[Spotlight] Swatch New Gent
Wednesday 20 October 2010, 12:14 am
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The last time I sat up and thought that my watch ought to function as an accessory too was when Marc Jacobs first released his guitar-shaped watch and a chunky bracelet watch which I have since worn to death.

Now Swatch’s New Gent might be the only other watch that I think can make it into my tightly edited and abused collection of timekeepers.

It looks and feels like it straddles enduring-edgy style with the matte silicon straps, simple, large face and is just almost monochrome. They’ve been styled for everything from sweet to street in the True Colours Competition, by most-watched people in the fashion industry. See some of the amazing entries here.

You now have no excuse to be unfashionable, and late.

These go for S$99 in the Swatch boutiques, or… absolutely nothing if you stay tuned for what we’re preparing for you!


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WOW. im actually contemplating getting a watch for myself with its simplistic sleek designs. though i’ve never been a fan of one due to the clammy feeling our humid weather could create while wearing a watch. I must say, i am quite curious at the Marc Jacob guitar-shaped watch that you mentioned.

Comment by Mei Ling

Hey Mei Ling, you should check out this Swatch New Gent collection. Think it’s relatively affordable and love the colours!

Also you can view the Marc Jacon guitar-watch here: http://bit.ly/amYeAW

Hope it helps(:

Comment by wottoncool

Hi 😀 just an update, i actually got myself a watch from the Swatch Gent Collection. totally love it. I just need to get used to wearing something extra on my wrist 😀

Comment by Mei Ling

anyway, i recently watched ANTM cycle 15. in one of the episodes, models were supposed to portray as famous fashion designers. like some of the models, i actually did not know these designers until i saw they showed their pictures. so i was just suggesting that maybe your column could include a write-up on certain fashion designers once a month 🙂 this is just a suggestion! i love your column no matter what!

Comment by Mei Ling

the swatch gent is great! it’s so thin and i think it feels great against the skin. and thanks for your suggestions mei ling! we will work on that (:

Comment by wottoncool

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