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Thursday 28 October 2010, 1:14 pm
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What do you wear out to run errands? I’ve been running more errands lately as my newly-graduated/unemployed self. I’d like to think self-employed because I’ve been helping out at my mum’s florist, but who am I kidding.

Sarah wore a cute all-over hear-print tank top to a Swatch event that left me like this –> ♥.♥

With the deepest cherry red nail polish that I’ve ever seen and her cute wood watch.

Apart from running errands, I’ve also been trying to grow out my unruly hair and putting on the pounds. The latter is, unfortunately, an on-going accident, not an attempt.

I carry this gunny-sack (recycled billboard) bag wherever I go because I carry a millionnnn things wherever I go. I ought to take a close-up of the pair of shorts I’m wearing. I got it at COS in Berlin and it has the nicest details on the side.

Here’s hoping we look semi-decent while (purposefully) gallivanting around town, and that your mid-week is going fine!


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