Glossy Copy

I attended a themed party last evening (:

And had to come dressed like a magazine image!!!

So after some “reseach”..


and in a crazy combination of mentally going through my wardrobe for similar pieces, finding interesting yet wearable combinations and not wanting to look too normal (or boring)..

I decided on this


which looked like a very strong contender for my current Print-Per-Outfit Record (see here)!

Not wanting to shirk from the challenge, I chose to push my own boundaries and perceptions of what I think I’d wear.

The end result?


what do you think??

Panelled Pilgrim Dress: Regifted from boyfriend’s mom

Silver Knit Tank/Vest: Gift from boyfriend’s mom

Lazer Cut belt: Lisa Ho

Long Tunic/Shirt: Baylene

Watch: White Sands stall

Bangles: Green – Thailand, gift from mom. Black – Vietnam, gift from sister

Shoes: Onitsuka Tiger

was it warm? YES! especially since the party venue was outdoors. but tolerable (:

And I am proud that I left the house dressed as such


granted my nose was stuck in my book for a larger portion of the commute to the party venue, but at least I didn’t pull a Clark Kent and change in the nearest public toilet!

[I got a prize for putting in the most effort!! hahas]

Roald Dahl


From Matilda

(I’m not sure if it’s the same all over the world, but,) Think Roald Dahl and a string of fantastical tales like Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Matilda, and Esio Trot will conjure up squiggly images ala Quentin Blake’s illustrations for his children’s books.



From The BFG


From George’s Marvellous Medicine

All pictures from Art Of Illustration

Ooooh, memories (runs of to caress stack of Roald Dahl books) 😀
I digress. Anyway.

Then there are his lesser known (at least to my side of the world), darker, short stories, like A Dip In The Poole (no thanks to my first literature lesson in secondary school), Lamb to the Slaughter, The Landlady (my first encounter with taxidermy in my early teens. The horror! :O) and Parson’s Pleasure.

Next you have British Vogue’s fusing both the childish fantasy and rather dark humour plus a tinge of silliness into an awesome editorial – Tales of the Unexpected.



This rather generous spread of great styling, imaginative props and stellar models keeps making you wanna flip page after page, as names like Tim Burton, Gareth Pugh, Imelda Staunton, Georgia Jagger, Peter Jensen and Alice Gibb lend themselves to the shoot.


This would be the only time I want gum to be stuck all over the place.




Baubles as soap suds!


All scans from foto decadent

I haven’t been reading anything of late, except for my “Management for infor – okay that sounds boring already.

Wingardium Leviosa

The Magic of Fashion – Harper’s Bazaar 2008

Emma Watson as Hermione is absolutely anal and annoyingly endearing. Emma Watson as herself, is absolutely amazing and unexpectedly impressive.

I’m undecided as to whether she’s Emma Watson or Hermione here. It’s kinda like a little bit of both, with the backdrop of Hogwarts, and designers that seem to be at her beck and call, if not framed cheekily in frames and mirrors.

Not sure if you should be comparing her to spreads with big models, but I’m so blown away by her! She’s no MKA, or Agyness in terms of style… and I hope she grows up to be like Charlize Theron or something along those lines.

All pictures from

A Singapore Special


If you’re curious as to what our tiny island produces in the field of fashion and design, Baylene would give you a pretty good idea of the burgeoning local scene.

If you’re excited at the idea of having a piece of Singapore in your closet (especially after the world has seen the first night race ever – poor Kimi!), you’d be happy to know that Baylene now has an online store that sells their wares to the world!

(Psst, remember the chameleon-like Kelly? I didn’t know she was called Kelly then.)

It’s a nice simple layout, easy to navigate – makes you want to buy more!

There are individual garment measurements, additional pictures to show more views and other ways in which you can wear the item.

Pictures from

You’ll find that all the pieces encourage lots of layering and experimenting – sheer panels, lack of sleeves, extra buttons, holes or loops, deconstructed shapes, one size fits all kinds designs you can think up.

I don’t know about you, but my closet begs for more Baylene!

For now, they’re having a 50-70% off at the shop in Stamford House #01-04 from today till 2 October. Baylene will also be at Fash Bash!


Back to the F1 fever that struck Singapore over the past week – I beamed a bit seeing that our tiny place looked so pretty under the building lights and track lights and ooohhh, just the whole atmosphere.

Pictures from

I was so impressed with everything! The crowd, the driving, the drama, the circuit. *continues to beams madly*


Then there’s KVLT magazine‘s second issue – Loveless. Go and immerse yourself in some candid spreads and features on art, music and fashion.

This issue they interview the designers of MadCornerShop and Vice & Vanity!

Like they say – All stories have been told; KVLT just tells it better.


Coincidentally, Vice & Vanity is available at Baylene, and also online. When they were still “new” I was kinda skeptical about their presence. Firstly, I don’t buy many accessories – what more acrylic pieces at prices I am not yet willing to pay! Then I realised, everyone isn’t me.

I guess they kinda grew on me. I really like the collars in their most recent collection.


Was that too much of Singapore in a day?

Don’t Burst my Bubble

Bubbles aren’t exactly my favourite shape, but i can understand why its got its supporters.

with images like that, how can anyone resist really?!

But then again, there are TEAMS of people who put in the time and effort to make the images come out delicious.

and usually, bubbles are worn at the waist, to balance out the proportions a bit better.

and for good reason!

would you rather have a big, but perky butt? or a big and saggy ass?? hahas.

Sarah + bubble : makes her feel like her behind is…

that size :/

– Sarah, trying to overcome her fears..

G2000′s Booster

I meant to post this quite some time ago…. but yea.

Coco Rocha and Brad Kroenig for G2000!

I first saw the ad campaigns on a bus, which sped by me at probably 60km/h in the early morning when I was still woozy-zleepy. That girl sure looked like Coco Rocha.

The second time, I saw it splashed across a bus too, but this time at the bus stop too. Okay, so it can’t be a Hong Kong model I don’t know who has undergone lots of plastic surgery (or photoshop?) to resemble Coc Rocha.

Then it hit,


Right after that I’ve been seeing it in magazines and advertisement boards and allll over the place.

It is just so incongruous with the Chanel Pre-Fall 2008 Campaign.

Summer Mags

You know it’s summer, or it’s June, when the magazine stands are strewn with strings of words like “BEST BIKINI BUYS”, “THE SWIMSUIT ISSUE”, “WHERE TO SPEND YOUR SUMMER” blah blah blah…

I don’t really like those bikini spreads.

I don’t really like being in the sun. I’m quite fair, I can never get a tan no matter how long I stay in the sun, I only turn red and peel. That hurts. Also, I’m not anywhere near Angelina Jolie or Cameron Diaz’s shape, so even if those spreads have figure specific reccomendations, chances are girls like me will still end up looking like carelessly swaddled lumps of flesh.

Point is, I got two magazines – Nylon Japan and ViVi (Asian Edition) to tide me over this month of bikini bombardment.

From the looks of it, Japan seems to be quite preoccupied with gladiator sandals!

From Nylon

From ViVi

Like Vogueite, I am getting a bitttt tired of seeing gladiator sandals around. But those floral heeled sandals really appeal to me!

From Nylon

From ViVi

I love those lace trimmed navy blue shorts in the last picture! I shall see if I can modify any of my shorts 😀

I’m more accustomed to the clean, neat, but stylish layouts that most local magazines subscribe to, but I’m completely intrigued by the messy, chaotic, cutouts, intermingling text and pictures just makes me want moreeee.

Us on Harper’s!

Turns out that Harper’s Bazaar churns out a daily 4-page fashion fix recording the previous day’s shows. Cool!

Especially cool because somehow we got in it – Issue #3 Sunday, March 30, 2008 under the Style at the Tent column! So here’s what we wore (See second picture, from L-R)


Top: Layered Tube from Topshop
Bottom: Denim bubble skirt from Playhoud by Greyhound in Tangs Playlab
Shoes: Patent wedges from Itto & Otto
Bag: Wood and bead clutch from Martina Pink in Tangs
Accessories: Gilded rubber bangles from Urban Outfitters

Dress: Self-designed and tailor made
Outerwear: Trench coat from G2000
Shoes: Patent peep-toe heels from Far East Plaza
Bag: Snake-skin clutch from Accessorize


Mayybe we should change that to Wott! instead, haha!