Leather in small doses
Sunday 5 December 2010, 10:11 am
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There are leather pants, leather leggings, leather t-shirts, leather dresses – we’ve almost seen all the possible leather clothing derivatives thanks in part to the 80’s, Topshop, and Celine.

However I’m quite convinced that we needn’t be suffocating our pores (especially here in Singapore – do you suffer for fashion?) when we try to work leather into our outfits.

Small leather bits like these look so good, and work so well with just about… everything! Here is a leather and coconut necklace by Norwegian Wood, where you can channel tribal without looking like Pocahontas, and below, sleeker and simpler (also cheaper!) geometric alternatives by Super Duper Things.

Actually, I’ve already snapped these two babies up before you did! They are called Arrows and Rhombus. But if you like you can take this bunting necklace and have a party round your neck.

Just in time for Christmas!

Picture credits to here and here.


Cottonfields Crush
Monday 18 October 2010, 11:55 pm
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Random blog surfing is a dangerously addictive thing, especially as project deadlines loom and examinations are a stone’s throw away. But good things are so worth sharing and Daily Dream Daily Doodle has the most beautiful jewelery drawing inspiration from cottonfields.

These earrings are a beautiful juxtaposition of metalware and cottonball-softness. I haven’t quite figured out what material the ‘cotton’ is made from but that’s irrelavant when I think about how beautiful they are.

Just staring at them makes me smile (:

The designer, Derya, has an etsy site which states that she’s currently on an Istanbul hiatus (aka holiday). But I hope she’ll be back soon with more beautiful designs to share.

In the meantime, oogling will have to do.

Thursday 2 September 2010, 1:00 pm
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Having been in the company of Bagaholicboy for the past year or so has led me to be super-conscious about my choice of carriers. I look at bags now more than I ever have before, and it’s a tough place to be since I am about to be able to save up for and afford the few luxe pieces or many cheaper and good-looking ones, when I become a full-fledged office rat.

I recently found the love of my life in the Proenza Schouler PS1, which I got in Harvey Nichols in London Knightsbridge. It’s tan suede. It smells so strongly of leather. It’s got many compartments, and has really nice hardware accents.

But! I’ve only brought it out twice. I think I love it and “baby” it a little too much. I still need bags I can throw around (very) carelessly, à la these:

Clutch in natural canvas, US$48, from DeathandTexas/etsy.

Thick, easy-to-clean canvas, sturdy leather accents, fuss-and-guilt-free. Don’t know why these seem so difficult to find, plus the nicer ones always seem inordinately expensive… like these from fleabags, which go for US$440 upwards apiece.

I think I’m still inclined to cheap bags that I can have plenty of in different shapes and sizes. Just like how I can’t just have one pair of super awesome (read: expensive) jeans, white shirt, black pumps.. Omg I don’t even know what I’m saying now. I think my bag craving is inducing verbal diarrhoea.

So… what kind of a bag person are you?

Though once we’ve settled that, there’s still small (leather?) goods to think about.

Picture credits to here and here.

Colour bars
Friday 23 July 2010, 1:04 pm
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Long-sleeved button-down blouse, US$9.99, from VolenskaVintage/etsy.

When I was young I’m usually up early (even during the school holidays) and wait for the children’s programme to start showing at 9am. But before that, I’d be staring at the television colour bars with the radio broadcast over it, followed by the Majulah Singapura. And that signalled that Sesame Street was gonna be aired in right about………………. now!

High-waist long skirt, US$24, from momodeluxevintage/etsy. Button-back long-sleeved blouse, US$13, from theappleseed/etsy. Wooden platforms with canvas stripe trim, US$42.50, from Spelfenmeisje/etsy. Double-breasted blazer, US$25, from joannaknowsomethin/etsy.

Pretty nostalgic stuff, eh? Maybe that’s why I love these multi-coloured stripes so much. To look at. Not to wear. It’d probably look nicer on you than me.

Best thing? They’re all silk.

Me and my unadventurous self – I’ll be sticking with these: ( Yes! Silk too!)

High-waist bermudas, US$24, from theprivateparty/etsy. Striped belted shirt-dress, US$38, from maxandchichi/etsy.

Picture credits to here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Thursday 22 July 2010, 10:45 am
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Button-down high-waist skirt with pockets, US$45, from moonshinehill/etsy. Panelled long pencil skirt, US$119, from Spelfenmeisje/etsy.

A few clicks round serial time-wasters – etsy and ebay led me to some wholesome mustard/buttery-soft babies that is yellow leather.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not at all adventurous with colours. My wardrobe has been for a few years, decidedly monotone with hints of navy and peaches. But when I got more comfortable with colours, the part of the wheel that sat best with me was yellow. Like shriek! omg! you-picked-the-highlighter! sunshiney-hue! yellow.

Something about suede and leather just brings out this viscosity (can I actually say that?) in yellow.

Cargo shorts, US$49, from Spelfenmeisje/etsy. Buckle-side pencil skirt, US$18, from borrowedtimevintage/etsy.

Suede kinda gives it more of an egg-yolk/dirty mustard feel which I loveeee too.

Dolman-sleeved pintuck dress with zip-front, AU$29.99, from repeataftermeshop/ebay. Bomber jacket, US$49.90, from beauty-queen/ebay.

That said, proceed with caution and watch the black (black and yellow = bee = not human = not halloween either) you wear with it!

Picture credits to here, here, here, here and here.

All in One
Tuesday 5 August 2008, 7:43 pm
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I haven’t been wearing anything vaguely exciting lately. At 32 degree celcius, I cannot bring myself to be bouncing around town in anything long, polyester, or layered. I can’t even drag myself out of the house to begin with!

So here am I in air-conditioned haven happiness that is my room, putting on three jumpsuits that I bought recently. Been having a slight obsession with these.

Vintage romper from Etsy seller Goodwiu
Tiger-stripes dress from H&M
Wooden beads necklace from Topshop
Big buckle belt from Zambesi

Vintage jumpsuit from Etsy seller Le Amor
Leopard pussybow top from Forever21
Printed scarf from H&M

Tube romper from My Room (worn like pantaloon pants too!)
Asymmetrical pintuck tank from Playhound at Tang
Pleather belt from Aldo

I. Need. Cold. Weather.