our best giveaway ever – a US$100 Shopbop Giftcard! It’s open to everyone, yes all you Singaporeans, cos Shopbop does international shipping!

To qualify, you have to like us on Facebook and be our follower on Twitter (@wearewottoncool).

Read more to enter the  competition, if not, our (somewhat) regular posts and all our new entries continue below (:

Look through the Marc Jacobs page, not forgetting Marc Jacobs Sale and Marc Jacobs Shoes. If you love his zany prints as much as we do, choose any two of his printed items that you would wear together (include the link!), and then suggest a totally crazy print that he should do in one of his future seasons. Neon zebra? Orange palm trees? Lilac flying pigs? Go!

Best entry wins!

Enter this into the comments, together with your name, email address, twitter username, click the “Say It!” button, and then immediately raise up your right arm in front of the computer screen, wave madly, and scream “PICK ME PICK ME!!!!!” (The last part is crucial. We will find out if you don’t do it.)

Only one entry per person. All entries must be in by 2359h 12 August 2010. Incomplete entries will be automatically disqualified.


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contest ends on my birthday so can this be my last birthday wish? *puppy eyes* 😀

Comment by linnette

Pucker Up Jersey Dress: http://www.shopbop.com/pucker-stretch-jersey-dress-marc/vp/v=1/845524441874868.htm?folderID=2534374302063584&fm=browse-brand-shopbysize


Miss Marc 3D Shopper:

= tres tres vampy girly chic!

I would also like very much to see M by MJ try his hand at making a russian doll print dress. gotta love their cute neverending-ness!

By Charlene P, candystriper at gmail dot com, “icedcooly” on Twitter. (Pick me! Pick me!)

Comment by icedcooly

Oh my gosh, I need to win this. Thanks so much for the chance! Did I mention that I would really be excited to win this?? Okay okay just checkin!

I would pair this cute red Subtle Plaid Dress as a shirt over these Chrissie Patchwork Skinny Jeans, with the Tribal Belt around the waist of the dress/shirt, and top it off with the whimsical Marc Card Flats. It’s a cross between hobo chic and whimsical daydreamer.

I think MJ should work on a pirate-esque design, think fun rockin’ Pippi Longstocking!





Comment by Amber

for summer (:

blanket stripe skirt (as a tube top):

willis knit shorts in bright blue:

a print to die for if it happened to mbmj:
silhouettes of little people a la keith haring on a skirt. all scrambling towards the crotch area. that’ll be a laugh.

on twitter, leeenet.


Comment by Lynette

Mayan tribe weaved pattern is good for both summer and winter wear. And it never goes out of style.

Comment by Ivan

Vanessa, ness_loh@hotmail.com,

I would layer this “http://www.shopbop.com/deco-stripe-top-marc-by/vp/v=1/845524441873346.htm?folderID=2534374302023816&fm=browse-brand-shopbysize-viewall” on top of this, “http://www.shopbop.com/jailbird-stripe-dress-marc-by/vp/v=1/845524441874746.htm?folderID=2534374302023816&fm=browse-brand-shopbysize-viewall”. I love prints but tend to shy away from floral or prints that may appear more sweet or cutesy. Mixing these two graphic prints is an attempt at a more grungy, Westwood feel instead of it immediately gravitating to a summer or hippie-esque look. i think its really important when mixing prints to make sure there is some kind of cohesive thread running through the prints, so either play with different prints in similar hues or in this case, pair the same graphic print in drastically different colours.

to finish off, i would use this, “http://www.shopbop.com/pretty-nylon-pouch-marc-by/vp/v=1/845524441872951.htm?folderID=2534374302024262&fm=browse-brand-shopbysize-viewall” as an oversized clutch, again tying in the white of the top with the black of the skirt.

for now i really love the unexpected pairing of emerald green and a fluorescent, milky orange so i’d love to see those colours used in a print in the chinese papercut style! Those really intricate ones OF flowers, animals etc. that are used during CNY

Comment by Vanessa

Two prints i would wear together would be this diamond denim dress which is absolutely fab and unique and pair it with the cuffed suede booties in pale pink which will go prettily with his pretty nylon pouch with lip details which are so tastefully sexy!

a few crazy prints i think Marc Jacobs should do would be something related to food/drinks since we all love our good food of varying cultures here in Singapore ! it could be a abstract print of ice in iced shades of blue or neon colors or an artistic print of skyscrapers or significant buildings of Singapore in red or champagne gold!

really hope to win this !! i promise i will re-blog about it if i do 🙂 🙂

pearl yeo, guesslivelove@yahoo.com, (i don’t have twitter,but i’ve liked on facebook!), and webcam is spoiled at the mo ): http://artyaffair.blogspot.com

Comment by pearl



because that dress is so incredibly pretty it makes me feel like dancing and because i think i kind of look like miss marc on the shoes!

and i would SO love to see prints of all sorts of snacks, chocolates, cupcakes, sweets, macaroons, everything colourful and yummy it’ll make the wearer yummy-licious too!

i am XR!
xiuru_89 at hotmail dot com!
didn’t you hear me screaming?

Comment by xr

1.) @LibertyBelle22 is following you on Twitter and I’m also follwing you on Facebook (Liberty Belle).

2.) I would pair the Marc by Marc Jacobs “Diamond Denim Dress” with the “Pigment Compact Jersey Jacket” in the “Orcha Black” color!

Dress: http://www.shopbop.com/diamond-denim-dress-marc-by/vp/v=1/845524441862865.htm?folderID=2534374302023816&fm

Jacket: http://www.shopbop.com/pigment-compact-jersey-jacket-marc/vp/v=1/845524441873207.htm?folderID=2534374302066330&fm

I think this combo would be super darn adorable! The Diamond dress’s print paired with the gold buttons and ruffle trim on the jacket would look soooo great, in my opinion!

Now, to get a little crazy! If I were to suggest a new print for Mr. Marc Jacobs, I would suggest a print of little crocodiles with hearts all over! I really like crocodiles so this would be right up my alley…plus, I’ve never seen a print quite like it before!

Thanks so much for hosting such a fun giveaway! Crossing fingers and toes tightly now!!!! ♥


P.S. I started doing my “Pick me, Pick me” dance 15 minutes ago when I first saw this contest!!!

Comment by Liberty

Okay, okay…I’ve been thinking about this a lot!! So, try these two garments on for size:

Pair the “Pucker Up Jersey Dress” with the “Deco Stripe Top.”

Pucker Up Jersey Dress — http://www.shopbop.com/pucker-stretch-jersey-dress-marc/vp/v=1/845524441874868.htm?folderID=2534374302023816&fm

Deco Stripe Top — http://www.shopbop.com/deco-stripe-top-marc-by/vp/v=1/845524441873346.htm?folderID=2534374302023816&fm

Put the dress on first, then put the top on over the dress! It would work out perfectly because the “Pucker Up Jersey Dress” is strapless and stretchy which would make it easy to adjust nicely under the “Deco Stripe Top.” I think these two prints would coordinate really well (stripes and kisses)…but in a kind of offbeat sort of way! And, I’m a sucker for offbeat and for the color red!

Plus, whatever lucky girl wears this outfit would look like the most kissable and delectable peppermint candy cane ever! How could you go wrong with that?!! Yum, Yum!!

I want to tell you all about the shoes and clutch I would pair it with, too! But, the directions say pick two…so, I’ll leave that for a later post!!

As for a crazy new print…I am totally smitten with the colors red and neon pink…and, I love them together! So, I would use a really thick stripe pattern that alternates the red and neon pink colors. Then, On the neon pink stripes, I would like to see black Maneki Neko cats and white Maneki Neko cats, also alternating in color (black, white, black, white…)!!! How adorably cute would that be??!!

Thanks for this amazing giveaway…pick me, pick me! I’ll even send you a video of my “Pick me, Pick me” dance if I win!!! 😀


Facebook Handle: Deine Kable
Twitter Handle: DeineKable

Comment by Deine

After DAYS of deliberation (did you know that the Marc Jacobs page has grown since Day 1 of this contest?):

1) Geo Gemstones Blouse – I adore understated pieces that make people stop and peer a little closer when they discover its details. +Points for being very wearable and for not being just “white”, but “marshmallow”! I am a HUGE sucker for names. If I could afford it I’d match it with MJ’s Blanket Stripe Skirt (my fave item hands down in his entire Shopbop collection) but since that’s not technically ‘printed matter’ I would pair this with…

2) Wild at Heart shades – ‘Cause in order for people to come close enough to notice the blouse I’d need an attention-grabber first. Haha! Seriously though, my attraction to these shades is pure irrational magnetism. SO pretty!

Suggested print: Chameleons! Be a wallflower no more! 😛 This would be splendid ‘cause it can be totally subtle (think deep blue ball gown) or completely crazy (imposed on a cityscape/rain forest print – prints on prints!).

DO “Pick me! Pick me!” + *mad hand waving*
LOOP WHILE Date < 13 August 2010

Thanks for this super opportunity!! ❤


Comment by schnoc

Purely based on raw fashion instinct,



The bandeau with the skirt. The colors go kickass together, while remaining tasteful (personally feel the lips are of poor taste!) and plaid + aboriginal = fashion ace. Only for the daring of course, though personally I reckon the highwaistedness of the skirt will obscure the obscenity. Or the bandeau could be layered on top of a simple sheer nude tank. The heavy and heavily textured skirt would be a nice balance to the itty-bittyness of the top.

If I be permitted a little cheating leeway…


as a brooch for the bikini 🙂
Print of choice: Hair. Maybe at the armpit/ crotch area. He’d make it tasteful, in a tongue-in-cheek kindof manner (or rather hair in crotch haha!)

Facebook Handle: Larisa Ong
Twitter Handle: laripoppy

Comment by Larissa

Hi there! Love your blog!!!

I like your FB page my username is Ashley Dy and I also followed your twitter (I am @ckawaiilover.

I read from refinery that red is a big color this fall so I picked this Cotton Bal Flower top to go with Alma plaid Sweater Jacket.



I think next time he could use polka dotted kitty. Crazy print is crazy!!!

Name: Ashley
email: ckawaiilover at gmail dot com
twitter username: ckawaiilover

Comment by Ashley

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