Colour Your World with Adidas, the Wottoncool Way!

A sporty lifestyle no longer connotes with ratty tees and shapeless sweats. Seek the same comfort with oodles more style in clothes that move with you, not against. Be invigorated as you face each day with personality-packed pieces from the Adidas Seoul series.

The Adidas Seoul watch is massive, to say the least. At supper one evening, my friend from diagonally across the table could tell the time and happily gave us time updates throughout the evening (: !

In addition to the lovely colours (: I can’t help it, I like blue. A lot) I quite like the fact that the watch has functions such as stopwatch, timer and alarm which are all very intuitive to navigate through.

And it’s relatively affordable at $120, considering its by Adidas…

However, I find that its almost always a slippery slope when it comes to sportswear. In order to match your watch and shoes and bag and clothes, the items you pull out get increasingly more sloppy.

Of course it’s relatively simple when pairing Adidas with Adidas (above) or having a common thread like similar colour scheme and sporty elements like white piping (below).

But when tasked with the challenge of putting together a look that encapsulates a ‘Sporty Lifestyle’ for a mini Facebook competition

I had to rack my brains a little to think up something good. The following are some attempts that didn’t make my cut.

Awkward as this jumping shot is, I quite liked it.

This, I felt, was too static.

This (above) was the image I had originally picked. However the Adidas people didn’t like it as much ))):

A big shout out to my sisters who help me take this photo. Holding the umbrella and frantically snapping away in the darkness as I try to get the shot.

Can you tell? It was drizzling when we were taking this?

In the photo (with crazymad hair) I am wearing a cuttlefish wings blouse (a gift from Jo), drop-crotch pants from Giordano ladies, perforated white leather flats from New Look, leather cuff from Bus Stop and Adidas Seoul – Argentina.

And then there was also the series of failed attempts…

For more photos, check out Wottoncool’s Facebook page.

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TQVM! <3!

HP + SATC II Contest Winner!

Congratulations Shazzharif Shamsudin!

I was completely floored by your short story. I put together this montage to sorta encapsulate your entry (:

Winning entry:

Carrie took a cab and rushed down to SoHo Manhattan realising she is half an hour late for a lunch date with her gal pals.

“To Balthazar please and step on it!”

“Step on what mam?” remarked the Pakistani cabbie.

Realizing there was no time to argue with the foreign cabbie who clearly lacked knowledge on American slangs, Carrie gave a weak smile and replied,

“Fast. Go fast and I’ll tip you.”

Carrie rushed through the doors of Balthazar to see only 2 of her friends there.

Carrie: Charlotte! Miranda! (Carrie hugged them both with air kisses before settling into her seat.) I had to run in here in my killer Manolos. my feet hurts.  And I thought I was the one very fashionably late.  Where is Samantha?

Charlotte: She probably has some PR emergency. She’s never early.

Miranda: Or her emergency probably involved Peter, Paul and Mary and she’s involved in some afternoon quickie. Three seems to be the magic number nowadays. Even Britney gave it a stamp of approval. Whatever happened to morals, values and monogamy?

Carrie: Oh honey, you haven’t tried it, you wouldn’t know.

Charlotte gave a smirk and nodded.

Miranda: You ho! Not you too. I’ve always thought you were the most decent one in our group.

Charlotte: Well, crazy happens in college and I’m not THAT INNOCENT. Oh even Britney endorsed that too. Hee hee.

Samantha: Hello Ladies! Sorry I’m late! You wouldn’t believe the darndest thing that just happened to me! ( Samantha walks into the restaurant.)

Carrie: You got another botox injection?

Charlotte: You got yourself a facelift?

Miranda: You earned extra miles on the mile high club while on the cab here?

Samantha:  (rolls eyes) I managed to convince this hot hunk of a hot dog pushcart boy to come to my office for a model casting.

Carrie: We all know the reason for him to come is so that he will leave you coming for more! Hahah!

Miranda: Is it just me or does your hips look broad? What have u been eating?

Samantha: I may be a broad, but these hips are not expanding honey. You must be imagining things. These hips don’t lie.

Charlotte: Oh girls, you wouldn’t believe what I just got myself today! A Vivienne Tam Digital Clutch! Hot off the runway!

The girls looked at it in awe.

Carrie: I’m green with envy. All I have is this bedazzled and blinged  iPad as a gift from my publisher. (Carrie takes out her iPad encrusted in Swarovski from her Birkin bag)

Miranda: Ooh I smell bitchy competition!

Samantha: And I will turn into a bigger bitch when I don’t get some food. Waiter!

And the girls enjoyed the rest of their lunch talking about their fabulous life and adventures in NYC.



Shazzharif, you’ve won yourself a pair of tickets to the Gala Premiere of SATC II for you and a friend (: Congrats! (Emailed you about the collection).

To the other entries: I’m sorry but the inclusion of HP’s Butterfly Lover’s Digital Clutch wasn’t substantial enough.

But fret not!

Try your luck on the HP Facebook Page. Answer the question, coming out on 18 May 2010 (today!!!), and stand a chance to win yourself some tickets!

Be Consoled by the HP Mini 110 by Studio Tord Boontje

Remember some time ago I enter this competition with this entry on my thoughts of the Future of Fashion?


As it turns out, come tomorrow I will be the proud owner of a HP Mini 110 by Studio Tord Boontje (don’t ask me how to pronounce it, cos I haven’t the foggiest clue).


They have the prettiest microsite for the computer as well, that comes with a game for you to play and wallpapers to download.

In the game, the objective is to find all the animal illustrations hidden amongst the flora in the least time possible. And there are tools like a magnifying glass and night vision goggles to help you if you get stuck. hahas.

This theme of intricate illustrations of flora and fauna is the overarching theme of this computer in question. Which I had my eye on (more so than the first prize!) when I entered the competition. (: I’m so happy I won (consolation)!

win is better than no win right?


Reviews don’t put this sweetie as a forerunner in groundbreaking technology. Some even criticize that its no more than a pretty makeover with the same problems as older versions, namely a flimsy on-off button and left and right-click buttons on either side of the trackpad instead of together side by side.

I guess I’ll have to test it out before I give my own comments.

But I am very interested to see the HP Imprint 3D “texture” (would you call it that), that is distinctive to this model. The print on the casing is not flat but instead casts different shadows based on the relative depth.

I try to take photos and show you ok? (:

The computer is scheduled to be delivered tmr.

More updates soon!

[Spotlight] Sarah Swee – Singapore’s Next Fashion Superblogger – Challenge 3

Inspired by Susie Bubble and Sass&Bide SS2010’s tribal & embellished influences, played up cardi’s angular knit with braided belt neckpiece.


Black Dress – $49.50, Puma (U.P. $99.00)
Cream Knit Cardigan – $59.00, BossiniStyle
Thin Leather Cuff worn as neckpiece – $19.90, Man Master
Braided Belt worn as neckpiece – $22.00, Bus Stop
Brown Cutout Ankle Booties – $23.90, Milan Collection
Safety Pins worn as shoe embellishments – $4.30, Chamelon
Silver Textured Cuff – $12.00, Perfect Jewelry
Metallic Clutch – Blogger’s own


Before talking about my inspiration for this look, I thought I’d show you some close-ups.

The thin leather cuff is looped around my neck twice and weaved between the braids of the belt. The belt then loops round my body and is folded back into the braids.

Back view. Its really the angled pattern of the knit that inspired this look. I wanted to play up the harder aspect of this piece rather than go all granny with this cardigan.

And my shoes. The safety pins are grouped into bunches of about three and alternated, front to back, back to front with a pin going through the lot vertically, acting as both a hinge and lock to prevent them from shifting out of shape.

The idea came from this look from Sass and Bide SS2010, that I had blogged about earlier.

Check out the shoes. ❤

Furthermore, the idea for the belt came after reading this post by Susie Bubble.


But on retrospect, it mirrors this more.

These were some of the other combinations that I tried out. There were more, trust me. But I did not document all of them. Sorry.

There is a very interesting story with regards to how this look came together.

Firstly, it was quite rushed because the deadline was just after a string of assignments and presentations were due in school. So this look came together 2 days before submission and 1 day before I had arranged to shoot with Steph, to whom I still owe my life.

That Saturday morning, I woke up late for class (oops!) and rushed out of the house in a flurry. My bag was small. I had a lot of things to carry. The cardigan, did not make the cut in my split-second decision-making in the moments before I zoomed out of the front door.

So after class had ended. I made my way to Tampines 1 (again). Without the challenge item.

Brilliant eh?

(We contemplated sending this photo, above, for submission to the organizers. hahas. Would have been funny. Not flattering, but funny :D)

So first thing on my agenda was to try on a cardi at the store and imprint it into my memory so that I could commence my styling with an impression of how the cardi would mix with the items I pick out.

Armed with a rough idea of the cardigan, I shopped around. And usually I buy a item that is integral to the look. In the first challenge, the jacket. And in the second, the skirt.

In a sense, I stayed true to this fundamental guideline. However, at that point in time, with little sleep and my brain out of whack, the first thing I bought was…

The belt!

Yup. The belt.

The braids and buckle really caught my eye. And if you are wondering (and even if you aren’t), in the shop, in front of the staff attending to me, instead of putting the belt around my waist as any sane person would do, I looked it around my neck.

It felt awkward. And I did hesitate. But after going back-and-forth about it in my head, I left reason to one side and tried out my idea.

By itself, it couldn’t reach around my body as much as I would have liked.

Just thought I”d figure something out later.

Next item to catch my attention was the leather cuff. I was considering a men’s shirt initially but I think subliminally, the need for another belt-like something to go with the belt I had purchased minutes before was more pressing.

AND I didn’t try putting them together before making payment.

I’m mad, aren’t I?

So part of the look was settled. It was only then, that I decided, ‘I need a black dress’.

And having worked with and attended Puma events in the past, I thought I’d give the shop a go. And as luck would have it, they did have a black dress in my size at half price! 😀

Now, my memory fails me. I can’t quite recall the order now. Was the the shoes or dress than came first?

Well, doesn’t matter much I suppose.

The shoes were slightly tight, but suited the overall look I was going for. And the staff there were really friendly. (: They would have been yummier if they were platforms but I didn’t have high hopes of finding a more suited pair, so these were staying.

So the look was more or less complete. I went back to BossiniStyle to regroup and test out my look.

It was fair.

But seemed to be lacking something.

After crunching in the numbers, I still had about $41 to spend. So with that money, I bought an embellished top and the safety pins and was a total of $0.05 under the $500.00 allowance given.


But when it came to the shooting, it didn’t work as well. So I lost the embellished top and stuck with this simplified look.

So there it is.

The judges comments can be found here and vote here (:

Thank you!

[Spotlight] Sarah Swee – Singapore’s Next Fashion Superblogger – Challenge 2

Wanted to feature the skirt & bag while the blouse was an unexpected find, the belt is a fun twist and accessories added much-needed bling.


Peach Printed Blouse with Bow Detail worn back to front – Click!, $55.00
Olive Green Draped Skirt – BYSI, $28.80 (U.P.: $36.00)
Pastel Yellow Faux Ostrich Leather Bag Strap worn as belt – St. Louis (sold together with bag)
Nude Leggings – Vogue, $10.00
Open-Toe Reptile-Print Gladiator Zip-Up Heels – J West, $149.90
Silver Hammered Ring – Blogger’s own
Studded Clear Brown Watch Bracelet – Charmes, $9.90
Silver Textured Cuff – Perfect Jewelry, $12.00
Embossed Bronze Bangle – Vogue, $5.00
Pastel Yellow Faux Ostrich Leather Tote – St. Louis, $39.90
Navy and Cream Polka Dot Scarf – Gilvan, $22.90


Although I am a big fan of Sea of Shoes, I hardly ever build a look around a pair of shoes. So this was quite a challenge for me.

So after a typical Friday schedule freed up in the late afternoon, while trawling through the mall (bYSI was about to hold a 3-hour sale), I found an olive green bYSI skirt with beautiful drapery.

and it reminded me a lot of the Burberry SS2010 RTW collection.

So I thought I’d try to work something around this type of look. Belted waist. Crystal cuff. Perhaps a bag?

Would have tried to rock the shoes + socks combo, but since Lenne had already done that, didn’t want to copy.


After chatting with the staff and contemplating for awhile, purchased the skirt and the search began.

While looking for a Burberry-esque jacket to go with the skirt, I picked out this blouse to wear to see how it would look with the jacket (which I never bought. Why? Too expensive)

Anyway, when I put it in the fitting room, front-side down and saw the bow on the back, thought it looked so much nicer. So the back became the front (for this look).

In some of the other photos, the tag stuck out of the hole. FAIL. hahas.

Third item bought was the faux ostrich leather bag which was a steal at $39.90! And after playing around with the bag, using the strap as a belt was an Ah Hah! moment.

Yay! Money saved from buying a belt. At that point I was considering between a $9.90 or $45.00 belt. That still left quite a bit from my budget. (:

More about my awesome budgeting powers laterr…

At the end of my first day of putting together the second look, with the exception of the trench, this was roughly the look. However, it felt very incomplete.

I didn’t have accessories and my legs looked very bare.

So it was back to the mall. Again.

Got a watch bracelet and cuff from two pushcarts at the Basement, as well as a bracelet from Vogue. And to finish it off, got a pair of beige leggings to finish.

The scarf was recycled from last week’s look.

So there you have it. Challenge 2.

Check out judge’s comments and cast your (free) vote.

The Future of Fashion

HP and MSN asks, what my vision of the Future Is,

The world is changing.

How do I know?

I read about Alexander McQueen’s death on BBC World and OneSixtyNotepad’s Twitter feed before reading it on The Straits Times.

Being a blogger now comes with a greater degree of credibility.

Bloggers were included in the Selection Committee for the first time, amidst heated debate, for the annual Council of Fashion Designers in America (CFDA) Fashion Awards.

Rodarte designers, Kate and Laura Mulleavy name Tavi Gevinson of Style Rookie as a muse.


Bryanboy has a Marc Jacobs bag named in his honour.


AND sat front row along with Tommy Ton of Jak and Jil, rubbing shoulders with Vogue’s Sally Singer, Anna Wintour and Hamish Bowles.


Jane Aldridge of  Sea of Shoes and her killer shoe wall


can name Kanye West as a reader

and has collaborated with Urban Outfitters to bring two capsule collections her own designs into the world.

Furthermore, taking a step out of the blogging circle,

Fashion is no longer constrained to the realm of privileged aristocracy of the early 1900s and times before,


when models were hired full-time as live mannequins, traveling with the designer.



and the wealthy shopped (typically) only twice a year – for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter’s latest wardrobe essentials from big-name fashion houses.



Fashion is for the masses.

As Miranda Priestly in Devil Wears Prada said,

This… ‘stuff’?

Oh… ok. I see, you think this has nothing to do with you. You go to your closet and you select out, oh I don’t know, that lumpy blue sweater, for instance, because you’re trying to tell the world that you take yourself too seriously to care about what you put on your back.

But what you don’t know is that that sweater is not just blue, it’s not turquoise, it’s not lapis, it’s actually cerulean. You’re also blithely unaware of the fact that in 2002, Oscar De La Renta did a collection of cerulean gowns. And then I think it was Yves St Laurent, wasn’t it, who showed cerulean military jackets?

I think we need a jacket here.

And then cerulean quickly showed up in the collections of 8 different designers. Then it filtered down through the department stores and then trickled on down into some tragic casual corner where you, no doubt, fished it out of some clearance bin.

However, that blue represents millions of dollars and countless jobs and so it’s sort of comical how you think that you’ve made a choice that exempts you from the fashion industry when, in fact, you’re wearing the sweater that was selected for you by the people in this room. From a pile of stuff.


Mass market brands like Topshop, Mango, Zara and the likes are turning industry standards on it’s head with fast fashion all thanks to their strict control over supply chain.

Zara | Balmain

Zara | Dolce & Gabanna


With the aid of technology, the trickle-down effect from luxury brands to mass market knock-offs reaches the masses in record time, not without some controversy though. (Various internet sources cite between 15 to 21 days for runway looks to reach stores)

Moreover, celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker got Bitten by the fashion bug,

and declared Fashion is not a Luxury, offering pieces from her line for under US$20 each.

Gwen Stefani gave us Love.Angel.Music.Baby (L.A.M.B.)

And thanks to the thoughtfulness and economically driven collaborations such as,

Stella McCartney for Adidas


Stella McCartney for H&M 


Stella McCartney for Baby GAP


Viktor & Rolf for H&M


Matthew Williamson for H&M


Jimmy Choo for H&M


Jil Sander for Uniqlo


and Rodarte for Target


the average middle-income fashionista can name-drop designers in their drawers instead of only admiring from afar, across the glossies of magazines.

With the aid of technology, fashion has become ever-so accessible now. Although coveted Fashion Week tickets to the world’s fashion capitals will continue to elude the average person (myself included),

Fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Rodarte, Alexander Wang, Dior Homme, Prada and Emporio Armani have jumped on the live streaming bandwagon, offering a real-time close-up view of their latest Spring/Summer 2010 collections that showed at runways during New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week much to the delight of millions of fans worldwide. And more are expected to follow suit.

Live streaming has been called “the new Black” and for the first time, the British Fashion Council found a necessity to publish a digital schedule of runway shows’ live streams.

The world is changing.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Two year ago, when two friends, very exasperated with studying Business, toyed with the idea of starting a fashion blog,

Had you told them then that it would result in meeting wonderful people like Fash-E, Bagaholicboy, OneSixtyNotepad, RockTheTrend, MyCherryMagazine, Trait, The Swirl Girls and Vogueite, just to name a few. (please don’t be offended if you aren’t mentioned. Much love, respect and admiration is still channeled your way still)

Had you told them that they’d appear in The Straits Times, Urban.

Or asked to participate in Puma’s Create Your Style Campaign.

Or meet Christopher Bailey, Chief Creative Director of Burberry.

Or share a photobooth moment with Liu Wen.

We would have laughed it off as a joke.

However, in the past two years, these things have happened and I am ever-so thankful to all the people who have helped make it happen.

Thank you.

And going back to the question of what my vision of the future is?

Well, I can only hope that its one filled with a lot more opportunities, surprises and smiles, not just for myself or for Wottoncool alone, but for everyone.


[Spotlight] ST Urban & T1: Singapore’s Next Fashion Superblogger

With some prodding from friends and readers, I entered Jo and myself for The Straits Times Urban and Tampines 1’s Singapore’s Next Fashion Superblogger search.

And we make up two of the six finalists vying for $2,500 worth of AsiaMalls Vouchers.

Here are some of the others girls at the competition briefing.

With a budget of $500, we each have to create 3 looks incorporating a weekly challenge ‘feature item’ (a skirt, pair of shoes and a top) to showcase our personal style using items purchased from Tampines 1.

We will be judged based on our

Originality – 30pts
Styling Skills – 30pts
Writing Skills – 15 pts
Overall Image – 20pts
Fan votes* – 5pts (Urban readers – 3pts, Tampines 1 Facebook Fan Page – 2pts)

*only the blogger with the highest votes via Urban and Facebook receive bonus points (also read as: EVERY.VOTE.COUNTS!)

Expect our first look in next week’s Urban (2 April 2010, mark your calendars yo!), you’ll also be able to see our looks on our blog as well.

Be a facebook fan to cast your votes. (Not sure how the Urban voting will be like, but vote that way too!) Get your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, strangers and lovers to vote too ok? (:

Its a bit weird that Jo and I are competing against one another but on the other hand, it’s fun to we are both doing this. Stay tuned and vote!

We have a 33.34% chance of Wottoncool coming in top three! hahas.

Ok. Off to find my second look.

Hope to see you at Tampines 1

Hit or Miss Singapore Universe

A year ago, the 2008 Miss Singapore Universe contingent received flak for Merlion-inspired costume.



You can read more about this story here and here.

Fast forward to 2009…

(I suspect) In attempts to counter the less-than-friendly responses, the organizers gave the public control over the selection of 2009’s costume.

The result was an online voting competition open to National Service (NS) men, which was recently mentioned in the papers.



Students from Raffles Design Institute submitted their sketches and concept writeup for voting.



The intentions were good.

In fact, rather brilliant, if the objective was the get a greater buy-in from the population and fuller support for the final costume chosen.



Some designs are quite impressive.


And for the students participating, its good exposure for them.

(Who wouldn’t want to say that they’ve designed the costume worn by Miss Singapore at an International competition, viewed by millions?!)


The presentation of idea, sketch and concept had a significant impact on my opinion.


Take for example, winning design by Chiang XiaoJun. The sketch, I like… the colours and visual concept looks pleasant. But with spelling mistakes like ‘Singaporian’ and grammar mistakes… ‘that is what most proud about of my country’?!

Not a very proud “Singaporian” moment.

Less Talk, More Action

That’s our mantra for a lot of things – attending driving lessons, going for our driving test (including maintaining a O_O face for maximum focus), studying, sometimes blogging…

So here we present you what we’ve got to offer to the 2 lucky readers who have entered the competition. It ends tonight! Hurry scurry!

Paisley print double breasted vest, Jim Thompson elephant silk tie, Jim Thompson teardrops silk tie, high-waist pleat-front tapered pants, brown sling bag, peter pan collared khaki jacket, cream and red silk tie




Teal double-breasted low front dress, Dior crimson silk tie, acid wash jeans, blue silk tie, floral georgette micro shorts, navy double breasted jacket with no lapels



How we’ve packed them to be hand-delivered (!)


Aren’t they pretty?!?!?!?! 😀



Competition is open till tonight.

See yall soon!