[Spotlight] Tangs ‘I am Woman’ Launch
Wednesday 6 October 2010, 7:41 pm
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This morning, Tangs invited Jo and I to a preview of their level 1 and 2 which has been freshened in preparations for your greater shopping experience in general as well as the crazy mad 12% sale happening tomorrow. (:

The bags corner has been refreshed with store-in-store settings, a main aisle through the section as well as feature displays for well-established brands at the main pillars.

Level 2’s image has been freshened in subtle, but pleasant ways.

Santorini had hand-cut paper butterflies fluttering across their walls. They made Jo and I think of the crazy crafty art projects we used to do for school…

Brand ambassador – Mann, was also uber stylish with an arm-ful of jade bangles and painted toe nails.

Martina Pink’s clothes peg bow logo and decor felt very vibrant and lively.

There was also a section dedicated to local designers (ftw!)

Thomas Wee

Allure de Chine


Jo made me try on these pair of shorts which looked a lot better on the hanger. As in it had hanger-potential. But I didn’t like it much when trying it. (And it was very expensive. $259.00!)

And since the sale is tomorrow. Not much point buying anything today eh? Although Jo and I were VERY distracted at the costume jewelry counters 😀 *TEMPTATION TTM!*.

This is what we wore:

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The Thomas Wee cheongsam looks good!

Comment by Ms Glitzy

Its by Allure de Chine (:

Comment by wottoncool

pinks i feel like i need to get a good cam now!

Comment by jo

Yay! Thanks Jo & Sarah. Glad you had fun. See you this Friday yeah?

Comment by Laura

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