Topshop Knightsbridge

Topshop stayed out of the mad Orchard Road frontage race, giving way to names like Forever21 and Zara at 313 Somerset, because nothing harks back to its British roots with an address like Knightsbridge.

Housed in the former Orchard Park Hotel is three storeys, 11,500 square feet of the high-street giant, with a wider variety that we’ve ever seen at ION Orchard or its old Wisma Atria duplex. This is the largest store outside of the UK and US. Plus! We get exclusive Knightsbridge-only pieces to celebrate the occasion, and tide us fashionably through the year-end festivities.

Is anyone in the queue outside Knightsbridge yet? There’s lots to be had! Here are some of the things that caught my eye, but! didn’t make it home with me.

Too bad for you the bartender eye-candy (their cocktails were a killer!) and cupcakes have already been consumed last night. Sorry there weren’t any leftovers!

Paper Doll

Lately, I haven’t been looking for unusual cuts or cool tailoring in my clothes. Instead, I’m all about the fabric, how it feels like between my fingers, against my skin. For one, Uniqlo‘s premium fine cotton jersey has the capacity to make me extraordinarily happy.

Now, I need to feel these unisex paper dresses by Nina Nikicio, from her Nikicio:Project 04. These are photographs by a collection of Singaporean and Indonesian photographers, printed on tear-proof, water/chemical resistant paper.

Not quite sure what to expect. Soft crinkly feel? Crunchy noises as I walk?

Available at the Nikicio webstore for US$43.

Picture credits to here.

Mountain climbing

Uh yes, you can always count on us to give tips on appropriate gear to scale a mountain hill.

Here am I, walking up the treacherous terrain of Holyrood Park that leads to Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Choose leggings for maximum comfort and ease of movement. Wear shiny ones like mine, just in case you get lost and need emergency rescue – shininess aids visibility. Was still chilly in the morning so I had my boyfriend’s trench coat on. Useful to have since you can take it off after walking uphill for like two minutes cos you’ll start to perspire and then you can take it off, as per Exhibit B.

Washed denim oversized shirt-dress with cut-out shoulders (tied at hips), from Cheap Monday at Weekday. Hooded sports trench, from Giordano Concepts. Leggings, from Topshop. Boat shoes, from Sperry Top Sider. Bag, from Charles & Keith.

Remember to wear something that exposes your shoulders so you cool down quickly after a tiring climb.

Actuallyyyyyyy, I wanted to show you the blue sky (check!) and my cute shirt dress that I bought from Weekday in Copenhagen (though originally from Sweden), but just figured the photos are kinda too small and the shirt too light-coloured to see the details. O well.

I hope you have found this episode of What to wear to ascend a hill.

Photos by my boyfriend.

War with the Wardrobe

It’s official. The nondescript wood and vanguard structure procured from Ikea is slowly but surely unleashing its inhabitants into no man’s land. Such behaviour is totally uncalled for and Jo has declared war against the wardrobe.


I am seeking to oust up to 50% of the offending party because they have not served me well.

That said.

OMG! WHEN DID MY WARDROBE BECOME LIKE THAT? I never knew, or never could visualize an “overflowing wardrobe” till today. Desperate measure are to be taken.

Please tell me that your wardrobe looks like that too. And that you have given up on folding your clothes.. It’s er… normal right?

Crisis! Must detox.

Anyway, Sarah and I will most probably be taking part in FLEA TITAN III next Monday, courtesy of my sistaz who got major lobang for uz coz she’s in da hood. I don’t quite get what I just said.

Also, fashion week makes me fashion weak. I haven’t had time to pay attention to it.

Also, GO BACK UP ALL YOUR FILES NOW. My computer crashed and no amount of money can redeem my massive amount of pictures and music because the data recovery centre just rendered all my data “TOTALLY UNCOVERABLE”. I don’t believe there’s such a thing. I’m sure if I were a criminal they’d get it back.


Dong Dong Dong Qiang!

Chinese New Year is coming up! I’ve been running in advance (to gain ‘credits‘) and in anticipation that I’ll be eating a lot of yummy goodies *slurps* pineapple tarts!!! ❤

If, like me, you have yet to purchase new clothes and want to pay homage to the Chinese heritage… You could consider My Mandarin Collar.



Located in the Holland Village area, they carry traditional Qi Paos and Cheongsams.




As well as a wide variety of non-traditional interpretations.



Over the past weekend, I helped out with a small charity fund-raising event: A silent auction accompanied by an informal fashion show, sponsored by My Mandarin Collar.


I wore a wonderful Qi Pao jumpsuit [that I am quite tempted to buy, although I was somewhat afraid of finding out its price.. :/ feeling very poor right now] (Jumpsuit not on My Mandarin Collar site yet)

Perhaps, I could buy it then hope that my ang pao money covers it’s cost (although I can’t believe I’m even contemplating this!! hahas)

Not just the Garage

Its not just the Garage that we’ve been spending our time in..


The house has pretty much been (spring)CLEANED-OUT! And all in anticipation for the sale. (:

Stuff your pockets with cash and loose change!

Bring the boyfriend/friend/companion/sibling/friend/family.. heck! Bring EVERYONE!


Clothes, Clothes and MORE Clothes!Vintage pieces, like sailor themed leggings and simple pleated skirts (in image above)

Bags & Accessories!

Books & Magazines. Pick out a cool book for as little as $0.50!(maybe even less!!!)

and Miscellaneous knick-knacks

Why you should pop by? Who doesn’t like a good bargain or an interesting knick-knack, or even a fun way to spend sunday afternoon?! This is the place to be!

See you there!! (:

We’ve been in the garage

Exams are over, boyfriends are in camp, school’s out, yada yada yada – there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be blogging, but we just haven’t felt fit to labouriously labour over a post. We’re enjoying holidays/pre-internship a little too much!

We miss the comments, the feeling of going to our dashboard and seeing new comments, checking our gmail and finding new stuff in our inbox and all that jazz. (Aw we are lovey-needy people LOL)


You can now join us in SARAH’s GARAGE SALEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 7th Dec 2008, Sunday
Time: 4.00pm – 9.00pm
Venue: 57 Tavistock Avenue (Serangoon Gardens – near Tavistock Park)
Bus services available: 317 (most direct – you stop right in front of her house!), 25, 55, 73, 74, 76, 132, 165 (from AMK MRT alight opposite Gain City and cross the overhead bridge, walk through Tavistock Park)

Sarah’s parents will be selling some old books, Sarah will be selling some clothes – of course, her friends from The Fashion Fraternity are joining in, and so am *I*!



WOOT. Here’s a little preview. Sarah will be adding more items later!

Stuff you can expect: nicholas, H&M, uniqlo, vintage, SPY by Henry Lau, Bianca, Topshop, Zara, cute jumpsuits, my Alaia belt, and many other goodies, all going from $2 onwards!

Air Dry Clean

Say whatever you like… but I’ve got issues with dry cleaning!

I’m still a student, so I spend on some and scrimp on some. But dry-cleaning isn’t something I will spend on. (But I still spend on clothes that happen to need dry-cleaning, DANG!)

What do you do with clothes that have to be dry cleaned?

My argument is that clothes that usually have to be dry cleaned are so precious, like silk, printed silk, maybe very special poly and all that, that you shouldn’t even wear them enough to warrant any cleaning, or dry cleaning for that matter.

On hindsight that doesn’t really make sense because you’d wanna make the most of a piece of garment after spending so much on it right? (Assuming it’s not cheap, and you didn’t get it at a sale.)

Most clothes come with a nondescript imperative – 100% SILK, DRY CLEAN ONLY. Which seems pretty harsh and I don’t like the tone of it, so most of the time I just ignore it and don’t do it. LOL.

But Baylene (excuse me for talking so much about Baylene, I can’t seem to help it. By the way they’ve launched a new collection called Flawed II) puts their instructions in such a persuasive and pretty manner I think I’m going to start dishing out ten dollar bills to the dry-cleaners in a happy pink trance.

Love your garment, please dry clean. Can you resist? Hahaha.

Well for now I’m just sticking to dry-cleaning, but of another kind. I’m just airing the clothes out after a day or a few hours of wear. Maybe with a bit of Febreeze so it’s smell fresher. But is that… okay? Is it devastatingly unhygenic? Does reading this gross you out?

I’ve always been mortified of staining my garments, especially with liquids. O wait.. only liquids can stain right. I’ve always had the notion that dry-cleaning IS dry, but it is in fact a very very wet process. If you care to find out more, you can always consult trusty (not very) ol’ Wikipedia.

Plus, I’ve heard of dry-cleaners screwing up garments. Stains get worse, there are holes in the garment, the garment changes colour. It kinda scares me and makes me ultra wary of the dry-cleaners. They’re not cheap either right?

Yes, so you can call me dirty, cheap, broke (well I am really broke), confused, but just offer me what you do with your dry-clean garments!

T by Alexander Wang

I haven’t been much of a basics person lately.. I’ve been looking at prints and textures and prints and textures!

Then comes Alexander Wang with a new line of basics – T by Alexander Wang, which makes me fall head over heels for the good ol’ plain canvas of clothes.

Is it me… or do they already look comfy on just by looking at them?

These remind me of my boyfriend (: He wears the softest (and cheapest) white ribbed tees from this little shop in Yuen Long, Hong Kong. But this week he’ll be leopard crawling in mud and gunk in camou paint and thick, unfriendly uniforms.

“It will feature 12 styles — from tanks ($28 wholesale) to T-shirt dresses ($40) — all cut in the designer’s signature languid style, with colors ranging from simple whites and heather grays to lavender, chartreuse and cerulean”. “Necklines are stretched and armholes are strategically lowered so that it looks worn in,” he explains. “It’s like sleeping in a T-shirt and then wearing it the next day. It’s not this crisp little T out of the dryer. It’s draped and kind of wilted.”

The colours are already starting to excite me, but somehow I feel like I’d prefer a sharper looking basic on my frame.

Mmm it’s as if I’m already caressing teh soft worn in feel of the tees!