Stella Charcoal

I hope everyone has dreary dark days when there is no better cure-all than a top to toe black ensemble. One less thing to worry about. No need to fret if the colours clash or if the patterns mix. Just a quiet day to blend in with the rest of the world as you go about the things you gotta get done.

Then again, its also in the subtleties of plays of textures that also keep things interesting. Monsoons coerced the knit cardigan and wool hat to repel December precipitation, and basic oversized cotton tee with Stella McCartney for Adidas leggings for easy mobility.

Trench Lapis

One of my recent fav reads is Net-a-Porter’s iPad magazine app filled with the week’s latest lusts and musts for the upper crusts of society. One feature from several weeks ago illustrated ways to update winter looks to carry you into 2011.

Suggestion #6 was an modern play on layering and contrast, revealing a bit of sleeve while keep the cold at bay. And I sorely wanted to try this rolled up layered sleeve look, especially because Singapore weather does not favor the trench.

Japan, with Mount Fuji in the backdrop for “mood” hahas, presented an opportune time to give this a go. With a cream trench, stripped (a la kueh lapis) knit sweater dress, jeans, polka dot scarf, wool hat and sunglasses, doubt I created sufficient “contrast” but it kept me amply warm. So points there!

Outfit bits

My outfit felt a bit disjointed that day at Topshop Knightsbridge’s pre-opening party, what with Christopher Kane x Topshop’s crocodile tee, a torn and tattered Cheap Monday oversized sweater, a really old pair of wedges… so I bring you photos in odds and ends.

Also, my sister’s adorable shoes.

Quick abrupt post, pretty much describes how I’ve been zipping around town and home today. And also, I most probably will be starting work next week! Whee!

Back from Tokyo, Japan

Just wanted to drop a quick update to say that I’m back from the land of the rising sun, back from Mount Fuji, sushi, cat cafes, bright neon lights, pachinko, boots and fake eyelashes.

The weather warranted layers upon layers of clothing. And I did mostly sight-seeing rather than shopping.

Can’t wait to go back with more shopping allowance 😀

More photos coming soon.
Stay tuned!



How better to start the week, than to talk about Fridays.

Two Fridays ago, my boyfriend and I were running around Chinatown and Ann Siang Hill checking out what’s changed in this part of Singapore we often neglect.

We went into The Little Dröm Store for the first time, and I felt it necessary to take back a little something with me, no matter how useless – like these ultra-fashionable five stones, which I hand-picked from a jar with at least twelve different patterns and contrast stitching. I decided on a black and white striped and polka-dotted one to coordinate with what I was wearing that day – a striped boatneck tee and my bubble wrap and jersey neck piece.

I loved playing five stones when I was in primary and secondary school. We used to have different levels (up to… 22 I think?) and then we’d play the same levels with one hand, with our left hand and so on. Anybody remembers the game sequence? I am only sure of up to um… level 4, haha. Please help my five stones are getting lonely :/

I’m not sure where the game originated from, and I’m quite sure kids nowadays don’t play it, as evidenced by my sister’s play things.

We also had a beautifully striped (fine… layered) strawberry and champagne mousse cake and a pot of earl grey from Kki – a stylish and delectable little cake and cafe corner that resides within the Little Dröm Store. I desperately need to go there again!

While making our way back we walked along the back alleys. This group of expats paused at this amazing wall and one of them said, “I don’t know about you, but I think if we want to make a lot of money we should go into air-conditioning”.

As they say, the Carrier man can!


Sarah’s holidaying in Tokyo with her family! And here I am stuck in fickle-weathered Singapore. For those of you who miss her already, here’s what she wore to Parco’s next-Next Fashion Show last Friday at Millenia Walk.

First, an A-line white shirt from Zara, ruched leggings ala Sass & Bide from Bysi, and black leather lace-up wedges from Aldo.

While we were walking around, she set her eyes on this black crepe maxi-dress-jumpsuit from Max Tan. It is so cute because it really does look like a maxi dress from afar, but is actually one that is sewn up at the bottom with two tubular openings for the ankles. Got. To. Have. At. Some. Point.

Eventually she brought home a vented leather/wet-look jacket with extra long sleeves by Mae Pang. Sleek and sultry I say. Lots to check out from both the designers and more, so buy smaller presents and splurge on yourself instead. Okay I kid.

Sooo this weekend I’ll be going solo at Topshop Knightbridge’s opening party – their largest store outside of their Oxford Circus store in London!

Hansel’s birthday/opening party at Mandarin Gallery on Friday. Can’t wait to see what the store decor is like.

And lastly, Front Row’s 5th Anniversary Fete on Sunday at White Rabbit. For more informations, go here.

Hope your December is going well so far. This month makes me feel kinda reflective and I’m not quite sure what to make of this year. More happy days ahead!

Picture credits to here, here and here.

Clarks Wallabees

These are a special pair of shoes, because my dad bought a pair each for my sister and I. When was the last time you said something like that? At five years old maybe? Still I think he wasn’t the one who bought me my shoesies then, haha.

He bought them while we were in Hong Kong two years ago and just wandering around Tsim Sha Tsui.

My sister saw a cognac-coloured pair first and got them, and then I threw a hissy fit and demanded a pair too. No actually I used whatever’s left of my daddy-manipulating skillz to get free shooz 😀

While we were trying them on, I think he was secretly excited, cos he doesn’t like seeing us go around in heels, or slippers (very extreme, I know). He told us about how he used to wear Wallabees when he was younger, how they were actually meant to be comfortable work shoes (not fashionable things), and how the thick rubber soles would bloat when they came into contact wih engine oil at his old work place. Cool. But I haven’t had the chance to see that happen to mine. Heh.

Mine are a very light tan suede (which daddy didn’t approve of, but o well.) And the grundgiest place I’ve taken them to is… Orchard Road. With my Longchamp x Jeremy Scott footprint bag, Topshop silk shirt and Cheap Monday jeans.

They are insanely comfortable, but also terribly unsexy. Kinda like my Sperry Top Siders.

Not quite sure why they are call Wallabees. Does not at all resemble its namesake kangaroo species. Any ideas?

Digression: Did you know there’s such a thing as… Wallaroos?

Paperbag Pants

Do you have those days where you want nothing more than to wear a paper bag over your head as you go about your routine and mile-long list of to-dos because it’s just such long and dreary day. You want nothing more than to snuggle in bed, tucked safely in the comforts of your blanket where the world can’t get you? But since Responsibility beckons, settle for the second-best option which is to dress purely for Comfort as you attempt to conquer the abyss of chores.

And then, there are also those days that for no reason in particular, there is a sense of flurry and fun to dress up and paint the town red. Figuratively, of course.

I’m wearing a basic white tank, pseudo paperbag-waisted pants and lace-up wedges. Just because I felt like it. Despite only having to run a handful of errands in school today. And make-up-less because my skin has decided to revolt by going through a second round of puberty-worthy breakouts ):

But I also attribute it to the stresses of exam week,
which is NOW!

Ok, back to the books for me


This & that

We saw some Herve Ledger, some Alexander Wang, lots of YSL bags swinging about, dangerous heels and very big hair on a whole lot of different people, but here’s what we earthlings wore

Sarah kept it simple with my newly acquired LBD from Zara, a studded belt and Guess heels.

Jo haphazardly put together a sheer cotton batwing top from H&M, zip-front bodysuit from Urban Outfitters, black pants from Cotton on, snakeskin stamped wedges from Charles & Keith and really bad hair. Uh, not quite sure what to say

And spotted! on Lionel of Bobo Baroque, this skeleton cuff that will would have given an arm and leg for, but nope, it didn’t happen.