Love and Infatuation
Wednesday 10 December 2008, 3:39 pm
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I have been reading Sea of Shoes, and I must declare my love and infatuation for her Ann Demeulemeester triple lace up boots (as seen here, here and here)


(image from Sea of Shoes)

Aren’t these shoes COOL?!

Does anyone know how I can be the proud owner of a pair (preferably the heeled version)?!?

Have you seen knock offs? Or is anyone travelling to/returning from Seoul, Tokyo or Hong Kong, where their Asian stores are located?!?

[Concurrently, should I wish to purchase a pair, I need to start a ‘Help-Sarah-get-her-Ann-Demeulemeester-triple-lace-up-boots Fund‘!!! which from what i gather, averages $1256.50!!! (from the all so reliable source called the internet!)]


who tries to reconcile with her expensive taste (especially for temperate weather clothing)


Andro Mandro
Wednesday 8 October 2008, 11:43 am
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I felt that since i plan to grow out my current hairstyle, I might as well fully utilise the short hair to help pull off the androgynous look.

Top: Laurie Foon

Jacket: This Fashion

Sunglasses: Polaroid

Jeans: Dorothy Perkins

Boots: Charles & Keith

Pile it on
Wednesday 24 September 2008, 11:18 pm
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When i woke up this morning, I knew that it’d be a cold day.

So i took the opportunity to experiment with some layering.

Top: Loose Bell-Sleeve Blouse from Robinsons,

Silver knit racer-back tank as pullover (gift)

Bottoms: Grey Leggings from AMK Hub,

Green Mini Skirt from Valley Girl

Shoes: Boots from Charles & Keith

First thing my sister said when she saw me, “you look warm”  (mission accomplished!)

and as suspected, school was cold today. Even dressed like that, I felt cold 😦

Build your own boot
Sunday 21 September 2008, 12:14 am
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I usually wouldn’t spend more than 5 minutes in Timberland at all because the clothes don’t really suit my lifestyle, and neither does the price.

But while making some unusual rounds about the shopping mall with my boyfriend shopping for him (!), I was hooked onto Timberland’s customized boots service called “Build Your Own”!

There was this entire chest of leather uppers, laces, embriodery samples and even eyelets for you to choose from, and a 2D template for you to fix your picks!

You cannot imagine. I felt like a little kid in Toys’R’Us. BUT, it costs SGD399 and 4 weeks to get it because it is put together in US.

So my fingers brought me to Timberland.com where I tried out “Build Your Own” online, and I have a few simple variations on their classic Waterville.

Yes I like plain and boring colours like that 😛

I think it’s a cool alternative to Dr Marten’s and maybe… lighter and more comfortable?

What’s with me and succumbing to comfort shoes, while serious (and rich?) fashionistas at LFW now are roughing it out in what I now deem odd footwear of unthinkable height and walkability.

See Fashion Nation’s post about Something to be Smug About and this hilarious video!

I digress.

The short ones are USD155, while the tall ones are USD180, which is NO WHERE near the SGD399 that people would fork out if they ordered from the stores in Singapore. I’m expecting shipping to be between SGD50-60, and even with that, it is a whole hundred dollars cheaper ordering it from the US site!

I’m <this close> to ordering one. Especially since I tried a regular pair in the store and now know my size.

Now, if only they have kookier prints and colours.

You may rain on my parade
Monday 9 June 2008, 6:31 pm
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My mum’s in Chicago now, and that is propelling my urge to buy stuff online and ship it to her current address.

Now I feel like I NEED RAIN BOOTS.

I have very good reasons why I need rainboots

1) It rains quite a bit in Singapore
2) It’s not good to get your feet soaked in wet shoes from rain and puddles then go for class in a cold air conditioned room – rheumatism ensues – gasp!
3) I’ll be happier when the weather is moody 😀 heh heh.

I’m eyeing a few from Target.com, which are muchhh cheaper than Pluey’s, and don’t seem be any less cool or cute in their designs.

I am quite sure I’ll be getting these Hearts and Skulls Rain Boots in pink and white. I’m not really someone who likes skull prints, even in Alexander McQueen’s scarves of yesteryear, but what is not to love of the odd juxtaposition of a usually fierce, angsty print with colours so sweet you might become diabetic?

Okay, so that pair would fulfill my “happy print” criteria, and I can already imagine a few outfits for these 😀

But I am equally smitten by wedge rain boots! I have something against the cut-out clonkiness of the sole (yes, I do know it’s for mushy terrain… I think) and heel of the regular rainboots. Only in the above pair can they be overlooked and forgiven.

Help me make a decision.

Shiny solid black ones? Goes with just about anything. I think I’d get more wear out of these cos I have been looking for a nice pair of flat leather boots, but to no avail. This is kinda the cheapy substitute.

But will I look too much like the local fishmonger?

Again, I can imagine Pinks giving me a deadpan look just as I mention these Scatter Dots Wedge Rain Boot, “What SCATTERRR dots? Polka dots are polka dots are polka dots!” Lol. I’m not in love with these but strangely enough, it is one of the contenders.

Then we have the Colourful Stripe Wedge Rain Boots. I think they’ll look more interesting on me from a distance than humanless, kinda close up, smack in the middle of your computer screen.

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