Uniqlo’s +J Fall/Winter 2010
Monday 1 November 2010, 10:47 am
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A new collection of Uniqlo’s +J has been at 313 Somerset, and while the rest of the world have been taking all the previous collections hook, line and sinker, the fluffy coats and pressed shirts on the racks stay just the way they are over here. On the racks.

Sure, the clothes looks sleek and gorgeous in the campaign starring Raquel Zimmermann and in person, well-made and comfortable, but somehow we’re just not turning in money at the cashier. I’m not sure if it’s the weather or price (!!?!?!?) that’s keeping my fellow countrymen from picking them up because I can hardly speak for myself.

This shawl-collared wool jacket and long-sleeved shirt with a detachable, pleated placket are my favourites from Fall/Winter 2010. But! they didn’t make it home with me… since the former costs an arm and a leg at S$249.90, and while the latter is a delectable S$79.90, I’m still on the fence.

Maybe I just can’t get over how different it looks on Raquel Zimmerman and me. Maybe when the red stickers go on the price tags.


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Imma get me one of those Orlando Bloom jackets for exchange.

Comment by Berton

Hurry snap it up before it’s all gone Berton! And if you develop a liking for the +J series, be prepared to splurge some big bucks…

Comment by wottoncool

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