The Ting Tings!
Thursday 15 January 2009, 12:58 am
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The boyfriend and I caught The Ting Tings! Live at Fort Canning Park yesterday. 😀 It was rockin’ and splendid (hahas. trying to use, what I associate as, British words)

We went at 7pm. As stated on the ticket.

We ‘met‘ the band.


Waited in excited anticipation for the band to come out.


Yes. The WHOLE two and a half hours (0.0!) were patiently waited out as the first and second bands sound-checked and opened for the Ting Tings. (we were about 3 ‘rows’ from the front, we couldn’t give up such good spots)



They performed about 12 songs over an hour or so and kept the energy very high.

Having worn my Zambesi sequin tank the previous day, I was really diggin’ Katie’s sequin shorts! (my boyfriend thought they were more like sequined undies/boy shorts.. but he liked her booties)



And I am really thankful that they took little breaks in between some songs, standing still and catching their breath. They would freeze in a pose for about 30seconds or so.. which made all the difference with my moody camera (that was reluctantly capturing images of the concert)



Jules and Katie showed their proficiencies in several different instruments throughout their set. Changing from drums, to guitar, to electone, back to drums, then guitar and back to drums. Not forgetting, they sang as well. (*kowtows)



In my books, they also earn extra points for ACTUALLY sounding like they do on their CD (don’t you hate it when the Live sound and CD sound do not match?! I’m fussy that way)


I really enjoyed myself at the concert despite some inconsiderate behavior by some groups near us.

But now, my feet hurt from the 3++ hours of standing AND being in heels for 10+ hours the day prior.. ):

Any remedies to reccomend?