The Big Budget Breakdown

As you probably would have figured, Jo and I are in a contest. And initially one of the conditions were that we style 3 looks with the given budget of $500. (Midway, the organizers did away with this rule.)

But perhaps its my position as a Finance Secretary in school that compels me to declare and be uber transparent about my expenses for this competition.

So below is a breakdown of my budget and expenses for each week’s look.


With regards to budgeting, my strategy was to equally divide $500 by 3 and set aside that amount for each look. (NOTE: I do not factor in the cost of the featured item since it is pre-determined and given before-hand)

So that equates to $166.67 per look. Which isn’t a lot really.


In total, I spent $458.40 although because I recycled some of the items, each looks amounts to more.

Factoring in the repeats, my total expenses come up to $493.30.

$6.70 under budget.  (:

Personally, I think it is a flaw to do away with a budget limitation. My thoughts are that the competition would have a tendency to favour a person who was willing to splurge more of their own moolah. Cos you can buy nicer stuffs from Topshop and the like if moneh isn’t a factor.

And maybe, this will be where I lose out. For not sticking to mass market/big name/household brands. And being so cheapo with my purchases.

But at least, I like what I have put together for you to view (and vote! tehehes)

Hope you like it too. (:

Wottoncool at Tampines 1 Official Opening

Picture 007

Jo and I attended the Official Opening of Tampines 1 on 17 July 2009.

Picture 001

Held on the Tampines 1 Mall Rooftop, the area was transformed with pretty tentages (the weather has been very erratic) and multitudes of industrial-standard coolers and mist machines to keep guests cool and happy.

Picture 012

And that is not forgetting the elaborate decorations…

Everywhere you turned, there was something interesting and eye-catching to oogle at.

Picture 017

And lets not forget the food!!!

Smart move to have mall tenants provide food for the event. I’m not much of a foodie, but without a doubt, two thumbs up (!!!) it was really good. (:

There were macaroons,  J.Co mini donuts and Bakerzin desserts…

Picture 009

drooling yet? 😀

Picture 010

There were also three sushi chefs stationed there for the entire evening, frantically folding, rolling, pressing, cutting, arranging sushi for guests to eat. (Thank you sushi chefs, you are appreciated!)

Picture 011

Picture 024

We soaked up the atmosphere and ate the our food to a live 4-piece ensemble who serenaded through the night.

Picture 015

Drinks, alcoholic or otherwise, were freely flowing through the night. (wah! big budget can?!‘)

And the white wine they were serving was the shiz!!! I could have downed an entire bottle because it was that yummy. *slurps (:

Picture 019

In addition to the decor, food and drinks, Mr. Brad Blaze, speed painter based in Sydney, Australia, was wandering around the rooftop, doing caricature drawings of guests upon request.

Picture 020

Picture 021Picture 022

Seriously, Tampines 1, where do you get all your money from!!! I’d like some too!

And if you think a rooftop party with tentage and fans, freely flowing alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and donuts, macaroons, shotglass desserts, cakes and sushi, (did I also mention that the 15+ waiters kept asking us if we wanted hors d’oeuvres through the night!), live music, Aussie artist and photographers taking guests photographs…

Picture 029

We each went home with a party favour – a bottle of wine!




Thank you for inviting us Tampines 1! (:

Thrift away!

Since jo put up a post on thrift finds, thought I’d write something about it too. (Although, i must say that i highly doubt i could out-trump her glamourette find with a better bargain)

Recently, I helped a freelance photographer friend (say that 5 times!) style a photoshoot (photos will be posted when i get them 😀 ! ) to build her portfolio. We went to the Salvation Army Family Thrift Store at 309 Upper Serangoon Road. (there are other outlets as well)

And these are a few of our finds…

Navy floral print vest/top (a cute mid-drift in its hey-day, with no missing buttons!)

Small circular pouch with embossed and stitched details. (the strap was falling apart, so i swapped it with a strap from another bag.. tts why the strap looks slightly disproportioned with the small pouch)

(and my favourite!) a picnic basket!! or maybe a dog carrier?

hahas. I just thought this bag was so cute. cant wait to bring it to school/go for a picnic/maybe even visit the beach. (and all because of the bag!!!)

Do you find that there are some things that simply compel you to do things just so you can show it off?

a new cocktail dress = night out with the girls for drinks

new beach tote = an afternoon on Palawan beach soaking up the sun

And not only do you have to go places/do things, you must dress to match the item.. hahas. (: i do that.

Anyway, the reason we hit the thrift store was because the shoot was on a tight budget. We got the top for $4 and the bags for $12 each. Reasonable (by my standards, at least). The only thing that annoyed me, somewhat, was that the prices were written onto the bags.. The picnic basket has its price written on one of the knobs (in thick blue marker) *grr!* But i still love it. (: