Safely Pinned

Safety pins aren’t my choice pick for styling. But in my third challenge, with self-imposed budget constraints, they were.

AND THE SECOND JUDGE GAVE ME BROWNIE POINTS FOR IT!!! :D:D:D (Probably amasses to like 2 points extra but nvm.)

After a bit of experimenting with the pattern, I decided on this interlocking pattern of three|three|one horizontally and single pins vertically to lock the pattern in place. Otherwise they would shift a lot.

So its 3 hooked through the ‘eye’, then another three through the back loop. Repeat this twice then finish with one instead of the usual three. The vertical pin also passes through the ‘back loop-ed’ pins. Felt it would be neater.

To change things up a little, included pins of different sizes to shape them more like a funnel. Otherwise they would have been like rings orbiting around the my ankles like the planet Saturn. ):

All that, created this for the third challenge.

Gonna convert them into bracelets soon.