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  1. Haro Josephine and Sarah~ I do a dance style called popping and for competitions or performances, we(poppers) tend to dress up in clothes remiscent of the 60s-80s period. But sometimes that backfires badly on us style wise. If possible, being the fashion gurus that u gals are~ Could u recommend/ point me in the direction of clothes that allows free range of movement but r smart and stylish at the same time? Also I have one small request, I found out about this blog thru the Straits Times Urban section, mainly because I was attracted to a picture in there of Sarah in mid jump wearing some pretty cool-looking Pants (yeah I know it sounds wrong, but I realli like those pants. Thanks so much in advance~ !!!


  2. Hello, came across your post about peonies and flowers in general in Singapore and as I have just moved here, I was just wondering where I could find tasteful florists (ones with no plastic wrap and gauze…) or better still, is there something like a farmers market for fresh flowers here? If you don’t mind sharing, may I know where is your mom’s florist?


  3. hey, i love vintage just as much as you do haha, i came across your blog and just loved it. i recently just started one too, i put out some vintage, and thought it would be fun to share it. please take a look and tell me what you think? its more of an art thing and an actual business : )


  4. Dear Wottoncool,

    I hope this email finds you fashionably well.

    Harper’s BAZAAR is hosting its first photography competition on its search for talents to partake in this call for a fashion, design and photography. You can find full attractive details at

    It was a pleasure running through your fashionable blog! I think you might like a heads up into this event or better still, send you entries in!

    Stay fashionable!


  5. Hi,

      Do you mind if I link to your website from my site? I am putting together a list of
    sites my visitors might want to visit once they leave mine. Let me know if this is OK
    with you. Thank you.



  6. hey there..

    this is officially my 1st time spending more then an hour reading someone;s blog. 🙂
    i got too carried away with all the fun activities & pictures posted..

    is it stupid to ask ; how come you ppl get all the good events (garage sales/fashion events) when i dont? like how do you get to know of these events? i am soooooOOO keen to know. 😦

    have a greAt day!


    1. Hi Bumblehead, hope that it was an hour well spent (: I guess we just keep our eyes and ears open for any news. Check back with us frequently, we love to share good finds and events as much as possible.


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