If you saw me yesterday…

If you saw me in school yesterday…

Other than the fact that my Charles and Keith bag strap spoiled, forcing me to carry it as a tote although I am certain the short handles make my bag heavier :/

And other than the fact that its week 13 (aka last week of school!!!yay!) and my friends could tell I was noticeably happier (:

16346_328362025133_793775133_9638947_2649198_nPhotoboothed in class while there was a presentation going on. oops! 😀

Well, so other than these things, if you saw me yesterday…

Picture 060

I was in jeans!


So it might not be a big deal to everyone. But it was for me! Hahas. (: I don’t usually wear jeans. Haven’t worn this pair in 3 years. but HAD to wear them for a school presentation.

We had coordinated outfits for the presentation yo!.

I’m thinking of having the length altered so I don’t sweep the floor as I walk and make the fit more straight-cut versus flare and also considering trying some DIY bleaching.

My school term is nearly up!! (;
But it means that exams approach :/

will this work ever end? ):


Denim Dream

I not-so-recently adopted a new mission in life, and that was to find the perfect pair of jeans, the perfect white shirt, the use and abuse leather bag, the perfect watch, the all-purpose sunnies and, OH WAIT THAT’S LIKE FIVE THOUSAND MISSIONS.

Well, on the top of the list – JEANS! I’ve loved (a little too much) a pair of jeans from River Island and Uniqlo, and I’m ready to shell out some moolah on some designer jeans. I’ve done time fitting in Evisu, Seven for all Mankind, Sass & Bide, and some other cult-cult stuff whose names I can neither pronounce nor remember, but no, there were no super stunning designs or leg-lengthening/bum-lifting fits that made me want to pull out $500-600 dollars for glorified denim.

On my imaginary tai-tai day around Orchard Road one afternoon, I went into the house of checks and trenches and zomg jeans!!



I never knew Burberry sold jeans in its Brit line, and really wicked fitting ones at that. No cheesy monogram when you turn up the hem, no flashy 3yo-drawing-of-bird looking thing on your bum (lol), no fugly stitching trying to pass off as cool.


My fave is this pair, really skinny and very washed down the front, with huge zips at the ankle. I usually don’t like anything with a wash, but somehow I find this irresistable. Just like the man behind the brand. Nom nom.

Sturdy, not flashy, and it fits like a gloveeee. The great thing is that it’s just slightlyyyy under $500. Hello!

BTW, have you visited the store in ION? I love all of the interiors, and that they always use fresh eucalyptus – my fave um, foliage?