[Spotlight] Chunks and Stones
Wednesday 8 September 2010, 12:00 pm
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Ben and Jerry’s Chunkfest 2010 was held last Saturday at The Promontry @ Marina Bay (which I mistake to be close to Marina Bay & Promenade MRT and was sorely mistaken. Is most accessible by Raffles Place MRT, fyi)


Specially for the event, they flew down 12 exciting never-before seen (in Singapore) flavours for everyone to buy/try after which, they can go online and vote for which they like best to stay and retail in Singapore while the rest fly back to the States. Check out which flavour got the highest votes: here!

My sister tried’Oatmeal Cookie Chunk’ which tastes just like a granola bar, I swear (: *LIKE! While I had ‘Pomagranate Sorbet’ which was pleasant but nothing fantastical, in my opinion. But who doesn’t like ice cream in general eh?!

The invite for the event asked people to come down in tie-dye and their hippiest attire (is ‘hippiest’ a real word?) And for the people who showed up, they did not disappoint! There were a considerable number of people who were tie dye, maxi dresses, vintage apparel and the works. (Yes, there was also a substantial number of normal, cookie-cutter civilian clothing a la jeans & t-shirt. But considerable number of hippie-ish folk around)

I wore a colour-runned G2000 tank, vintage houndstooth vest, Five Stone Vintage pleated wide-leg pant, wood & leather bracelets, woven belt and C&K sandals.

And my sister wore a scarf as headpiece, white sleeveless blouse from AMK Hub, vintage vest, print skirt from Thailand, bag from Indonesia, sandals from C&K and bracelets from Combodia and Indonesia (I think).

In addition to having ice cream and Ben & Jerry’s merchandise on sale, there was a whole string of programmes to entertain everyone. Later in the evening, there were band performing. But when I arrived, they just kicked off a 4-member team challenge to wolf down 20 scoops of ice-cream as quick as you can.



And this 4-monster team, Legal Black Hole, not only beat at least 15 other teams in the Vermonster Challenge… But also, after a 15 minute break, took on the Ben & Jerry’s team to wolf down another 20 scoops of ice cream in 2 minutes!

I have a tummy-ache just thinking about that…

All in all, it was a fun day to chill by the water, watch people gorge their faces with too much ice cream and listen to good music and see a lot of happy faces around, thus the theme ‘Love, Peace & Ice Cream’ right? hahas.

To end off, my sister had a “eating competition” of her own.

hahas (:


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Looking hot in those pants, Jo!

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