Watch your back

Take a bicycle, plant a fashionable person on it and you have about 5000 coos from all over the world, simultaneously.

You wanna see everything, the clothes, the accessories, the person, the bike, the gear (basket? SO CUTE!), but Downtown from Behind shoots everyone in landscape and from the back, all around NYC. (Apparently only every street below 14th, but I have no bearings of New
York at all so I can’t say much about that.)

The subject is doesn’t dominate the picture, sized kinda sneakily, shot a tad bit voyeuristic, and you cannot help but feel that little bit more enticed with every scroll and every picture.

Plus, it’s cool that there’s a tiny tidbit of info with every person shot. Cos we all wanna know everything about the next person we don’t know now (they come from alllll walks of life, not just too-hip-it-hurts vintage store owners and the whole shebang), don’t we?

But really, I personally find this whole stylish pedaling thing romantic because… I cannot ride a bike. Boo!

Picture credits to here.

Oh Fuzz!

I think we got Uncle Karl to thank for this one.

After sending down sasquatch-esque fuzz-covered models down Chanel runways earlier this year… The material has been slapped onto dozens of designs from bags to shoes to hats to coats.


Rachel (above) and Abbey Lee Kerkshaw (below) show us how to pull off the fuzz jacket. And I am TOTALLY crushing their styles.

Abbey Lee Kerkshaw

But like I mentioned to Jo over beers the other night, pretty as this trend is. I feel kinda sad for the poor animal that became a coat. /:

If it’s synthetic, by all means!

(Photo credits: Stockholm Street Style)

This season… Purr

Instead of paying attention in class like I should have :D, I was trawling through Bloglovin’ to bring you these very beautiful people snapped from across the blogsphere.

by The Satorialist

Leopard print hasn’t (yet) been a hurdle I’ve been able to embrace into my closet. I always think it requires a minimum level of confidence, style, edge and boldness that I don’t quite possess yet.

by The Vogue Diaries

by Facehunter

by Stockholm Street Style

But it’s beautiful, innit? ❤

[Spotlight] A|X MBS & Red in Head Redux

Last weekend, amidst the F1 mayhem… Armani Xchange held an intimate party to celebrate the opening of their Marina Bay Sands outlet.

Instead of the usual fashion show strut to kick of the party, models took turns posing at the windows just how A|X clothes move and look ever-so-sleek. (Especially on glamazonian models!)

The clothes, shop, food, drinks and ambience was really great. I mean, its MBS ya’ll. If that doesn’t ooze lux, I don’t know what will. (:

It was a really fun night, getting to meet and catch up with some of the bloggers as well as meet a few new faces (:

Second stop for the evening was Keppel Island, which, thanks to X-wen, got us invites to this very exclusive invite-only Red in Head Redux by MrDope.

Copious amounts of champagne was drunk. And the music was really really good. If I can get my blackberry to connect to cooperate and connect (properly) to my computer, I’ll upload a video of the DJ spinning + light show display that they had set up in their fully air-conditioned pop-up club. ((:

But in the meantime, here are some photos.

After 11.30pm thereabouts, I stopped snapping cos the alcohol was taking effects and I was busy dancing. hehes

Therefore, final shot of the evening… Happy feet!

The Little Things She Needs

They say it’s the little things that make a big difference. This pretty and petite package dressed herself almost entirely in accessories (multiple rings check, bangles check, necklace check, head thing check, shoes check, some-other-small-items-I’m-not-confident-of-describing check), save for the huge kaftan hanging on her which, on hindsight, also almost looks like a scarf on its own.

She is the personification of the new accessories store, The Little Things She Needs. I’m kinda glad she’s not a 6-feet tall blonde-hair, blue-eyed model from a huge agency and dressed by a hired stylist. She works for one of the seven stores in Jakarta and put together this Asian-Bohemian look with items from their current and upcoming collection, all by herself.

An aside: I never knew pumps would work with a kaftan so well. I would usually just go with something that borders on formal/corporate. Meh.

If you’re a sucker for shoes and accessories, make sure you bring someone in tow to provide emotional support and possibly safe-keep your wallet. If you’re part of Shopaholics Anonymous, do not be within 100 metres of this store. (Or actually, don’t be in Singapore altogether.) It’s floor-to-ceiling walls of really affordable shoes, bags and little things in this new store located in #B3-52 ION Orchard.

Dusk to Dust

When my boyfriend showed me these photos he took while walking around Stockholm Central, we (or rather, I) gushed over the cute girl on the right – from her rounded bob, oversized collar, high-waist pants, how she rolled up her cuff and hems, the feather in her hair, her peep-toe slingback sandals that kinda remind me of my childhood pair…

When I was uploading and reviewing our photos, I was thinking.. all she’s wearing is brown! wow. And she doesn’t look like soil. She’s kinda like a vintage pocahontas, if that makes any sense.

Then I was editing the pictures and piecing them together for this post, and it just occurred to me that the lady beside her is drowning in blue. Top-to-toe. Neck-to-shin. Her kid. His stroller. I like her scarf, the length of her sleeves, her blunt bangs and blunt locks, her A-line skirt and her matchy-matchy son.

Isn’t the mark of wearing an all-over single colour well, the fact that people don’t notice it?

Alright you may say, vary tone, vary shade, vary texture, but I feel like I need guidance and tuition to pull off whole non-black looks like those two. I fear looking like a dirty fox beside a pool of muddy water in soil.

Photos by my boyfriend.

On two wheels

Is there anyone else out there who is over 20 years of age and unable to ride on a bicycle without letting out a yelp every seemingly meandering 20m on a straight path?

Ah I see there are tons of you out there.. Maybe we should all form a fraternity.

I’ve figured out – if you have a collarless jacket, smashingly tailored pants, studded cuff, aviators, some wicked heels, and wanna look like a cycling chick, just start pushing one alongside you on the pedestrian walkways around town, since there are no proper bicycle lanes yet anyway. This way, no haters for you being a cyclist on the pedestrian walkways, and only admirers for how awesomely cool you look.

Together we’ll be legen – wait for it – dary!

Just sayin’… Trying to make myself feel better about my cycling (in)abilities.

Photo by my boyfriend.


I betcha some of you got excited at the title cos people-watching’s become your favourite past-time now, right?

My boyfriend and I honed extra-elite people-watching and paparazzi photo-taking skillz (okay the latter belonged more to him) during our two-month trip around Europe. (Oh yes, hello!! It’s been a while! :D) It kinda peaked in Copenhagen and Stockholm.

We were wearing the same clothes every other day and was stopping ourselves from going crazy at the sales cos our backpacks only hold that much real estate.

These two people were everything I wish we looked like and wore then: Stick-out-like-a-sore thumb tourists in ratty tatty shirt worn in rotation with six other tops to last two months, jeans – worn almost every other day, plus crummy boat shoes VS Important-looking duo in a cute dress without creases, freshly pressed shirt, black leather heels, chinos with upturned hems, and Alexander Wang’s Rocco studded bag, of course.

Photo by my boyfriend.

Loony Balloony

Balloons are exactly the instinct first, second or third choice to accessorize with.

But awhile back, my sister was gifted this rose ring.

It was big, cute and slightly over the top.

Her friend made it for her upon request. Although he was a bit reluctant at first because he didn’t have the right colours with him. Only had green that day.

After some persuasion, he caved and made this.

Not the least bit practical… I can imagine popping it while trying to wash my hands at the sink or accidentally pinching it causing it to disintegrate.

Ok. Will post about stuff other than rings (soon). <3!