Before Next

A few weeks ago, we attended Parco’s next-NEXT Designer of the Year 2009 fashion show, where fresh fashion faces to Singapore and their pieces were unveiled. (Notice we didn’t say graduates – because some of them are stilllll studying, and some are kinda um, old..)

Right after the show, we saw Desmond, the brain behind Abyzz by Desmond Yang. I guess he’s one of the more matured designers that people have already taken notice of, with coverage in magazines and tv, along with brands like Nicholas and Hansel, Baylene (before it decided to forsake us for tumbling tots (!!!!!!!!!)) and yada yada, the like…

Are fresh fashion graduates are getting a lot more support, what with Parco’s Fashion Incubator initiative and small groups like The Fashion Fraternity creating events to give these budding designers more exposure? Luckie duckies!

Anyway, here is da man. Super friendly and super cool!

On Jo: Liberty-print multi-wear dress worn as sleeveless top, from Abyzz by Desmond Yang. Lace-trim ribbed tank, from Uniqlo. Scarf worn as knotted necklace, from Topshop. Pannelled jersey skinny pants, from H&M. Lace-up heels, from Alaia.

On Sarah: Mandarin-collared blouse with pleat, from Abyzz by Desmond Yang. Pants from Hansel. Strappy heels and oversized bag, from Charles & Keith.

Turns out we wear Abyzz very often when we go for our events. I dunno why. Maybe cos I feel like I need to look cool hahahahha. We wore it to our The Straits Times Urban photoshoot too! Superficial ftw!

Pardon our oily faces.. Do you love my Alaia heels? They are so uncomfortable tho.


I’m trying to do the pervy just-say-a-6-pack-on-legs-with-a-totally-cute-face-walk-past hel-lo!

Can you tell?

Anyway, it’s because I’m welcoming this pair of Alaia’s to partake in my communion of height-enhancing footwear. And I won them on eBay at USD99 + 30 (shipping), with no other bidders.

No other bidders. Are you guys crazy or what?




My other Alaia is was a suede belt, bought for a dollar, with a price tag of $790, that now belongs to Sarah.

Okay now make a beeline to oogle at my shoes. I secretly hope everyone’s jealous ahhahahah. Hope they fit! (:

Blind Thrifting

Blind thrifting – that’s the kind of ignorant thrifting I did a a few years back at my church’s charity shop. Well not to say that I’m a pro at it… but having read more blogs and the ways of the wise I think I am better equipped as I plough through the rows and racks of clothes.

That said, my blindness/ignorance landed me a few goodies that I have only recently discovered to be real gems!

Mummy: MINE!
Top: Topshop
Belt: Alaia
Jeans: Levi’s
Heels: From Hong Kong

Alaia! I didn’t know who or what the hell Alaia was, but I was pretty sure the person who bought the belt must have been very ripped off because it cost S$790, and it came from this place called Glamourette… which kinda sounded dodgy and cheapy to me a few years ago hahaha.

Well I didn’t realise it was Alaia until my mum dug out the belt to wear today in the outfit (minus the heels cos she wore mary janes – she’s a florist).

And Glamourette is (or was) not the least bit dodgy/cheapy. Glamourette was a multi label boutique that used to be housed in the now-defunct Promenade, stocking designers such as Emanuel Ungaro and Thierry Mugler (according to yesterday’s copy of Urban).


Quite a gem it is. I love that it’s in suede (CAN YOU RESIST TOUCHING SUEDEEEE?? ((molests belt)) hahaha) and it has these cute woven ribbons peeking out randomly.

BUT. I cannot fit it. My monster of a waist is 2 inches shy of the first belt hole ):

Ever since my mum came home from Chicago she’s been copping our stuff and dressing exceptionally well (: And LC from Fops and Dandies is going to Chicago too! I’m one of the lurkers who never surfaced. I think I ought to, especially since she is gonna leave blogging behind.