Monday 6 December 2010, 11:16 am
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How better to start the week, than to talk about Fridays.

Two Fridays ago, my boyfriend and I were running around Chinatown and Ann Siang Hill checking out what’s changed in this part of Singapore we often neglect.

We went into The Little Dröm Store for the first time, and I felt it necessary to take back a little something with me, no matter how useless – like these ultra-fashionable five stones, which I hand-picked from a jar with at least twelve different patterns and contrast stitching. I decided on a black and white striped and polka-dotted one to coordinate with what I was wearing that day – a striped boatneck tee and my bubble wrap and jersey neck piece.

I loved playing five stones when I was in primary and secondary school. We used to have different levels (up to… 22 I think?) and then we’d play the same levels with one hand, with our left hand and so on. Anybody remembers the game sequence? I am only sure of up to um… level 4, haha. Please help my five stones are getting lonely :/

I’m not sure where the game originated from, and I’m quite sure kids nowadays don’t play it, as evidenced by my sister’s play things.

We also had a beautifully striped (fine… layered) strawberry and champagne mousse cake and a pot of earl grey from Kki – a stylish and delectable little cake and cafe corner that resides within the Little Dröm Store. I desperately need to go there again!

While making our way back we walked along the back alleys. This group of expats paused at this amazing wall and one of them said, “I don’t know about you, but I think if we want to make a lot of money we should go into air-conditioning”.

As they say, the Carrier man can!


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Those stones look so cute. I’ve never played that game but I am sure I’d love it with pieces like those 🙂

That cake looks yummy!

Comment by Anna Pope

they only recently got so fashionable, haha. they used to be made with curtain scraps!

Comment by wottoncool

Ahhh five stones! I used to know the game so well in primary school, except I never remember the stones being so cute! They were always some Lao Ah Pek batik sewn by someone’s grandmother. I saved up so long to buy my own set 😛




Comment by Shoe

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