Leather in small doses
Sunday 5 December 2010, 10:11 am
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There are leather pants, leather leggings, leather t-shirts, leather dresses – we’ve almost seen all the possible leather clothing derivatives thanks in part to the 80’s, Topshop, and Celine.

However I’m quite convinced that we needn’t be suffocating our pores (especially here in Singapore – do you suffer for fashion?) when we try to work leather into our outfits.

Small leather bits like these look so good, and work so well with just about… everything! Here is a leather and coconut necklace by Norwegian Wood, where you can channel tribal without looking like Pocahontas, and below, sleeker and simpler (also cheaper!) geometric alternatives by Super Duper Things.

Actually, I’ve already snapped these two babies up before you did! They are called Arrows and Rhombus. But if you like you can take this bunting necklace and have a party round your neck.

Just in time for Christmas!

Picture credits to here and here.


Treasure chest
Friday 19 November 2010, 12:22 am
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We don’t know how this happens, but every time Marilyn Tan shows us a new piece of jewellry, we cooo and ooooohhh and make pinky promises to save up for oh,  yet another piece that we say we’ll add to our imaginary treasure chest.

While girls all over are stacking rings and two-finger rings and cuffs and bracelets bracelets and bascially anything that will pass off as jewellry, here are two stunning U-rings with a precious stone on each end. For a moment it felt like they were the only two things that would ever sit on digits henceforth. (My bad for not remembering the names because we were busy making incomprehensible noises of wonderment.)

Then there are these lambskin and leather bracelets that are available in Doorstep Luxury, which come in more than eight different colours and can be looped together to wear as a necklace or belt too. You know how much we’re suckers for multi-wear stuff.

More to come in her December showcase!

Serious and ridiculous
Sunday 7 November 2010, 10:16 am
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I have a styrofoam dress form in my room that I procured about a year and a half ago, when I was stuck in business school and wanted study art or fashion instead. Now (that I’ve graduated and have no more will to study any further hehe) it’s covered in accessories – mostly necklaces and stuff since they don’t tangle up as much when they are hung or slung across her shoulders.

So this crop of it shows my new draped chain vest carelessly strewn across some really silly bubble wrap and striped jersey neck pieces. If you’re gonna ask if you can pop the bubble wrap.. sorry, but about ten others beat you to it!

Just thought it looked cool. And wondering if it says anything about me.

Happy Sunday!

Happy D
Friday 5 November 2010, 12:01 am
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Deepavali always brings to mind a riot of colors, intricate henna tattoos, intensely detailed saris and an arm’s length of bangles.

And in some instances, accessories that are not so familiar with the occasion, but yet alluringly befitting. Like these heavily embellished bib necklaces, by Rajana Khan and Vera Wang at Doorstep Luxury.

Or these studded chainmail cuffs that can do both rock chick and Bollywood. Hmm.

Anyhoo, Happy Deepavali to those who celebrate, and TGIF to those who don’t 😀

This season… Purr
Sunday 17 October 2010, 12:35 am
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Instead of paying attention in class like I should have :D, I was trawling through Bloglovin’ to bring you these very beautiful people snapped from across the blogsphere.

by The Satorialist

Leopard print hasn’t (yet) been a hurdle I’ve been able to embrace into my closet. I always think it requires a minimum level of confidence, style, edge and boldness that I don’t quite possess yet.

by The Vogue Diaries

by Facehunter

by Stockholm Street Style

But it’s beautiful, innit? ❤

The Little Things She Needs
Sunday 29 August 2010, 11:33 am
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They say it’s the little things that make a big difference. This pretty and petite package dressed herself almost entirely in accessories (multiple rings check, bangles check, necklace check, head thing check, shoes check, some-other-small-items-I’m-not-confident-of-describing check), save for the huge kaftan hanging on her which, on hindsight, also almost looks like a scarf on its own.

She is the personification of the new accessories store, The Little Things She Needs. I’m kinda glad she’s not a 6-feet tall blonde-hair, blue-eyed model from a huge agency and dressed by a hired stylist. She works for one of the seven stores in Jakarta and put together this Asian-Bohemian look with items from their current and upcoming collection, all by herself.

An aside: I never knew pumps would work with a kaftan so well. I would usually just go with something that borders on formal/corporate. Meh.

If you’re a sucker for shoes and accessories, make sure you bring someone in tow to provide emotional support and possibly safe-keep your wallet. If you’re part of Shopaholics Anonymous, do not be within 100 metres of this store. (Or actually, don’t be in Singapore altogether.) It’s floor-to-ceiling walls of really affordable shoes, bags and little things in this new store located in #B3-52 ION Orchard.

Sunday 20 June 2010, 6:30 pm
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Call me conventional for liking Pixie Lott


But anyone who sits in a giant teacup(!) in a music video is cool in my books. (:

AND she can sing! (Cos it’s kinda important for a singer to be able to sing eh?!) hahas. I especially like how she changes things up a bit at 1:50/2:20.

From watching some of her music videos…

and scouring the net for more images,


I think I can safely say that Pixie Lott may be the unofficial poster child of Topshop.

hahahas. don’t you think so too?!

Anyway, today (if you can’t already tell) was spent youtube-ing a lot of her videos

and came across one accessory that I really like!


Can you tell what it is?


The scrabble ring and hair clip is so cute.

If I didn’t enjoy playing scrabble as much. I’d totally DIY it. But anyway, with the help of trust ol’ google, you can get it for between £4.00 – £7.00 pounds.