Safely Pinned
Saturday 17 April 2010, 11:38 pm
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Safety pins aren’t my choice pick for styling. But in my third challenge, with self-imposed budget constraints, they were.

AND THE SECOND JUDGE GAVE ME BROWNIE POINTS FOR IT!!! :D:D:D (Probably amasses to like 2 points extra but nvm.)

After a bit of experimenting with the pattern, I decided on this interlocking pattern of three|three|one horizontally and single pins vertically to lock the pattern in place. Otherwise they would shift a lot.

So its 3 hooked through the ‘eye’, then another three through the back loop. Repeat this twice then finish with one instead of the usual three. The vertical pin also passes through the ‘back loop-ed’ pins. Felt it would be neater.

To change things up a little, included pins of different sizes to shape them more like a funnel. Otherwise they would have been like rings orbiting around the my ankles like the planet Saturn. ):

All that, created this for the third challenge.

Gonna convert them into bracelets soon.


Entrenched in the Past
Thursday 29 October 2009, 10:45 am
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I was looking through some old photographs and dug up these photos of a shoot I did with my friend, Steph.


Taken in the central business district on a Sunday morning. Raffles Place was very quiet, which all worked out since Steph needed the backgrounds to be un-busy. That was the fundamental criteria that her professor demanded for this photo series assignment.

These were taken pre-Wottoncool days, early early in 2008, and the strongest memory was that out of the blue (sky) it rained!

IMG_4409There! Proof! hahas. (:

The weather was very erratic that day and we kept praying that the heavens wouldn’t open up repeatedly and get in the way of shooting. Cos even when the weather was better, the sun would frequently hide behind the clouds and affect the light. (I don’t know how to describe it in photography lingo, so I shan’t try)

And, it you can’t already tell, there was no budget for the shoot. I was the model + helper + stylist + wardrobe. Steph doubled as creative director + makeup artist + hair stylist + photographer + wardrobe.


In this shoot, I’m wearing

Black dress – Steph’s
Khaki Trenchcoat – G2000, which I should wear more!
Sunglasses – Armani
Watch – Casio
Red embossed Wallet – Catherine Manuell
Black Slingbacks – (i can’t remember which) fleamarket


Yes, I have a perfect reason for my irresponsible absence in these few months, and this is it!


Er yea, two dresses… Project Runway participants can churn out almost-couture in a day or two, but yes I needed a few months to draw, plan, decide and (attempt to) sew a raglan sweater dress with ginormous sleeves and a maxi dress with a corset belt thing. Very simple shapes cos as it is, I cannot sew. I didn’t know how to operate a sewing machine. And when I got to learning, it was on one of those huge table-like vintage ones with pedals, which is probably older than I am.

So how did all this come about? The student union decided that in order to promote their active, wholesome, holistic, all-rounded student body, a fashion show would do the trick, heh.

They posted an annoucement looking for student fashion designers who would design two outfits. The theme was “bright colours” and my first thought was, uh-oh. But my friend and I decided to join anyway!

I don’t have much to say about the runway show itself, but I’m glad I joined because I completed two dresses, which I wouldn’t have done so otherwise because nothing can get my lazy self movin’.

Pictures from the rehearsal.


I tried to copy Ungaro’s SS08 two-tone lips on my models. I think I lurve it. They were making lipstick prints on Kleenex with their lip colours cos it looked so kewl.

Boizzzz, would you kiss a girl with lips coloured like that?

Unlike many people (like etsy sellers) who proclaim that their clothes are professionally serged with love, I can only assure you of the most noob or sewing in my dresses. (Except for the long dark grey one because my aunt did it for me :D)


Zuper tall and leggy Lynette with Sharmaine.

Basically, I did not have any grand idea whatsoever. I only knew that I had a bright colours theme and I wanted to use neon.

Then there came bits of Susie Bubble‘s heather grey+neon confections, recalling my horrors of seeing neon yarn, cross stitch string and netting in my childhood, and a bad attempt at embroidery for a cheesy something for my boyfriend 😛

I actually told the hosts that ooohhh I was inspired by sportswear and all that jazz, but seriously, it’s as random as random gets.

I quite like the texture that I got from weaving the yarn and netting. Haven’t got a chance to get a proper close up.


The hat was from Accessorize and I paid no more than $12 for it. It was on a 70% discount. I say the above in past tense not only because the deed was already done, but because IT IS MISSING!!!!!!!

I couldn’t find it the night before the show and I was totally phreaking out (doesn’t freaky sound more emphatic with ‘ph’ instead? lol).

Anyway I did without it.


(Please ignore the tumourous/intestinal-looking thing around Kelly’s waist. It was a belt work-in-progress.)

You know what, looking at Michelle’s dresses makes me feel colour-impaired. I lurve the colours she used in her dresses! Yes we all know the thing about complimentary colours, but I wouldn’t have come up with something like that.

Btw, she designs very lovely jewellry too 😀

Pictures from the actual day.




Makeup on the actual day done by one of my best friends, Praveena 😀

Sorry their faces look kinda skewed. That’s what wide angle lenses do to you.


Happy faces after the show. This is actually the least tired-looking ones out of the lot!

More to come!

100% Wottoncool

I have been wanting to try out an idea for some time now. And the perfect opportunity presented itself in the form of a silkscreening workshop held in conjunction with SMU’s ongoing Arts Festival Re|Present.

What else could I print?! “100% Wottoncool“! Thought that it would be an interesting play on label tags ‘100% Cottonwool’ (plus its also the blog name)


The kind organizers helped print out our images and took us through the process step by step. We used light-sensitive material to set the screen and had to make several trips to the nearest toilet to rinse the frame and squeegee. yes. SMU looks very nice. But proper silkscreening facilities, it does not have. Still, the organizers did well, providing a makeshift darkroom for us to work on the screens.



Having never done this before, I was a bit apprehensive about actually printing my image onto actual shirts, so I brought along a bunch of un-loved tanks to test.


And I kept the print basic because I think it looks nicer AND so that I would not have to keep running back and forth from the not-so-nearby toilet to rinse out the ink.


In total, I printed 9 shirts.. (of which, I am keeping the one above)


However, effectively there are 7. I exclude these two because there are smudges on them. Mint: smudge at back. White: right armhole.

If you would like any of the tanks (mine excluded), drop us an email at wottoncool@gmail.com with your Name, Contact details and which piece you would like. Subject title: ‘I scream for silkscreen!’

I’ll update with measurements after I have gotten some sleep. Do note that some of the tanks are small and/or short.

Swan Song
Sunday 27 July 2008, 11:45 pm
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I’ve been meaning to put this up for the longest time! I did this shiz in January with loads of Kleenex, tissue paper, glue, staples, vanguard sheets and some paint! It was for one of the publicity “stunts” we did in school for a party at Zouk with a glam celeb thingy theme.

I think it took me about…. four hours to make… from 0030 to 0430 – yes in the morning.

Here’s my sister modelling it.

So some people really hated this on Bjork, and it’s so long ago, I know… But I love it! 😀

I’ll pick up the tab
Thursday 17 July 2008, 10:18 pm
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I remember about 4 or 5 years ago, my friends and I would down a regular can of soft drink and then pluck out the can tab and keep it in our coin compartment of our wallet. All these can tabs would then go to Sarah, who was going to make a can tab/wire tree for her art project.

The idea was novel! It seemed so cool to make such a pretty thing out of something as insignificant and tiny as a can tab.

But look here!

When I saw Maison Martin Margiela’s Can Tab Cascade necklace, and bracelet and ring, I was instantly reminded of Sarah’s sculpture!

I think I might have to start forcing my friends to give me their can tabs too. DIY for the win!

Zippidy Doodah
Sunday 22 June 2008, 4:26 pm
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I’m an unoriginal, cheating, ultra major copycat!

I was at Daiso (the horrible place that has everything from cosmetics to handicraft to gardening to food products – which makes you want to buy everything because it is just $2) with my boyfriend to help him look for some travel toiletry bottles for him to bring into his camp after he enlists for national service (army).

Then I spotted these lengths of zips, colourful zips, star zips, floral zips, silver zips, zips that you can cut to your own length.. then wait – ZIPS YOU CAN CUT TO YOUR FAVOURED LENGTH!

I got three long pieces at a go ($6 WTF) and spent half my day at work and the whole of last night making it.

It has ugly stitching and all, but I don’t intend to be that close to anyone for them to be able to spot that… It also doesn’t have a zip stopper (whatever that’s called) so the zip can come right off I don’t stop right before the hem. But of course all i have to do is zip it up from the bottom when that happens.

Worse still, it’s kinda to big at the waist and too small at the zip for me, so I just leave the back undone to accomodate the size.



Caged in a cage, in a cage, in a cage, in a cage

That’s the E.T. look, the semi chee-sin mui look, and the superwoman look. Wahahahha.

Top: Black silk/cashmere v-neck jumper from Mango Suit
Dress: Convertible black and grey dress/top/skirt from Baylene
Leggings: my sister’s
Pants: Silver denim pants from HK
Heels: Open-toed booties from HK
Headbands: Diva

(Okay I think I’m becoming a not-so-closet/secret Susie fangirl. And maybe also a bit of Diana. Heh.)

The long/mini dress/top you see in the last three photos is actually a convertible dress/top/skirt that i bought from a local designer – Baylene a week or two ago. There are supposed to be at least ten ways you can wear that thing, so since I splurged quite a bit on it, I think I better find more ways to wear it.

I like wearing it over my face. But it is not very practical, no?