Cheer Me Ups

Nothing beats sleeping in on a sleepy Saturday

Nothing beats wearing your jammies till 6pm, when its time to leave the house for sushi dinner. (:

Nothing beats waking up to the smell of fresh pancakes, being lovingly cooked to perfection on a slow Sunday. (((:

get my drift of how the weekend has floated by? 😀

Picture 003

Ok, so maybe the pancakes weren’t actually being cooked when I awoke from my restful slumber…

But doesn’t it sound so much nicer to wake up to yummy smells. 😀 hehes.

The preparation process was painless. So no complaints.

I chopped strawberries

Picture 014

and came across the cutest strawberry!!!

Picture 008

it was so small and heart-shaped. <3! I couldn’t bear to chop it up. how can you chop up a heart-shaped strawberry?!!?

eventually, i ate it whole.

which leads me to a burning question: Which is worse?

chopping up a heart(-shaped strawberry)?
or eating a heart(-shaped strawberry) whole? :/


also on the menu were

Picture 011

fresh blueberries

are you salivating yet? 😀

well, we aren’t quite done yet!

Picture 016

all in, the menu also included bananas and kiwis (((:

Picture 018

And there was a MOUNTAIN OF PANCAKES to work with. :D!

Picture 021

Picture 019

it makes me really happy to have a colourful pancake breakfast/brunch!

Green Dada Jewelery

Perhaps its a culmination of volunteering for Earth Hour, Dadaism (art history influences), boredom and the ‘i’ll do anything but study’ mood.

I’ve accumulated a new necklace/bracelet plus several rings in the past week. And all this without forking a cent!!

Introducing ready-made jewelery using found objects!


Fish paperclip necklace and milk carton freshness-sealer tab ring (:

These precious pieces were part of my Uniqlo Store Preview outfit ensemble.


The fish paperclips were a gift from my younger sister. (You can get them at Popular Bookstore and I hear that there are many other paperclip designs too!! I am soooo going to check them out :D:D:D). While studying, I got bored and thought it’d look cute. They can also be a bracelet or two. Perhaps I should get more to make a longer necklace too! Loving the options!! (:

And depending on the size of the carton you purchase, you can end up with ‘rings’ of different sizes and colours



I can’t wait to collect more and even cut patterns or add bling to my rings!! hehes.

Make a statement and save our planet too!

Pancake Day (Valentine’s Special)

Ok. This comes really late but…

Valentine’s was spent with the Girls.


They painstakingly made heart-shaped pancakes (which involved manually buttering the tin heart to prevent the batter from sticking) as well as normal pancakes (although they insist that the bubbles and concentric circles make the pancakes look alien, thus inedible).

But of course, pancakes by their lonesome selves don’t go down as well as when accompanied by…


Fresh fruits such as bananas, blueberries and strawberries, honey AND whipped cream.

We also wrote small notes and gave one another flowers; rounded off with our always-exciting staple — Taboo!


Tea, of course, was the other staple… for myself, at least (:

And like I’ve said before,

Pancakes any other way should be a sin!

100% Wottoncool

I have been wanting to try out an idea for some time now. And the perfect opportunity presented itself in the form of a silkscreening workshop held in conjunction with SMU’s ongoing Arts Festival Re|Present.

What else could I print?! “100% Wottoncool“! Thought that it would be an interesting play on label tags ‘100% Cottonwool’ (plus its also the blog name)


The kind organizers helped print out our images and took us through the process step by step. We used light-sensitive material to set the screen and had to make several trips to the nearest toilet to rinse the frame and squeegee. yes. SMU looks very nice. But proper silkscreening facilities, it does not have. Still, the organizers did well, providing a makeshift darkroom for us to work on the screens.



Having never done this before, I was a bit apprehensive about actually printing my image onto actual shirts, so I brought along a bunch of un-loved tanks to test.


And I kept the print basic because I think it looks nicer AND so that I would not have to keep running back and forth from the not-so-nearby toilet to rinse out the ink.


In total, I printed 9 shirts.. (of which, I am keeping the one above)


However, effectively there are 7. I exclude these two because there are smudges on them. Mint: smudge at back. White: right armhole.

If you would like any of the tanks (mine excluded), drop us an email at with your Name, Contact details and which piece you would like. Subject title: ‘I scream for silkscreen!’

I’ll update with measurements after I have gotten some sleep. Do note that some of the tanks are small and/or short.

Happy New Year! Pull Your Ear!

In all honesty, I am still reeling from my New Year’s Eve celebrations.

[Which would be fine if not for the fact that school, for me, commences TOMORROW!!!]

My NYE party was a Hat Party!

And knowing that the party mood would escalate through the night and not wanting to lose a treasured hat…  In the boyfriend’s car (on the way to the party venue) in a total of 30seconds, I folded my newspaper hat!!

with help from this source

but with my own twist (and since I had no adhesive tape with me)


Me: Boyfriend’s Santa Hat

Boyfriend: My Newspaper (Pirate-esque) Hat

It was a big hit at the party! And the best part was being able to toss it out the next morning 😀

So cheers to a wonderful 2009



– Sarah

Glossy Copy

I attended a themed party last evening (:

And had to come dressed like a magazine image!!!

So after some “reseach”..


and in a crazy combination of mentally going through my wardrobe for similar pieces, finding interesting yet wearable combinations and not wanting to look too normal (or boring)..

I decided on this


which looked like a very strong contender for my current Print-Per-Outfit Record (see here)!

Not wanting to shirk from the challenge, I chose to push my own boundaries and perceptions of what I think I’d wear.

The end result?


what do you think??

Panelled Pilgrim Dress: Regifted from boyfriend’s mom

Silver Knit Tank/Vest: Gift from boyfriend’s mom

Lazer Cut belt: Lisa Ho

Long Tunic/Shirt: Baylene

Watch: White Sands stall

Bangles: Green – Thailand, gift from mom. Black – Vietnam, gift from sister

Shoes: Onitsuka Tiger

was it warm? YES! especially since the party venue was outdoors. but tolerable (:

And I am proud that I left the house dressed as such


granted my nose was stuck in my book for a larger portion of the commute to the party venue, but at least I didn’t pull a Clark Kent and change in the nearest public toilet!

[I got a prize for putting in the most effort!! hahas]

Business Lesson No. 1

The power of branding.

From a link on the fashion void that is DC (some time ago), I chanced upon this unisex circle scarf. And I thought to myself, ‘interesting. been seeing it around. and its versatile! with pictures illustrating different ways of wearing it’


Then… the more I looked at it, the more I got this gnawing feeling at the back of my mind.. then I realised!

This cirlce scarf is a sarong!! [essentially, a circlular piece of fabric!!]

On all the occasions whereby I’ve seen elderly men (see below) wearing a sarong at coffeeshops and whatnot, never would I have associated it with the same circle scarf being advertised.



So… I rummaged through one of the cupboards and pulled out a sarong.. It smells a bit iffy, but nothing a good wash can’t fix. And, granted, it appears to be longer than the circular scarf seen in the first picture but who can beat the funky patterns sarongs come in?! [Thank the wonders of batik art!!]

so perhaps, another addition to ways of wearing a circle scarf.. you could add to the list


How to wear a sarong!


Are you cut-out for it?

The first thing that comes to my mind, about the first thing that will come to Sarah’s mind, about anything with cut-outs –



A.F. Vandervorst Spring 2009




Rodarte Spring 2009

“Will you get tan patterns?”

Wouldn’t tan patterns be mildly traumatizing but in some ways… cute? Lol. Very pretty if you get a nice floral pattern in A.F. Vandervorst’s leggings. You’ll be the talk of the town!

You better be slathering sun lotion before donning those fishnets, or ripping everything in sight (jeans, leggings, tops included).

Read more about designers and leggings this spring.

Knit & Weave

My recent tower of essays, reports and word limits due in school for various deadlines make me one of few words, but not too few to tell you how much I’m in love with weaves and knits.



Wear & Tear Weaving Tape Necklace, USD82


Wear & Tear Weave Leather & Brass Tape Necklace, USD82


Wear & Tear Weave Tape Suede Bracelet, USD55

Could I make these on my own?

I recently followed camille’s tutorial on making a shredded tee, partly due to a school project on new retail concepts and something to do with modifying basic clothing items. I think stretchier knits produce a nicer shredded effect.


I must say that I’m quite pleased with the result and I was extremely fascinated with how the thread runs and loops and makes all these squiggly lines. This probably contributed to my sudden weave/knit/crochet obsession.



Daydream Nation Multi Colour Yarn Crochet Link Necklace, USD140


Daydream Nation Wool Crochet Collar Necklace, USD139

This may sound strange to you, but I feel so gratified just looking at a nice, generous, thick, decipherable pattern of different materials. Mmm.

From Pixie Market