Zouk Flea SCORE!

Very quickly, let me introduce you to some new members of my closet.

An asymmetrical dusty blue top. $10

Love the buttons and the ruching. (:

A pleather vest. $8

This belongs to my sister but I included it anyway, an alldressedup top. Buttons and all still intact. $5

And my favourite…

Wave print A | X short dress. $10(!!!)

I’m so proud of this buy. Can you sense me beaming away :D:D:D!

And for $1. I picked up these 2 books. After I read up for my Japan trip. I’ll get to these (((:

$1 & $2 Goodness SPAM

Jo and I participated in Flea Titan on a whim and in an attempt to clear our closet plus to get some moolah (for more beautiful things).

Damn the economic crisis.

I was a bit busy and preoccupied to take during and after shots of the flea so I only have before shots to share…

Picture 020

We had some technical difficulty setting up the rack.

But thankfully it held up!

(At the booth next to ours, the rack literally broke! 0.0! and adjacent to our booth, their rack kept swaying :/)

Picture 021

Our table + rack. Fully utilized.

Picture 022

Everything in the bucket/tub went for $1 each. (and there were ppl still trying to bargain and be fussy at $1. seriously?! hahas)

Towards the end, in her bid to not bring home her stuff was giving her stuff away, shouting ‘Free shoes! Free clothes!!!’ and I swear everyone within earshot froze in their tracks and stared at her in disbelief. hahas. it was quite funny.

All in all a fun day… even though food was nightmarishly expensive!

Thank you for supporting Wottoncool’s $1 and $2 goodness! (:

B THR OR B [ ]


Place: House, 8D Dempsey Road
Date: 21st September (Monday – Public holiday)
Time: 1pm to 7pm
How to get here:
There will be 4 shuttle buses (45 pax) from the Thai Embassy beside Lido (Orchard) to House Dempsey.

The flea is actually on 20th and 21st September, but WOTTONCOOL (aka Jo and Sarah), will only be there on 21st September, 1 – 7 pm.

We bring the spirit of our favourite $1 thrift/charity store to you so that you can enjoy some awesome $1 goodness! (or maybe $2, but still, STEAL OKAY????)

Expect shooz (mostly size 39/40), clothes, (variable S/M/L), bags, accessories, and maybe some stuff for the guys too!

More “designer” stuff like Hansel, Baylene, Munk will be very affordably priced from $30 onwards, which is about 90% off the original price?!?!?!??!

Cash only! Unless you have a Donna Karan Eldridge bag to swop with Jo..

B THR OR B [ ].

Who Wore What Where When

Here’s what Jo wore to Uniqlo’s press preview.


Striped dress, Topshop. Polka dot jacket in reverse colours inside, Church’s $1 thrift store. Bubble wrap and striped jersey neck thing, Bangkok.

Excuse my act cute face.

Oh clashing prints, how original. I just needed a confusing amalgamation of patterns to hide my burgeoning tummy… And bum, and fat legs.


Hear my Case

I got this case for a $1 steal while sourcing for gifts for our blog’s birthday giveaway.


Denim Vest: from my childhood
White Tank top: Uniqlo
Butterfly print skirt: Espirit
Shoes: Charles and Keith
Cream Case: Church thrift store

Used it for school the other day. Quite fun but requires that the case be on my lap or any other flat surface to open and avoid it’s contents spill out.

More close-ups soon!

Does anyone know where I could possibly have the bag professionally cleaned?

Less Talk, More Action

That’s our mantra for a lot of things – attending driving lessons, going for our driving test (including maintaining a O_O face for maximum focus), studying, sometimes blogging…

So here we present you what we’ve got to offer to the 2 lucky readers who have entered the competition. It ends tonight! Hurry scurry!

Paisley print double breasted vest, Jim Thompson elephant silk tie, Jim Thompson teardrops silk tie, high-waist pleat-front tapered pants, brown sling bag, peter pan collared khaki jacket, cream and red silk tie




Teal double-breasted low front dress, Dior crimson silk tie, acid wash jeans, blue silk tie, floral georgette micro shorts, navy double breasted jacket with no lapels



How we’ve packed them to be hand-delivered (!)


Aren’t they pretty?!?!?!?! 😀



Competition is open till tonight.

See yall soon!


On Sunday, I had the opportunity to check out Jo’s infamous $1 Thrift Store from which she has gotten many enviable gems.


Within half an hour, we found goodies aplenty! 😀


I’m really excited with the purchases!

But alas! We aren’t keeping most of our finds.

Jo and I have something planned…


And you could be the proud owner of the contents of these bags!!!

Stay Tuned!!!

[edited: click here for details!]