Bat luck

It’s very dangerous to make a bold claim of creating things that “challenge the notion of its usage” and “does not conform to traditional shapes” for all to see. But Hoiming – a design duo from Hong Kong has been pumping this notion into all of their leather bags and accessories since 2006.

While bats have been in the background of Halloween decoration and possibly freaking out the half the kid population of Western families, they are wholeheartedly embraced by the Chinese. Why? Because its pronunciation sounds similar to that of “good fortune”.

They’ve been in paintings because they symbolize blessings, and now in Hoiming’s amazingly shaped, pleated and hand-stitched leather creations. Apart from the slightly creepy necklace and brooch designs, it also comes in what Hoiming does best – bags.

Although small, it still embodies the creased wide-winged shape and made so modern. I love how the shots are upside-down just like how bats hang!

They have also done these raining rose leather corsages which look great as a large, singular entity, unlike a floral bouquet that heaps of other designers are fond of.

And then, there are these cute clutch bags called clouds. Love how the designers translated wispiness into layered, scalloped leather pieces on a dumpling-shaped bag. And while its name brings to mind soft, blue skies and cotton candy, the colours chosen are a stormier dark blue and black. So wickedly cool.

My favourite from their archives is this bag-and-jacket mutation from 2008 – a sleeve to go over the shoulder and pockets to fit your hand with lots of room to spare. It truly epitomizes their brand philosophy of creating bags with reason and surprises. I need me some time-transportation and money-multiplying capabilites. How can I ever ever get my hands on this?!

Multi-label store Front Row celebrated their 5th anniversary last weekend, and Hoiming is part of the slew of new labels from all over the world to hit our sunny shores to mark the occasion. The bat, cloud and rose styles are in store now. Can’t wait for more of Hoiming’s amazing pieces in future!

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Yves Saint Laurent at MBS

The French fashion house, Yves Saint Laurent, has, to me, always been synonymous with an understated simplicity and insurmountable elegance. Credited for the introduction of a women’s tuxedo suit, Le Smoking, which is probably the sexiest name you could have for a suit. (; Yves Saint Laurent started his career working at the House of Dior, before starting his own fashion house.

Despite the passing of the designer in 2008, YSL still remains a powerhouse in the industry, backed by parent company, The Gucci Group.

Last Friday night was no exception to YSL’s promise of everything luxe, sophisticated and stylish as Jo and I rubbed shoulders with fashion’s elite at YSL’s Marina Bay Sands boutique opening. The party was in full swing when we arrived with guests merrily mingling and dipping into their deep pockets to add YSL A/W2010 to their wardrobes.

We were drinking champagne and nibbling on hors d’oeuvres amongst signature pieces like the ponyhair fringe pumps and arty rings, which Jo was very tempted to acquire. And, which I also assume should be sold out by now because they retail for only $280. The rings, I mean.

I could only oogle from afar as I observed guests trying (and buying) shoes, bags and accessories all around me while I, happily, clutched my new iPad (: but more on that later.

For now, I can only lust about my future YSL bag.

Hanging out with Jo and Bagaholicboy too much is not good for the bank account balance…

“I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes.”

– Yves Saint-Laurent

Gucci Bamboo

Displayed beautifully on pristine shelves of the newly opened Gucci boutique at Marina Bay Sands, it seems almost surreal to fathom that the iconic Bamboo Bag was birthed from a deftly combination of Florentine innovation and war-times shortages of World War II some 63 years ago.

The New Bamboo retains much of it’s heritage, requiring some 140-something (I think) individual pieces and 14 hours to be lovingly stitched together. This excludes time taken to cut each leather piece and time taken to mold and heat the bamboo to its distinctive flame-charred colouration.

Intricate details such as inter-woven leather knots (above) and bamboo embellished leather tassels can be found on the bags and can also be found as subtle but makes-all-the-difference design elements on other items in Gucci’s product range.

Paying homage to 63 years of history, the Bamboo Retrospective Exhibition, Very Important Bags (VIBs) from the Gucci archives have been flown in specially for this exhibition.

We got a chance to meet Jeanette Aw at the exhibition. Thank you Bagaholicboy for the photo (:

The Bamboo Retrospective Exhibition will be at
Marina Bay Sands – 30 October to 4 November 2010
Paragon – 12 November to 21 November 2010

Space Monkeys >>> Kipling by Peter Pilotto

Designed for the intergalactic traveller and the otherwordly nomad sorts who are constantly exploring and discovering for themselves. Designers Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos teamed up with Kipling to bring us an exclusive galaxy print for a series of Kipling bags for aspiring space monkeys.

The Shikard, $299.00 (61 x 41.5 x 19.5cm) caught my eye while Jo and I were browsing at Tangs the other day. I was very drawn to the size of the bag and laughed to myself at how the inside mirrors the outside with the bag being an endless abyss to store my stuff in.

It struck as a little steep, but when compared with the comparatively smaller Langrenus, $259.00 (47 x 41 x 15.5cm), for the extra $40, the additional space seemed relatively reasonable.


The Humboldt (above) and Petavius (below) are two other bags in the collection which looked quite interesting, in terms of shape. Wasn’t able to catch the prices though.

But lucky for us, you (should) be able to find them at 5 different locations across our sunny island! (If you are wondering, it’s Ion, Tangs, Shaw, Taka and Vivo)


Having been in the company of Bagaholicboy for the past year or so has led me to be super-conscious about my choice of carriers. I look at bags now more than I ever have before, and it’s a tough place to be since I am about to be able to save up for and afford the few luxe pieces or many cheaper and good-looking ones, when I become a full-fledged office rat.

I recently found the love of my life in the Proenza Schouler PS1, which I got in Harvey Nichols in London Knightsbridge. It’s tan suede. It smells so strongly of leather. It’s got many compartments, and has really nice hardware accents.

But! I’ve only brought it out twice. I think I love it and “baby” it a little too much. I still need bags I can throw around (very) carelessly, à la these:

Clutch in natural canvas, US$48, from DeathandTexas/etsy.

Thick, easy-to-clean canvas, sturdy leather accents, fuss-and-guilt-free. Don’t know why these seem so difficult to find, plus the nicer ones always seem inordinately expensive… like these from fleabags, which go for US$440 upwards apiece.

I think I’m still inclined to cheap bags that I can have plenty of in different shapes and sizes. Just like how I can’t just have one pair of super awesome (read: expensive) jeans, white shirt, black pumps.. Omg I don’t even know what I’m saying now. I think my bag craving is inducing verbal diarrhoea.

So… what kind of a bag person are you?

Though once we’ve settled that, there’s still small (leather?) goods to think about.

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Bat ‘Em Lashes

Lulu Guinness launched their latest “Kiss and Makeup” collection last Wednesday with an intimate media gathering at Sole2Sole, where Lulu Guinness retails.

Light refreshments and kooky snacks were served, but more on that later.


This “Kiss and Makeup” collection was inspired by Peggy Moffit who modeled in the sixties. 


Her eccentric style and crazy eye makeup was a key influence in the designs for this collection.

Even the brownies served were in-sync with the theme… Cute eh?

Had to quickly snap photos before they all disappeared.

One quick look and you can tell that the style is very British.

No shit, Sherlock.

Spot the Union Jack yet?

And it may not really be my cuppa tea, but I can tell why Lulu Guinness boasts celebs such as Katy Perry, Dita von Teese, Emma Watson and Keira Knightley as fans.

Budgets allowing, I must say that some of the pieces are really too cute to pass up. Coin pouches with bulldogs, cat purses, lip clutches are some cute accents that should be added to anyone’s closet (:

Alas, my financial situation (income-less student) does not permit such luxury. Although bagaholicboy did hint that buying online would save one a fair amount as well.

Anyway, to tie up the event with a twist. The lovely Sole2Sole people invited the MINX people to come down and treat everyone to some MINX pampering (:

After all, it IS ‘Kiss and Makeup’ themed.

Jo and I got to pick from a slew of psychedelic options, which is one of the selling points of MINX. Apparently very hot in Hollywood with fans like Twitter Queen, Lady Gaga… MINX is an alternative manicure option for those who want more crazy colour to their lives. Instead of slapping on liquid enamel to your nails and patiently waiting for it to dry, MINX uses a heat-sensitive plastic ‘sticker’ to adhere and heat onto your nails. Don’t worry, no second-degree burns were sustained during this demonstration. (:

Because its a sticker manicure, the colours can afford to be more crazy and in patterns not feasible by the traditional brush-on technique, with basecoat, layer 1, layer 2, top coat and drying till the cows come home.

Yup so there you have it!

A rare photo of Jo and I, thank you Bagaholic for helping to snap this pic (and a couple of other photos as well)

And a (sorta) close-up of our MINX-ed nail. (We were only allowed one nail to zhnng tt day)


Yeap, 12 is indeed the most fashionable number now.

From tomorrow onwards, the magic maker at noon time, aka Reebonz, is giving away 12 bags on the 12 days leading up to Christmas. Simply guess which bag is gonna be the giveaway and stand to win it!

I got a bag wish that I know won’t come true. (okay, who doesn’t? but mine tops everybody’s!!!!!!)


The Proenza Schouler PS1!!!!!!

(insert super sad face)