Stella Charcoal

I hope everyone has dreary dark days when there is no better cure-all than a top to toe black ensemble. One less thing to worry about. No need to fret if the colours clash or if the patterns mix. Just a quiet day to blend in with the rest of the world as you go about the things you gotta get done.

Then again, its also in the subtleties of plays of textures that also keep things interesting. Monsoons coerced the knit cardigan and wool hat to repel December precipitation, and basic oversized cotton tee with Stella McCartney for Adidas leggings for easy mobility.

Well-heeled #1: Full speed ahead

Sarah and I love shoes, but not crazy enough to bankrupt ourselves on a pair of YSLs and chase the hottest off the runway ala Jane from Sea of Shoes (we would literally swim in her sea of shoes). Here’s 4-part series of heels that deserve just as much of our attention, and are a little more attainable for us mere mortals.

I am usually not in favour of anything that reminds me of cardiovascular activities (ew, persipration!), and no, try as they may, there is no way that running shoes and trainers look drop-dead-gorgeous or heart-wrenchingly desirable on anybody who’s taking them any further from the track or gym.

This is why it is imperative for a sportwear brand to really rip apart every traditional notion of a sports shoe, do away with performance, keep the comfort, then piece them back with lots of useless but aesthetically-cool (really, that’s all we need) findings, and no less than a four-inch heel.

Puma has been doing an admirable job of that, especially with Hussein Chalayan for its Urban Mobility collection. Sarah was (and still is… if I’m not wrong!) lusting after this fine suede and leather being here.

Prior to this, there was also this pair by the late Alexander McQueen. Love the contrasting leather panels, how it wraps around the wedge, and cut-outs round the ankles.

Adidas has Japanese designer, Yohji Yamamoto to thanks for the nearly decade-long collaboration in the form of Y-3. This season’s fancy footwear includes a high-cut boot wedge with pretty unconventional lacing…

And an elastic lace-up heel that bravely breaks away from the sneaker-wedge stereotypes. This I like.

In case you were wondering how to rock shoes these, just do as Betty does.

If you’ve got any secret shoe favourites, do share!

Picture credits to here, here, here, here and here.

Arms of steel

These beautiful stills are from The New York Times’ article showcasing the new and not-so-gentle giants of sports – towering female tennis players who hit really hard.

Most of them are tall, lanky Eastern European beauties such as Jelena Jankovic and Elena Dementieva, who make for such beautiful lines. And then there is Serena Williams donning her ferosh some where in the slideshow. Thank goodness there’s an atmospheric piano track in the background.

Really, I don’t know much about tennis even though I love Rafael Nadal, have a boyfriend who plays tennis and went to Wimbledon just a few months back in June. I can’t comment much on the article, but these pictures by Dewey Nicks, fashioned with smoke screen, glittered tennis balls and some amazing tennis gear is absolutely breathtaking.

View the slow motion videos of the players here as well.

Picture credits to here.

New Blue: Originals A.039

Read Bridge at Clarke Quay set the backdrop for Adidas Originals A.039 fashion showcase.

According to HighSnobiety, as part of the Adidas Originals Spring/Summer 2010 collection, Adidas rolled out a blue label collection entitled ‘Originals A.039’.

… an integral part of the overall adidas Originals line,

but differentiated by its “A.039” branding, the internal code for the Originals blue colour.

(Adidas Originals A.039 is) built to offer an outfit-driven concept, the “Originals A.039” blue label collection presents entire looks from head to toe, for men and women.

Led by apparel and completed by footwear, it reflects the incomparable values of originality, quality and authenticity that the Trefoil brand stands for – in a fresh way and with special attention to detail.

To a certain extent, I caught this show entirely by accident. My sister and I were there to catch the next show, ‘Spectrum : Front Row x Dr Martens’ which my invite said would commence at 9pm. This adidas show kicked off at approximately 9.30pm and Spectrum started very promptly at 10.45pm. hahas

Didn’t get the memo that punctuality is passé this season.

But I’m not complaining since my sister and I got to catch two shows instead of one (:

Th collection was colourful without being overpowering. I especially liked the print dress (one photo up) because upon closer inspection, the abstract print reveals different layers of separate, recognizable images.

By the way, this model is really cute 😀

Also, I thought this outfit was styled together very well. Although I’d be rather sel-conscious if I were to leave the house like that.

All in all, the incorporation of colours, prints and patterns were executed well, adding much needed elements of interest without straying far from the Adidas design philophy.

Adidas “Originals A.039”.

I wonder how extensive is the range of this blue label that was brought into Singapore and what is the price range like.

Does anyone know?

Anyway, I’ll be uploading more images from this show on Wottoncool’s Facebook Page.

Stay tuned! (:

Colour Your World with Adidas, the Wottoncool Way!

A sporty lifestyle no longer connotes with ratty tees and shapeless sweats. Seek the same comfort with oodles more style in clothes that move with you, not against. Be invigorated as you face each day with personality-packed pieces from the Adidas Seoul series.

The Adidas Seoul watch is massive, to say the least. At supper one evening, my friend from diagonally across the table could tell the time and happily gave us time updates throughout the evening (: !

In addition to the lovely colours (: I can’t help it, I like blue. A lot) I quite like the fact that the watch has functions such as stopwatch, timer and alarm which are all very intuitive to navigate through.

And it’s relatively affordable at $120, considering its by Adidas…

However, I find that its almost always a slippery slope when it comes to sportswear. In order to match your watch and shoes and bag and clothes, the items you pull out get increasingly more sloppy.

Of course it’s relatively simple when pairing Adidas with Adidas (above) or having a common thread like similar colour scheme and sporty elements like white piping (below).

But when tasked with the challenge of putting together a look that encapsulates a ‘Sporty Lifestyle’ for a mini Facebook competition

I had to rack my brains a little to think up something good. The following are some attempts that didn’t make my cut.

Awkward as this jumping shot is, I quite liked it.

This, I felt, was too static.

This (above) was the image I had originally picked. However the Adidas people didn’t like it as much ))):

A big shout out to my sisters who help me take this photo. Holding the umbrella and frantically snapping away in the darkness as I try to get the shot.

Can you tell? It was drizzling when we were taking this?

In the photo (with crazymad hair) I am wearing a cuttlefish wings blouse (a gift from Jo), drop-crotch pants from Giordano ladies, perforated white leather flats from New Look, leather cuff from Bus Stop and Adidas Seoul – Argentina.

And then there was also the series of failed attempts…

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TQVM! <3!