Bat ‘Em Lashes
Monday 30 August 2010, 4:45 pm
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Lulu Guinness launched their latest “Kiss and Makeup” collection last Wednesday with an intimate media gathering at Sole2Sole, where Lulu Guinness retails.

Light refreshments and kooky snacks were served, but more on that later.


This “Kiss and Makeup” collection was inspired by Peggy Moffit who modeled in the sixties. 


Her eccentric style and crazy eye makeup was a key influence in the designs for this collection.

Even the brownies served were in-sync with the theme… Cute eh?

Had to quickly snap photos before they all disappeared.

One quick look and you can tell that the style is very British.

No shit, Sherlock.

Spot the Union Jack yet?

And it may not really be my cuppa tea, but I can tell why Lulu Guinness boasts celebs such as Katy Perry, Dita von Teese, Emma Watson and Keira Knightley as fans.

Budgets allowing, I must say that some of the pieces are really too cute to pass up. Coin pouches with bulldogs, cat purses, lip clutches are some cute accents that should be added to anyone’s closet (:

Alas, my financial situation (income-less student) does not permit such luxury. Although bagaholicboy did hint that buying online would save one a fair amount as well.

Anyway, to tie up the event with a twist. The lovely Sole2Sole people invited the MINX people to come down and treat everyone to some MINX pampering (:

After all, it IS ‘Kiss and Makeup’ themed.

Jo and I got to pick from a slew of psychedelic options, which is one of the selling points of MINX. Apparently very hot in Hollywood with fans like Twitter Queen, Lady Gaga… MINX is an alternative manicure option for those who want more crazy colour to their lives. Instead of slapping on liquid enamel to your nails and patiently waiting for it to dry, MINX uses a heat-sensitive plastic ‘sticker’ to adhere and heat onto your nails. Don’t worry, no second-degree burns were sustained during this demonstration. (:

Because its a sticker manicure, the colours can afford to be more crazy and in patterns not feasible by the traditional brush-on technique, with basecoat, layer 1, layer 2, top coat and drying till the cows come home.

Yup so there you have it!

A rare photo of Jo and I, thank you Bagaholic for helping to snap this pic (and a couple of other photos as well)

And a (sorta) close-up of our MINX-ed nail. (We were only allowed one nail to zhnng tt day)

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Thank you for coming! x

Comment by Faz

No problem! (:

Comment by wottoncool

Hi there! I’ve actually tried to buy a bag online on Lulu Guinness.com but the shipping is 50 pounds so it turns out to be more expensive than it would be in store! Plus, if you buy anything above 300/400 sing, you have to pay GST so sole 2 sole is your best bet unless you are travelling!

Comment by Alexis

Lovely article! Just in case anyone was wondering, Minx is available at Vedure NailSpa @ #04-06 Wheelock Place 🙂

Comment by Vedure MediBoutique

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