Uniqlo’s +J Fall/Winter 2010

A new collection of Uniqlo’s +J has been at 313 Somerset, and while the rest of the world have been taking all the previous collections hook, line and sinker, the fluffy coats and pressed shirts on the racks stay just the way they are over here. On the racks.

Sure, the clothes looks sleek and gorgeous in the campaign starring Raquel Zimmermann and in person, well-made and comfortable, but somehow we’re just not turning in money at the cashier. I’m not sure if it’s the weather or price (!!?!?!?) that’s keeping my fellow countrymen from picking them up because I can hardly speak for myself.

This shawl-collared wool jacket and long-sleeved shirt with a detachable, pleated placket are my favourites from Fall/Winter 2010. But! they didn’t make it home with me… since the former costs an arm and a leg at S$249.90, and while the latter is a delectable S$79.90, I’m still on the fence.

Maybe I just can’t get over how different it looks on Raquel Zimmerman and me. Maybe when the red stickers go on the price tags.



HULLOO!!!! We are at the super massive F21 store at 313 Somerset now now now! Prices are revised and SUPER low. Now you have no more reason to shop for it online and ship it back because it will 362,819 times more expensive, fo’ shureeeee.

Hence this picture of lonelyboy456, with a pile of his girlfriend’s clothing:

Snapshots of the store! They’ve got different themed interiors on the four levels, which goes with their clothes as well! Love the heritage decor the most.

Love the heritage decor on the 3rd storey most. Floral wallpaper + floral dresses = nom nom.


Spotted: models pretending to be BFFs doing last minute christmas shopping, hahahaha. Nicely styled.


Making our way down for the opening ceremony on Level 1 now. There are these amused mannequins all over the store and it’s really quite funny.

Andddd, why aren’t you down here yet?!?!??!?!


Photos of the official opening and guests of honour. (:

And guess who we saw! Hahas. Thought this was so cute!

Ok! F21 is officially open!

Shopping time! 😀 *slurps!


We’ll be at Forever 21‘s amazing four-storey store at 313 Somerset for some major shopping, blogging and snooping around from 4pm onwards. It’s their official opening tomorrow and it’s open to public, sooooo it’s business as usual!

Drop by to say hi, watch the performances, meet some celebs, soak in the atmosphere and complete your Christmas and NYE outfits.



It’sssss a one-man-operation at wottoncool this week, and just to make it that much more exciting (read: mad hectic), everyone decides to have hold TDF (to-die-for – if you had to read this you don’t watch Rachel Zoe enough hahahaha 😛 I kid, I kid..), must-go events this weekend.

Here are some places that I’ll be popping by..

First up, a fashion/music/art/design event called Summary: A Design Delegation, with lots of interesting names, happening on Thursday.

Local label, Trioon‘s black and red opening at Mandarin Gallery. Her latest collection is <3.

A new G-Star Raw store concept store is opening in ION Orchard. (anyone else here thinks that concept store is kinda overused? Why don’t you just say it’s a thought bubble of desirable material possessions? concept – thought bubble, geddit geddditttt? okay not funny..)

I just bought a pair of G-star denims a month ago. (Remember my Denim Dream?) They’re cool… but not killa enough. I hope no new items in the new store fits me and looks awesome on me because I don’t want to spend any money! Christmas brokeness settling in early this year.

Then… there’s a new Forever21 flagship store disembarking in 313 Somerset. FOUR storeys, I hear. FOUR storeys just spell madness and chaos. I can’t wait.

If you find that you need to be in another mind-numbingly scary crowd, you can head down to UNIFEM’s Buy-to-Save 2009 at InterContinental Singapore on Saturday and Sunday, from 10am to 5pm. Here’s a sneak preview!

There’s alldressedup, Chanel, Armani, Etro, Fendi, DVF, everything! All towards a good cause of putting violence against women to an end. Buy buy buy.

Yes, all this is happening this weekend. Okay now you need to save up all your lunch and dinner money to shop this weekend!