Matambre Raw

Shortly after making this bikini number for the cover of Hommes Vogue Japan, designer Franc Fernandez was called up by the Gaga gang to whip together an entire look – dress, hat, shoes and matching clutch in Argentinian ‘matambre’ beef.

Yes. its made of real meat.

Looking at these pictures make me squirm at the thought of it’s smelly, sticky, bloody slickness. *shudders*

Can you imagine the dangling slabs of meat slapping against your leg as you walk? *eeewwwww…

Although both Franc Fernandez and Lady Gaga claim that it was comfortable, didn’t smell and wasn’t bloody (yeah right!)

Plans are for this dress to live out the rest of its, albeit short, life in ‘The Gaga Archives’ where it’ll slowly dry out and “jerky-fy”.

I just hope it doesn’t attract flies…

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[Spotlight] UK will never sleep again

And neither will we.

The heavens have heard our prayers. Now let us take a moment of silence to take this all in…

We can shop H&M UK Online from 16 September 2010! All you have to do is sign up for their newsletter, and if you’re based in Singapore, use a Vpost or Comgateway to forward your shopping parcel back home.

Omg omg omg omg!

And then, we also have Alexa Chung for Madewell, finally online. Luscious blouses, cute jackets and skinny jeans, you can finally steal her easy vintage style here, though not without forking out at least US$78 for a pair of denim shorts.

Picture credits to here and here.

[Spotlight] Chunks and Stones

Ben and Jerry’s Chunkfest 2010 was held last Saturday at The Promontry @ Marina Bay (which I mistake to be close to Marina Bay & Promenade MRT and was sorely mistaken. Is most accessible by Raffles Place MRT, fyi)


Specially for the event, they flew down 12 exciting never-before seen (in Singapore) flavours for everyone to buy/try after which, they can go online and vote for which they like best to stay and retail in Singapore while the rest fly back to the States. Check out which flavour got the highest votes: here!

My sister tried’Oatmeal Cookie Chunk’ which tastes just like a granola bar, I swear (: *LIKE! While I had ‘Pomagranate Sorbet’ which was pleasant but nothing fantastical, in my opinion. But who doesn’t like ice cream in general eh?!

The invite for the event asked people to come down in tie-dye and their hippiest attire (is ‘hippiest’ a real word?) And for the people who showed up, they did not disappoint! There were a considerable number of people who were tie dye, maxi dresses, vintage apparel and the works. (Yes, there was also a substantial number of normal, cookie-cutter civilian clothing a la jeans & t-shirt. But considerable number of hippie-ish folk around)

I wore a colour-runned G2000 tank, vintage houndstooth vest, Five Stone Vintage pleated wide-leg pant, wood & leather bracelets, woven belt and C&K sandals.

And my sister wore a scarf as headpiece, white sleeveless blouse from AMK Hub, vintage vest, print skirt from Thailand, bag from Indonesia, sandals from C&K and bracelets from Combodia and Indonesia (I think).

In addition to having ice cream and Ben & Jerry’s merchandise on sale, there was a whole string of programmes to entertain everyone. Later in the evening, there were band performing. But when I arrived, they just kicked off a 4-member team challenge to wolf down 20 scoops of ice-cream as quick as you can.



And this 4-monster team, Legal Black Hole, not only beat at least 15 other teams in the Vermonster Challenge… But also, after a 15 minute break, took on the Ben & Jerry’s team to wolf down another 20 scoops of ice cream in 2 minutes!

I have a tummy-ache just thinking about that…

All in all, it was a fun day to chill by the water, watch people gorge their faces with too much ice cream and listen to good music and see a lot of happy faces around, thus the theme ‘Love, Peace & Ice Cream’ right? hahas.

To end off, my sister had a “eating competition” of her own.

hahas (:

-CLOSED- Marc Jacob’s Printed Matter: $100 Shopbop Giveaway!

This has got to be our best giveaway ever – a US$100 Shopbop Giftcard! It’s open to everyone, yes all you Singaporeans, cos Shopbop does international shipping!

To qualify, you have to like us on Facebook and be our follower on Twitter (@wearewottoncool).

Read more to enter the  competition, if not, our (somewhat) regular posts and all our new entries continue below (:

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Déjà Vu?

Garance Doré‘s comment about Ferragamo re-editing their cult shoes like the Rainbow shoes from 1938 ,

made me think about this New York Times article about retailers looking into their archives for inspiration and cashflow.

And after a bit more searching, I stumbled across this blog, in particular this post. The following photos are from that post. (:

I wonder, is this rainbow poop wallpaper fo’ real?! Would you have this in your house? hahas

I want these shelves and colour-coded books. Bet Jo would want the pug. (:

And these persian cats are so adorable. Unsettlingly pastel, but adorable!

Rain brings the Rainbows

As a result of Friday’s torrential lunchtime downpour, I had to swim through Maxwell Road to get back to my office.

Water levels were up to my lower shin and my skirt got wet from the frantic (and somewhat amusing) sploshing around. May I ask, do you also suffer from the very tragic “let’s share an umbrella so we’ll both be dry, but in the end both umbrella-sharers are wet still” syndrome? Because that was what happened. And it was rather icky to be damp and attempting to get work done.

Needless to say, my shoes were completely soaked through. Which was really gross since I was out till 10pm that day.

We even sat on newspapers to dry off and prevent the seats from getting excessively wet.

Anyway, its a fun memory. And I’m dry now so, yay!

On to other things…

I found this scarf in my closet. (It’s a magic closet, I swear!)

I suspect that it’s my mom’s, and I quite like the colours.

Feel that it brings out the colour of my new hair!

😀 You like?

Never thought I’d dye my hair, and kinda did so on a whim.

Here’s how the conversation went:

Me (to hair stylist) – I’m thinking of dyeing my hair…

Hair stylist – I got a colour for you. (She then proceeds to whip out a book with a flurry of looped locks in an array of colours, points to one in the top left corner of the elaborate chart. Then asks…) How about this?

Me – Ok! (:

and because she had just come back from training in Japan, she when all the way with the colouring. My baby hairs, side burns, back tails and eyebrows are all dyed! And I quite like it!

Makes me feel more Japanese which equates with getting away with anything…

Like this!


Anyway, for those who’ve never coloured their hair and never considered it previously. I think it’s worth trying at least once. Although, be prepared for it to cost you a bit. Inclusive of treatment, cutting and coluring, the bill totalled about $180-ish?

The experience is like someone put a whole lot of paste in your hair and leaves it there for an hour. At some points, there is a feeling like you’ve got an itch on your head you aren’t allowed to scratch. But completely tolerable, honestly.

And as long as I couldn’t smell the ammonia, which wasn’t often, I was good to go. (:

I don’t look forward to the grown-out dye job state. But I’ll hyperventilate about that at a later date.

More than a pretty face

Casio’s latest G-Shock X-Large Vivid Colour Combi series makes not apologies for it’s size and audaciously bold and brazen exterior.
And although I’m not jumping out of my seat to call this my latest wrist candy, I am very intrigued by the combination of analog and digital functions that give the watch face a lot of depth.

Think if I had such a massive watch, it would feel as though I’m looking mid-way through my arm in order to tell the time.


The solid aqua blue is my favourite though. Too many colours make me dizzy.

HP + SATC II Contest Winner!

Congratulations Shazzharif Shamsudin!

I was completely floored by your short story. I put together this montage to sorta encapsulate your entry (:

Winning entry:

Carrie took a cab and rushed down to SoHo Manhattan realising she is half an hour late for a lunch date with her gal pals.

“To Balthazar please and step on it!”

“Step on what mam?” remarked the Pakistani cabbie.

Realizing there was no time to argue with the foreign cabbie who clearly lacked knowledge on American slangs, Carrie gave a weak smile and replied,

“Fast. Go fast and I’ll tip you.”

Carrie rushed through the doors of Balthazar to see only 2 of her friends there.

Carrie: Charlotte! Miranda! (Carrie hugged them both with air kisses before settling into her seat.) I had to run in here in my killer Manolos. my feet hurts.  And I thought I was the one very fashionably late.  Where is Samantha?

Charlotte: She probably has some PR emergency. She’s never early.

Miranda: Or her emergency probably involved Peter, Paul and Mary and she’s involved in some afternoon quickie. Three seems to be the magic number nowadays. Even Britney gave it a stamp of approval. Whatever happened to morals, values and monogamy?

Carrie: Oh honey, you haven’t tried it, you wouldn’t know.

Charlotte gave a smirk and nodded.

Miranda: You ho! Not you too. I’ve always thought you were the most decent one in our group.

Charlotte: Well, crazy happens in college and I’m not THAT INNOCENT. Oh even Britney endorsed that too. Hee hee.

Samantha: Hello Ladies! Sorry I’m late! You wouldn’t believe the darndest thing that just happened to me! ( Samantha walks into the restaurant.)

Carrie: You got another botox injection?

Charlotte: You got yourself a facelift?

Miranda: You earned extra miles on the mile high club while on the cab here?

Samantha:  (rolls eyes) I managed to convince this hot hunk of a hot dog pushcart boy to come to my office for a model casting.

Carrie: We all know the reason for him to come is so that he will leave you coming for more! Hahah!

Miranda: Is it just me or does your hips look broad? What have u been eating?

Samantha: I may be a broad, but these hips are not expanding honey. You must be imagining things. These hips don’t lie.

Charlotte: Oh girls, you wouldn’t believe what I just got myself today! A Vivienne Tam Digital Clutch! Hot off the runway!

The girls looked at it in awe.

Carrie: I’m green with envy. All I have is this bedazzled and blinged  iPad as a gift from my publisher. (Carrie takes out her iPad encrusted in Swarovski from her Birkin bag)

Miranda: Ooh I smell bitchy competition!

Samantha: And I will turn into a bigger bitch when I don’t get some food. Waiter!

And the girls enjoyed the rest of their lunch talking about their fabulous life and adventures in NYC.



Shazzharif, you’ve won yourself a pair of tickets to the Gala Premiere of SATC II for you and a friend (: Congrats! (Emailed you about the collection).

To the other entries: I’m sorry but the inclusion of HP’s Butterfly Lover’s Digital Clutch wasn’t substantial enough.

But fret not!

Try your luck on the HP Facebook Page. Answer the question, coming out on 18 May 2010 (today!!!), and stand a chance to win yourself some tickets!